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    Discover in this, your corner, dear friend of the zodiac sign of Aquarius, your horoscopes of today, this week, month and year. Here you can search and consult the best free forecasts of love, whether you are a woman or a man, if you are a couple, single or single. You can also enjoy your future in terms of money and work, without losing detail on topics such as health, family, friends or colleagues at work. Giving you a wide spectrum to be able to discern about the appropriate decision that you can take daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

    We also offer you daily your rune today, the valuable advice of our shaman for your zodiac sign, the number of luck for the day, the color of luck that you should take into account when dressing or taking that object that accompany you, and the mineral stone that will give you protection during the period indicated, as well as the phrases that will remind you what the trend will be during the week, month and current year.

    However, remember that we put at your disposal more knowledge about your sign, regardless of the horoscope, with which you can deepen topics such as the characteristics of your sign, the relationship you maintain with the other signs, your psychology, what is your form of love or what angers you the most, among many other issues, do not miss to take a look!

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    Today's Horoscope for Aquarius 23 September 2018 for September

    horoscope today aquarium

    The Good Luck Factor for Aquarius Today

    • Lucky Number for Aquarius today: 25
    • Lucky Color for Aquarius today: Gold
    • Lucky Mineral Stone for Aquarius today: Jade

    It is possible that you have to use your diplomatic skills to counteract the pressures that are being presented to you, you feel that you have the game locked. Do not fall into counterproductive reactions. A project in which you have put your hope could not go well. You can receive visitors at home and you want everything to look good. Just relax and enjoy the company of your guest.

    Sharing your experiences, conversations and relationships with other people will be very beneficial. Give yourself the maximum in this type of activities that help you to relax and recreate yourself. To finally have a free space for you. Among many responsibilities of daily life.

    Daily Aquarius Horoscope -Work and Money-

    Economic improvements are approaching. However, be careful with conflicts in your work and with toxic people in your work environment, as they may be surrounded by gossip, gossip I did the extremes. Always remember that you are there to do the work for which they hired you. Concentrate on that. And you will see that you will stay away from any kind of problems.

    Aquarius Daily Horoscope - Love for Couples and Singles-

    To Lyou married. Solve problems with partner and emotional ties. Situations that you had locked or stopped were activated. It is a good time to invest in that property that you and your partner have wanted for a long time.

    For singles. The propitious time for you to make progress to find your perfect partner and you open the roads.

    Daily Aquarian Horoscope - Health and Physical Wellbeing-

    Your well-being will be in constant balance. Make your annual medical evaluations and alternative therapies, they will keep you in harmony to avoid any conflict that alters the stability you have.

    Daily Rune for Aquarius

    rune of today geofu

    The Gift, Generosity

    GEOFU is synonymous with action and generosity, and symbolizes the union of soulmates in love or at work, although sentimentally it is where it manifests itself most strongly. Marriage is breathed in the air. There is a small drawback, although GEOFU can not be reversed, it acts as a gift from the runes when confirming the existence of a problem, in which case good intentions will not work.

    Today's Chaman Council

    Our Shaman's Day Advice for Aquarius

    The shaman today recommends for Aquarius: Rest and sleep as necessary. Keep calm and remember not to act impulsively. Exercise daily and stay in touch with nature.

    Horoscope for Aquarius Week From 23 to 29 for September by 2018

    "The river drags the adult when he does not know his weight."

    Phrase of the week for Aquarius, by YayaNtala
    This week's horoscope for the zodiac sign of Aquarius

    A favorable week for a spiritual encounter with yourself. That internal need that you have to find meaning in your life, has to do with the fact that you were born with spiritual faculties and that vocation is asking you to develop that sixth sense that you have. If you have not yet found the religion that fills you spiritually, search within yourself, pray directly with God, ask him to guide you, research the many religions that exist and validate what his main beliefs are. Decide to go with who you feel identified or identified.

    If you have access to a candle, place it on your bedside table along with a glass of water, before sleeping offer them to your guardian angel asking for divine guidance, that they give you revelations through dreams, that like crystalline water you can Remember the dreams in the morning, so you can find the meaning.

    Aquarius Weekly Horoscope - Work and Money -

    At work, the supreme teachers predict slander against you in your workplace. Many envious people around you. You must take care to be talking about your personal matters at work, because there may be individuals who will use that against you. Limit to talk only about work, only what is necessary, it is better to be alone than badly accompanied. Comply with your responsibilities, do your job well, do not take your personal problems to work, so that they do not affect your work performance.

    Unemployed, the longing you have to find a source of income has you without sleep. This insomnia does not allow you to focus on finding a job in the right way. It is better that you relax, that when you least expect it, the opportunity for a good job will come.

    Aquarius Weekly Horoscope - Love for Single and Couples -

    In love, at home there is a person who could get sick. That person has dreamed that he is in the sea and several people around him are singing to him, throwing water and cleaning with branches. It is advisable to do a spiritual work to get rid of that disease that could take you to bed and be a problem in your home. It's about your child, maybe your mother or father. Consult with a spiritual guide, to indicate what you should do in your home and the people who live there, to ward off those bad vibes.

    Single or single, the saints tell me that for being a disrespectful person with your parents, for being a bad answer and acting inappropriately, it is the reason why a person has not put in your way to be your life partner. Because they see that whoever is going to be your partner will only receive abuse, screams and will not be happy. So it is recommended that you control your anger attacks, so that the saints help you to get the love of your life.

    Aquarius Weekly Horoscope - Love for Single and Couples -

    In health, an annoying situation is prophesied in the eyes, problems with the vision can affect you these days. It may be ocular tension, but just in case consult an ophthalmologist.

    Horoscope Monthly Aquarius September 2018

    horoscope monthly aquarium

    "Correct communication means listening and understanding what the other poses."

    Phrase of the month of September for the sign of Aquarius, by YayaNtala

    Days exacerbated by the crying, but it is not tears of sadness, or mourning, I mean that aquarium will complain, things do not go well, it does not get a permanent job, what it earns is converted in salt and water, that does not have a partner or that the people who come only hurt you, now, stop to think because you feel that your life is so miserable, ask yourself, what bad things have you done? How do you treat the people around you? Have you really tried to prepare to find a job with good income ?, It will not be that what is happening to you, only the consequences of your actions and your thoughts, I urge you that after examining you internally in a totally sincere way, make a change in the fitness, be more positive or positive and stop complaining.

    Aquarius Horoscope for the Month of September 2018 - Work -

    In the workplace, Unemployed ?, A number of opportunities will be presented for those born under the zodiacal house of Aquarius who are still on the job search, September will open many doors, let them know so you can enter one that you can give good benefits, both at the economic level, as well as in the best quality of life, put on the dress code, curriculum in hand and go out to look for, because I assure you that you will find, what depends on you is the insight and intelligence that you have when choosing Those who already have permanent employment must take care of it, because there is never a bit of a harpy waiting for its prey to be neglected to devour it, as I always tell you, it is pejorative to specialize in the area that you perform, to be updated, not to stay in the pre-history, especially be up to date with technological advances, for example, if you are a carpenter and your specialty is making colonial beds, you do it manually by saying a number 15 days, but your competition, has power tools, and a lathe that allow you to do the same bed with small differences and even the same quality in 7 days, who do you think will make more beds ?, so update yourself so that the competition does not take the lead.

    Aquarius Horoscope for the Month of September 2018 - Love -

    In Love, your marriage relationship will be in a coming and going, that is, have good days, family meals, pleasant conversations, good sex, but there will be others that, My Mother, it will be better to run, discussions, fights, screams , abstinence, even without food they will leave you. I urge you to let patience, control and respect for you and yours take over, so you can cope with those days when your partner or your children are not in a good mood. Without a partner ?, the love does not warn when it will arrive, for September you may know people who will be nice and you can even establish a relationship, but it does not seem to be lasting, it is rather temporary, so you better enjoy the moment and do not get too excited, only time will tell if it deserves to take another step.

    Aquarius Horoscope for the Month of September 2018 - Health -

    In the Health, long nights wandering around the house may be present during this period, problems of insomnia are predicted, that lack of sleep can cause other ills and have a serious impact on your health and especially your mood, please, plan an appointment with the doctor, so that he prescribes something to you and you can have sweet dreams.

    Aquarium 2018 Your Future from July to December

    Aquarium (20 for January - 19 for February)

    Phrase for Aquarius:

    "My life has a name: Problems."

    Aquarium 2018 - Forecast for the summer 2018
    (Third trimester)

    Summer 2018 Prediction

    For the months of July, August and September, you will have the need to feel loved. The people around you should show you that they love you, that they adore you and that they want to continue by your side. Try not to carry on your back the weight of others, because each one must carry his own cross.

    In the Laboral scene, you consider that you were not born to work, but in the middle of this period you will have to do it, do it with great effort and effort, with humility. Avoid getting hot quickly so you do not commit crazy things that lead you to lose your job. It is time to recover what was lost, little by little, with perseverance.

    In love, If you are single or single you will have to get away from your family environment to find your own direction. If you are a man and you are married, avoid going after other women, since for you they will be only adventures, because you really always come back to your wife's side.

    In the health, Discard any activity in which you must lift weight, because you can stunt the spine or suddenly arise diseases related to the spine. If you are a man, you can suffer from ailments in the genitals. Take care of the white flows, fibroids, scrotal hernia, heart attacks and strokes.

    2018 Aquarium - Forecast for 2018 Fall
    (Fourth trimester)

    Autumn Forecast 2018

    For the months of October, November and December, you are expected to have faith and hope because despite the bad things, there is always a light at the end of the road. Capricorn, you feel or dream or preach, that a deceased tells you something, pay attention to those feelings. It is the moment to harmonize the opposing forces: of the one and the other, is the principle of energy flexibility.

    In the labor aspect, it is the time of the liberating force of all ideas, positive or negative, as well as of keeping the repression of revenge. Indicates the so-called "hunches", which must be heeded, because they indicate certain steps to follow that will lead to job success, the beings talk that for this period you are represented the freedom to do things based on intelligence . If you are fond of music, dedicate yourself to it, you can be very successful.

    In love, If you are a man and have children with several women, do not neglect any of them, since they are not guilty of your actions and need the love of their father. If you are married, do not mistreat your wife because this will bring you prejudice and legal problems. If you are a woman and you want to be a mother, it is the favorable time to be a mother.

    In the health, you are expected to suffer from insomnia, take vitamins in food or food supplements, to prevent common cold infections that can cause fevers, also take care of the brain.

    2018 Aquarium: Summary of the year.

    In this 2018, Aquarius, hope and thoughts are great and deep, immense as the sea, but also dangerous as the sea itself. For this period you will have the need to feel loved, the people who are by your side must show that they love you, that they adore you and that they want to continue by your side.

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