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    The protective fairy of the sign of Gemini


    The protective fairy of the sign of Gemini: Lady Melior

    Those born under the sign of the twins are versatile people, who can embrace within themselves the greatest contradictions or the greatest talents. They do not do one thing, they do one thousand at a time, and they have the gift of being everywhere. They never get tired, they never despair, they do not ask for help: they seem to harbor an army within themselves. And it is very likely that it will be so. His are old and wise souls, who seem to have lived a thousand lives before this one.

    This sign corresponds to an expert fairy in the winds, which everywhere sneak and in all spaces establish their domain. This fairy is due to the sylphs, the female spirits of the air, who carry seeds and pollen all over the earth, who drag the clouds, the rain and guide the birds. This fairy is the Damab

    Melior identifies with the Gemini because this sign, like no other, knows how to combine the opposing natures within himself: masculine and feminine, love and hate, soul and body. In the same way that the sylphs conjugate the physical existence with the ethereal one, and in this way they create new senses and functions for the life, this is how the Gemini go by the existence: their double nature touches the things, and always it creates something new .

    Gemini can go to Lady Melior when they see themselves out of balance, when they feel that routine weighs on them and annihilates them, and that they are no longer those who give life new forms and limits. They should ask for their help using this simple prayer:

    "You who trace the invisible maps of the birds, who blow and carry the sylphs from North to South, from East to West, to bless every hill and every crevice in green; you who breathe life into flowers and fruits, who blink and make rivers and branches move. Lady Melior, propel my wings to fly over life and observe it, to decipher its keys and secrets. Let me create what I have come to create, and let them not be castles in the air, but the vast palaces of your clouds. "

    In doing so, all favor will be granted.

    For Lady Melior to approach your house, open the windows and doors a little before dawn, and let the first wind wander through your rooms. Keep the feathers of birds that you find on your way in a glass box.

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