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    The protective Fairy of the sign of Libra


    The protective Fairy of the sign of Libra: Lady Holda

    For those who were born under the sign of the balance there is a primordial mandate: to keep the balance of life, of the material, of the heart at all costs. For Librans the lack of balance is chaos. They contain their emotions, their actions, their words ...

    They never do or say anything that they have not meditated deeply. They are masters in the arts of negotiation and diplomacy, and know how to keep their heads on their shoulders even in the most terrible situations. They are leaders who watch over the good of their teams, and engineers who understand the importance of each piece of machinery, however small it may be.

    This sign requires a fairy who can operate fast changes on things, from one moment to another can return balance and equanimity to any situation, which turns events and makes them favorable for Libra, without disturbing the natural order. That fairy is, without doubt, Lady Holda.

    Lady Holda is a fairy who reigns over storms and blizzards. In some way it is the opposite of the Libra, which represent order and moderation. For Holda, movement is an essential requirement of life, but it also recognizes the need for periods of calm as a stage for roots to take hold and achievements to be enjoyed. That is why he has taken under his protection the Librans, who seek that order and that serenity that this fairy can rarely enjoy.

    It may happen that the search for equilibrium of a Libra takes it to the point of leaving its life immobile, and for that reason it renounces the natural movement that impels us to advance and grow. When he feels that everything threatens to faint in this way, the Libra can invoke Holda with this prayer:

    "You who dispose the fury and direction of the winds, who give the course to the ships and the hurricanes, who decide the fate of the castaway and the migrant bird, that you move and destroy, or that you leave intact. You who reign over the winds of chaos and the storms of change, who do not leave a grain of sand without movement, open my eyes to the map of the world, and help me to penetrate its secrets. Make me understand my place in Creation, and give me the strength to change and change, to burn and be reborn in the fire of your heart. "

    If done with devotion, grace will be granted without any doubt.

    For Holda to approach your dwelling, leave the windows open, and attach to them mobiles made with feathers and leaves. You can also blow a dandelion in the center of your bedroom, and let your little threads draw the path that gives guidance to the fairy Holda.

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