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    White magic spell for daily protection


    White magic spell for daily protection

    If you want something simple and practical, this white magic spell for daily protection will help you, since its bond with nature is powerful. This bond created by white magic is a gift that the universe grants you to protect you in the day to day from what may lie in wait for you, since there are many negative energies that surround us. It is necessary for you to concentrate well on what you want to do well and what does not. You can be surprised with the results of a simple daily protection.

    Elements for the formation of the white magic spell for daily protection

    Here are the ingredients needed to successfully execute this wonderful spell:

    • 1 garlic clove.
    • 1 medium piece of aluminum foil.
    • 50 grams of sea salt.
    • 1 bay leaf.

    Step by step execution of the white magic spell for daily protection

    Like each spell and ritual, they are composed of certain steps, which you must take into account before performing the steps, as these will help you to focus more on the objective you want to achieve, in this case the daily protection by white magic, and also to perform them with more ease and security to make the request with more conviction, sure of what you are going to ask without thinking whether you have done well or not.

    • Place the clove of garlic and the bay leaf on the foil.
    • On garlic add sea salt.
    • It wraps everything safely and, above all, that nothing gets out of the package made. This way you will have formed a small package.
    • With the package in your hands and focusing all your energy on the package, you will ask for your daily protection of all evil that can come close to you.
    • You must take the package everywhere and, above all, make your requests always before leaving your home.

    With these simple steps, and remembering to always have the clear idea of ​​what you have to ask when making the package and the requests every time you leave your home, you will get a protection in your day to day that will surprise you for the good you attract, instead of the currents of negative energy that you might be attracting.

    If you have liked this spell of white magic for daily protection, if you have any doubt about the elements that make up the spell or the preparation of it, if you want to share your personal experiences if you have performed the spell, write your comments in the available area below and with pleasure and attention we will answer you personally and one by one the messages, with all the love of the world that characterizes us.

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