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    Protection spell against people who have harmed us


    Protection spell against people who have harmed us

    This type of protection spell against people who have harmed us is effective when we get out of some kind of witchcraft, made by someone who was just trying to hurt us. It is important to take shelter, since in witchcraft everything is worth and is as the saying goes: "War warned does not kill soldier and if he kills it is careless." While we know of a person who tried to hurt us, and comes to realize that he did not succeed, or maybe if he did, he will want to continue doing it. That is why I advise you this effective protection spell so that you do not become a victim of their evil intentions and evil arts.

    Materials and elements necessary for this spell of protection against people who have harmed us

    Next I put a list of the materials and elements that will be useful for the execution of this powerful protection spell:

    • Coffee grounds.
    • 1 piece of aluminum foil.
    • 1 green pencil (to draw).
    • 1 glass container with lid.
    • 1 white sheet of paper.

    The steps to follow to perform this protection spell against people who have harmed us

    In order to avoid that those people who are so ill-conceived and who only want our harm, it is necessary that you follow the steps strictly to be able to carry out this spell with all the guarantees, so that you do not lose an iota of strength in its content and function.

    • Place the coffee in the foil and make from 2 to 3 packages perfectly sealed on all sides.
    • Insert the aluminum foil packets, with the coffee inserted, into the glass container.
    • Write on the paper with the green pencil the following words of this spell:

    "To the virgin of the snows for you (write the name of the person who has hurt you)
    can not do more harm to me, (write your name).
    Always invoking white magic and, above all, without wishing him harm. "

    • Place the paper in the glass container, which already has the aluminum foil packets with coffee in it.
    • Close the bottle and, in turn, place it in the freezer for 1 week.
    • Discard it once that week has passed, where nobody sees it.
    • After this period you will notice how your life improves every day.

    If you liked this spell of protection against people who have hurt us, if you have any doubt about the materials and elements that make up this spell, if you want some explanation about the process that must be followed to perform this spell, or Well you want to leave your own personal experience with this spell, below you will find the comments section, where you can leave your own, which will be answered with our greatest attention and love, answering them one by one personally.

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