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    The Protective Fairy of the Taurus Sign


    The Protective Fairy of the Taurus Sign: Princess Viviana

    The natives of Taurus are the most faithful and dedicated of the zodiac. And we do not just talk about love, but about all spheres of life. They stick to a code and follow it to the letter. They do not settle for mediocrities and demand until they are exhausted and empty. They do not know how to stop, like a furious bull defending his own. They are devotees and surrendered, and they are born to love once ... And that is enough for them.

    The natives of the sign of the bull are under the protection of a fairy who believes in magic, but who produces patient work, integrity and fidelity. A fairy who knows the merits of those who seem humble but who carry within themselves the passion and creativity of the most enthusiastic workers. This fairy is Viviana, princess of the gnomes.

    Princess Viviana is a fairy who reigns over the most daring miners: the gnomes, who go to the very heart of the earth to extract their greatest good. Diamonds are, at the same time, one of the greatest spiritual gifts that exist. It represents what is achieved after centuries and centuries of uninterrupted task: turning coal into the most precious gem.

    In this way the indomitable spirit of the Taurus operates: it is forged by pressures and work, with the harsh conditions of life and daily worries. The diamond within the heart of Taurus is the result of his tireless labors.

    Taurus can count on Princess Viviana when she feels overwhelmed by her duties, when responsibilities are about to make her fall. To recover strength, you can call the queen of the gnomes in this way:

    "Princess Viviana, yours are the secret shines that lie on the rocks, yours is the light that flashes on the walls of the mines and the caverns, yours is the light that springs from the diamond in the depths of the mountain and in the pearl in the deepest part of the sea. Use that light to help me in this moment where I feel abandoned in the most precarious of the expedition. Give me the strength and the tools to make my way to the surface and the day. "

    If done in this way, the requested items will be received.

    Princess Viviana is attracted to earth and salts, accommodated in small piles on a plate; with gems left on the sill of a window and mirrors of water where pearly shells lie, river stones and delicate quartz. The mirrors with a white candle lit in front of them are also very effective.

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