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    Spell Protection against theft


    Spell Protection against theft

    This theft protection spell will help you drive away anyone who tries to steal, sneak into your house. Those antisocial people will be far from reaching you. This spell is ideal for you, that you are fed up with having your house stuff stolen, stolen from you at the bus, cart or bus stop. To keep you safe, to go out on the street, or just live peacefully at home. This is really an effective method of doing it.

    Materials and elements needed to perform the theft protection spell

    For the execution of this effective spell, you will need the following list of materials:

    • 5 scent brads.
    • 5 branches of St. John's wort or St. John's wort.
    • 5 grams of black pepper.
    • 1 metal container.
    • 1 matchbox.

    Step by step realization of the theft protection spell

    Here's how to effectively execute this spell, remember to scrupulously follow the indicated steps, so that the spell does not lose power and you can remain calm. It is also necessary to be able to visualize yourself calm and satisfied at home, without fear, also to walk and walk in the street without fear.

    • In the metal container place all the ingredients, ie: the 5 cloves, the 5 branches of St. John's wort and the 5 grams of black pepper.
    • Light the match and let it fall into the container. Let it consume all the ingredients.
    • With the lit container surrounds every object that could be stolen, ie: belongings, car or car (the keys for example), house or apartment (the keys are also an effective way to protect it), jewelry, etc.
    • Finally, place the container in a secluded place near the access door of your house or apartment. Let all the smoke come out and envelop your home, at the end moving away all those bad energies that could be near at some point.

    This way you will avoid having more surprises and assaults of which one never comes off well. The tranquility and the feeling of staying at peace are things that, sometimes, are difficult to obtain when in theory it should be the simplest thing. I invite you to do this theft protection spell and check the results if you have already been assaulted on more than one occasion.

    If you liked this theft protection spell, if you have any questions or questions about the materials or the steps to take in the realization, if you want to comment on your own personal experience if you have executed it and tell us how it went, write to us in the Comment area below and we will respond personally and individually with all the love of the world that characterizes us.

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