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    The protective fairy of the sign of Sagittarius


    The protective fairy of the sign of Sagittarius: Lady Glasting

    Those born under the sign of the archer belong to the most determined group of the horoscope. Proactive, passionate, with a great vision of trends and a broad sense of foresight: they know what is fashionable, what will no longer be, and can predict the behavior of different variables. Your vision is in the morning.

    Sagittarians are people who do not fear the future. In fact, they get ahead of him, and never let tomorrow take them by surprise. They live in time like the fish in the river: they know that a powerful stroke can take them behind.

    People like the Sagittarians need a fairy who knows about ambitions and summits, who has a broad vision about life and its course. A being that does not conform to the visible, and that demands to know the secrets of the future. That fairy is, without a doubt, the Glasting lady.

    The Glasting fairy is one who dwells in the heights and who wanders among the mountains, the clouds and the tops of the trees. From his privileged position he watches over the facts of life, and can predict where fortune and health, employment and spirituality will move. It is a fairy, then, that tunes perfectly to the attributes and concerns of the Sagittarians.

    When a native of this sign is in trouble, when he feels that he has lost his touch, that circumstances oppress him, that time is no longer on his side, and that he has been left out of the flow of the world, then he must ask for the Help of the Glasting Lady with this simple prayer:

    "You who dwell among the clouds, and who from there distinguish the card castles of the palaces of firm rock, who know the eagle eye the thread that goes from the past to the future, that you know every grain of sand that filters in the Great Father Time clock. Give me the strength and the vision to advance in my way to the destiny that I have glimpsed in dreams. Do not abandon me the way to the top, and give me your favor to conquer what awaits me beyond the clouds. "

    To make this request wholeheartedly, the requested graces will be satisfied.

    The Lady Glasting is summoned with mobiles hung in the windows made with bird feathers, branches and dry leaves. He also likes the mirrors turned towards the sky, where the clouds are reflected. The nests abandoned by the birds are a gem that he likes to find in a living room.

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