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    The Protective Fairy of the Virgo Sign


    The Protective Fairy of the Virgo Sign: The Lady Urgania

    Those born under the sign of the maiden are people of continuous joy and carefree lives. They are, in themselves, fairies and faerie beings who live according to their own rules, which always exclude sadness and concern for the future. For them every day is new, valuable and unrepeatable, and they drink it to the last drop. They do not allow themselves to be bored or depressed, because they always advance towards the following astonishment and reason for happiness. They avoid the complications of big questions, and focus on the small pleasures of life.

    This sign needs a fairy who dominates over physical matter, who attracts wealth to avoid worries, who has attributes about health and emotional balance, who gives a handle to dreams and projects, and who allows Virgo to focus in what matters: a life beyond the now. That fairy is Lady Urgania.

    Lady Urgania is part of the court of gnomes, and has its power over quartz: the stone that best feels the body and the soul, which restores the circuits of energy in the body. It is a fairy who cares about the material aspects without forgetting the spiritual ones, and who helps the Virgo in one of the most difficult tasks: find their place in this world.

    There are good reasons for the Virgos to embrace the favor of Urgania: when they feel fatigued by setbacks, lack of recognition, physical pain, lack of resources or emotional balance. When you feel the sting of sadness, you can call it using the following sentence:

    "You who reign in the heart of the earth, where the minerals become blessings of crystal, in clouds of quartz that heal and diffuse the benevolent light; you who create the crystals that sing to the moon and heal the sick, that you make the fruit of the earth to feed with energy and power to the needy, who make the earth a gem more valuable than diamonds. I ask your guidance to open your eyes to happiness and to rediscover the lost path. Take my hand and take me to the exit of the labyrinth, where they await life and its challenges. "

    If done in this way, the order will be satisfied.

    The most effective way to attract Urgania is to place quartz throughout the house: in windows, walls and corners. He also likes the light of white candles and the pinecones of the forest.

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