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    The protective fairy of the sign of Pisces


    The protective fairy of the sign of Pisces : The Lady Selkie

    The natives of this sign are people who dream awake and make daydreams their reality. They are creative that bring the best of illusions, and with that material they improve reality. They see what can not be seen at a glance: what things and people can be, and they put their hands to the work so that they become what they should be.

    For Pisces life is not one: there are many lives that we live at the same time. Some are happier than others, and we can go from one to the other through dreams. When we sleep we open passages to parallel universes, and what we see in them can help us to be better people in this universe that has touched us. Hence the importance of dreaming and following the guiding guide of the imagination.

    The Lady Selkie is the fairy that the natives of the sign of the fish have as a protector. It is a fairy that comes from the court of the Ondine Spirits, who bring harmony in the bodies of water: the balance necessary for life to be maintained, renewed and strengthened in lakes, rivers, seas ...

    When a native of the sign of the fish feels that the reality is a very heavy slab that does not allow him to advance towards any destination, when his ability to turn dreams into reality falters, when the economy or health threaten the serenity of life , in that case you can ask the favor of Lady Selkie with this prayer:

    "You who reign in the still waters only agitated by life, which allows the same reindeer reflection of the waters in the pond as the salmon that swims against the current; you who breathe life into the earth by springing springs, and you lead the river to the bosom of the sea; you who connect everything with water and make water the bridge, I need your help and your favor. Make him understand the paths of life, see the exits of the labyrinth. And help me to thank for the existence of the labyrinth, because that shows that there is a way out ... always. "

    Expressed in this way the request, Lady Selkie will grant the requested gifts.

    To attract Selkie to your home you must place mirrors of water in all the windows, and have a well-maintained and ornate fish tank. Use endogenous species and aquatic plants to respect biodiversity and make your small pond sustainable.

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