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Aquarius Horoscope

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Daily Aquarius Horoscope
Sunday, 22 by Julio 2018

horoscope today aquarium

Good luck for Aquarius today, Sunday 22 July 2018


  • Lucky number for today: 10
  • Color for today: Brown
  • Stone for today: Gold rain

Horoscope for Aquarius Today, Sunday 22 for July 2018

Try to persevere better in your privacy. Encounter with your inner self and perform activities that cause you satisfaction. Only in personal satisfaction is the beginning of growth by self-love. Let yourself be advised. Your energy changes your social circle, new friendships. If you surround yourself with good, you will become infected with it, but if what surrounds you is evil, then that will be what contaminates you. Walk the path of well-being, and you will surely have a happy ending.


Aquarius Daily Horoscope - Work -

You experience disappointments in the workplace with some subordinates or colleagues. Surprise meetings arise to make sudden decisions, you must evaluate investments and expenses very well in order to avoid losses. It is not the time for changes in this sector. Stay where you are, because the energies are not adequate to move anywhere for now. Have a little patience, and you will see how the universe provides you with a better place to work.


Aquarius Daily Horoscope - Love -

For the married. You should have control over your emotions, the jealous attacks, the dominance and the struggle for control, could terminate the relationship.

For singles. You will be very active and attractive, this will make you break with your loneliness.


Aquarius Daily Horoscope - Health -

Digestive problems can affect this period, caution with the spine and with the heart. Foods rich in fiber and less fat are recommended.

Rune of Today

The Run of the Day for Aquarius

rune today RAD

The Car, the Trip

This rune not only represents the physical displacement, but also the reception and emission of messages. When it suggests the imminence of a trip, this one will be of pleasure and not of business and will be free of setbacks. RAD is the rune of instant action, whether in the form of business decisions or sudden vacations. In business, and combined with other favorable runes, RAD indicates an almost certain success. It is associated with Mercury and, in combination with ANSUR, it symbolizes a journey full of learning. Reversed, RAD, predicts the opposite, and we can expect frustrating trips or failed business plans. Indicates that things will not go well, and that it is better to stay at home.

Today Shaman Council

Daily Shaman Tips for Aquarius

The shaman today recommends for Aquarius: In case of problems with the heart, it is recommended to pour 1 liter of boiling water into a container, containing a handful of dried hawthorn flowers. Let marinate for 1 hour and take a cup daily.

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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope
Del 22 al 28 de Julio

"The river that flows does not stagnate."

Phrase of the week for Aquarius, by YayaNtala
aquarius week horoscope

Week of commotion, uproar, agitation and commotion in the life of aquarium. You will need advice and support from the elderly around you, to help you overcome the obstacles that come your way. The sign that comes out for this period is the symbolism of the changes in the way of existing, from moving house, change of work, change of wardrobe, change of look, so that you find stability in your life.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope - Work -

In the workplace, if the field catches your attention, the planting of fruits and vegetables is a good business and the beings point out that it is convenient for you to establish yourself as a farmer. You can consider that branch to change your current occupation or, if you are looking for a job, this week is propitious for planting. If you are well established in the city with a good job, you must have a very solid temperament so that you do not collapse.


Aquarius Weekly Horoscope - Love -

In love, say the spirits that you have forgotten the selfless treatment you gave your partner. This can lead to room for marital infidelity. There are glimpses of discussions, discomforts that will break the marriage little by little and there can be a total rupture, that is, divorce. This can be avoided if you take some time to share with your husband or wife, in privacy, that romanticism, candles, seduction, love and, of course, the warm bed are present. You will revive the flame so much, that your marital life will also turn around completely. If you are single or single, it will not be for long, since there is a person among your friends who likes you, but does not dare to declare. Look well around you and the attitudes of your friends, especially the approach of lips accidentally from a friend of the opposite sex.


Aquarius Weekly Horoscope - Health -

In health, it predicts damage to the eyes, spots in the eyes, double vision. The objects look distorted and opaque. To have a preventive diagnosis, attend the consultation with an ophthalmologist.

Monthly Forecast
July 2018

Phrase of the Month of July for Aquarius:

"What's gone, come back."

1For the month of July, stretch your feet as far as the blanket covers it. There is a lack of money to cover basic needs, to make superfluous expenses or to lend to others. Before buying unnecessary items or financing someone else, calculate your accounts well so that the money reaches you to eat you and yours. If the person is a spiritualist and works with a dead woman, he will recover what was lost.

- Work - Month of July 2018 - Aquarius -

In the Laboral scene, It presages stability, your monetary income either for your salary or for business will be sufficient to supply and meet your demands. There will be no gigantic income, so it is encouraged to use intelligence to give your money an adequate use. Save to have something at the time of an economic emergency for future turns of life.

- Love - Month of July 2018 - Aquarius -

In love, is thinking about making a birthday or anniversary celebration for a family member. It is predicted that this party will not end well. For everything to go well it is necessary to make petitions to the supreme beings, according to their beliefs. If you believe in spiritualists or santeros, go to consultation, if you believe in the church, go to mass and pray for everything to go well. For Aquarius, July is a month that is recommended spiritual contact, singles and singles, are also encouraged to attend the church, temple, altar or any building where you can be in closeness with God, the saints, the spirits. This will help you clarify your ideas, but especially your feelings.

- Health - Month of July 2018 - Aquarius -

In the health, they are encouraged not to drink alcoholic beverages in excess to avoid problems with the liver.

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2018 Aquarium
Your Future from July to December

Aquarium (20 for January - 19 for February)

Phrase for Aquarius:

"My life has a name: Problems."

Aquarium 2018 - Forecast for the summer 2018
(Third trimester)

Summer 2018 Prediction

For the months of July, August and September, you will have the need to feel loved. The people around you should show you that they love you, that they adore you and that they want to continue by your side. Try not to carry on your back the weight of others, because each one must carry his own cross.

In the Laboral scene, you consider that you were not born to work, but in the middle of this period you will have to do it, do it with great effort and effort, with humility. Avoid getting hot quickly so you do not commit crazy things that lead you to lose your job. It is time to recover what was lost, little by little, with perseverance.

In love, If you are single or single you will have to get away from your family environment to find your own direction. If you are a man and you are married, avoid going after other women, since for you they will be only adventures, because you really always come back to your wife's side.

In the health, Discard any activity in which you must lift weight, because you can stunt the spine or suddenly arise diseases related to the spine. If you are a man, you can suffer from ailments in the genitals. Take care of the white flows, fibroids, scrotal hernia, heart attacks and strokes.

2018 Aquarium - Forecast for 2018 Fall
(Fourth trimester)

Autumn Forecast 2018

For the months of October, November and December, you are expected to have faith and hope because despite the bad things, there is always a light at the end of the road. Capricorn, you feel or dream or preach, that a deceased tells you something, pay attention to those feelings. It is the moment to harmonize the opposing forces: of the one and the other, is the principle of energy flexibility.

In the labor aspect, it is the time of the liberating force of all ideas, positive or negative, as well as of keeping the repression of revenge. Indicates the so-called "hunches", which must be heeded, because they indicate certain steps to follow that will lead to job success, the beings talk that for this period you are represented the freedom to do things based on intelligence . If you are fond of music, dedicate yourself to it, you can be very successful.

In love, If you are a man and have children with several women, do not neglect any of them, since they are not guilty of your actions and need the love of their father. If you are married, do not mistreat your wife because this will bring you prejudice and legal problems. If you are a woman and you want to be a mother, it is the favorable time to be a mother.

In the health, you are expected to suffer from insomnia, take vitamins in food or food supplements, to prevent common cold infections that can cause fevers, also take care of the brain.

2018 Aquarium: Summary of the year.


In this 2018, Aquarius, hope and thoughts are great and deep, immense as the sea, but also dangerous as the sea itself. For this period you will have the need to feel loved, the people who are by your side must show that they love you, that they adore you and that they want to continue by your side.

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