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    The protective fairy of the sign of Leo


    The protective fairy of the sign of Leo: Morgana

    The natives of the sign of the lion are impatient and delivered, they do not know of doubts or hesitations. They take firm steps towards what they want, and they get it ... or they give up all the battles before giving up. Like a big cat, the Leo are ambitious and capricious, they want to capture everything that life offers them, and they are never willing to let a prey get lost. This is valid for material things or people. They blindly trust in their personal magnetism, and for that reason they are superb and safe. They assume that the city will surrender before the siege.

    For these lions a fairy who understands their proud character and who values ​​the importance of the image, the status, the power of seduction, the royalty that distinguishes us as unique beings is necessary. And that fairy is Queen Morgana.

    Queen Morgana, with blond hair and iridescent eyes, reigns over all forms of fire. For that reason she is attracted by lions, solar beings that are due to fire (passion and change). Of course, she is a capricious queen, like her subjects, and it is not easy to attract her favors, for she is superb and not inclined to see worldly matters. The truth is that if you can get your favor, there will be no harm to a Leo.

    He believes in the blessing of fire, that everything transforms it in an indelible way, and that in the first place it breaks down. Mora in the sun and in gold. The Leo must ask for their favor when they feel that they have lost the impulse that moves them and the motivation that keeps them in the fight. After a defeat or a fall, when your vital impulse falters, you can ask Morgana's favor with this prayer:

    "You who dwell in the sun and in the candle, who illuminate the shadows and make of the wood wind and wind the unforgiving mantle, you who chase away the winter and awaken all the creatures in the dawn, you who must be seen with distance and respect, that you speak in the language of crepitus and outburst. I ask you to light my heart like a salamander, that it is not consumed and rekindled, like a phoenix that is born again from its ashes, and the flying pride goes back ".

    You can attract Morgana to your home with a lit fireplace, candles placed throughout the house, gold objects and small niches of coal or ash from objects that you have decided to discard. The best day to access is the spring equinox, when it is most powerful.

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