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    The protective fairy of the sign of Scorpio


    The protective fairy of the sign of Scorpio: Lady Esterella

    Those born under the sign of the scorpion carry powerful worlds within themselves, and do not cut themselves off from letting them out. They are the masters of the feelings, and they live them with intensity: love, anger, compassion, jealousy ... A swell of emotions shakes them all the time. They believe that everything they want must be satisfied, and they live under that code.

    They are passionate and spiteful, and this makes them the best lovers and the worst enemies. They are constants and workers, because they believe in the work that leads us to achieve a position and recognition.

    For scorpions you need a fairy who understands the vast universe of feelings, and do not be afraid to immerse yourself in them. That puts love and its consequences above all emotions. That he understands the pacts that lovers establish among themselves without speaking. This fairy is Esterella.

    Esterella belongs to the court of the undine creatures that reign over the rivers. Because of this they understand the cycles of life, and the way passions shape the world. The heart is the small lake, and the feelings are the river that carries its energies to the great sea of ​​the world. In that way we mold with the love of the universe. And the Scorpion are the ones who contribute most to this cause with their emotions without brakes or filters.

    It is not uncommon for strong emotions to end up with the energies of a Scorpio. Or that those same emotions lead a Scorpion to feel depressed or dejected. Love can be an obsession for the natives of this sign, and if they suffer for it they can abandon everything. In all these cases the Scorpion should call Esterella with this song:

    "Life flows driven by the heart. Nothing moves if love does not order it before, and love can move everything. You know what roads, what destinations, what ports we are able to travel before his mandate, because you know that the heart is made of stone, but that there is no stone that does not slip and break before the flow of devotion. We are the river that opens paths in the mountain. Give me that strength to dare to feel again. Do not abandon me to this passion, because you understand it. Give me the light of love. "

    To ask are honesty, everything that Esterella wants will be satisfied.

    Esterella is attracted to sources, regardless of their size, where the water flows and creates his simple music. He also likes the water pots made of mud and the smooth white river stones placed under a mirror of water in a bowl.

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