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    The Protective Fairy of the Capricorn sign


    The Protective Fairy of the Capricorn sign: Queen Mab

    The natives of Capricorn are loving and faithful people, who are due to 100% to the love they have chosen above all other things. They are born, live and strive to meet the needs of their loved ones. They defend until the death the right to exist and grow of their partners, family and friends. They give everything and ask for very little in return.

    This could make it seem that the Capricorn live in a constant sacrifice, but it is not like that: recent investigations indicate that there is nothing that makes us happier than giving something to the one we love. In that sense, the Capricorn are the happiest sign of all.

    The Capricorn need a fairy to help them to possess the strength to continue ahead with the hard task of loving without measure or conditions, a fairy whose philosophy is to be a foundation and support, who does not see with bad eyes that some assume the responsibility of welfare of others. This fairy is Queen Mab.

    Queen Mab is the one that reigns over the rocks and over the mountains. It combines the strengths of the Earth: the rocky soil where everything in the world rests. Mab sustains and contains life and nature in the same way that Capricorns sustain those they love, and allow them to grow and develop.

    When a native of this sign is in trouble, when he feels that he runs out of resources, when he has no more to give, when reality prevents him from fulfilling the needs of the people he loves, when he feels he can no longer do of this a better world, then you can turn to Queen Mab and request her favor with these words:

    "What do you know about the value of the rock and its consistency, which you understand conserves the heat of the lava, the movement of the river, the fury of the wind ... What do you know that there is more to rock than rock, and that can be strong as metal and fragile as glass, give me the strength and clarity to be the foot of the temple, to elevate me and crown those I love with a crown of alabaster and love. "

    If these words are spoken with sincerity, the requested grace will be counted.

    To attract Mab to your home, you only have to place piles of rocks of different origins in your windows, and place ornaments made of stone in all the environments of your home. To accompany you in your day to day, use pendants or rings made of rock.

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