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    Honest Horoscope and Free of Cancer

    For the children of the Moon, lunatics of the zodiac sign of Cancer, the Cancerians and Crabs. Here you will find your daily, weekly, monthly and annual horoscopes that will help you to have a greater breadth of what your day of today, week, month and year will mean to you in what concerns the love and couple, to your situation with the money and work, with health and above all, with the forecast of the horoscope with the summary of what will happen to you for the period in each one of them.

    You will also enjoy the forecast within your daily horoscope of your lucky number for today, of the color that you should have in mind to wear or wear to further increase the ability to call your good luck of the day, from the mineral stone that you will protect from any type of evil that may occur during the day.

    At the end of your horoscopes, you will find very useful information about your zodiac sign, such as the characteristics of your Cancer sign, how you interact with the other signs, your own psychology or how you behave in love, among many other interesting entries that We are constantly updating. Do not miss it!

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    Horoscope for Today's Cancer Day Monday 24 of September of 2018

    horoscope today cancer

    The Good Luck Factor for Cancer Today

    • Lucky Number for Cancer today: 59
    • Color of Luck for Cancer today: Black
    • Mineral Stone of Luck for Cancer today: Jade

    Thank each of the moments in which you felt alone, in this way you learned to appreciate how important it is to have a partner. It is a period to avoid waste, try to keep your account as organized as possible.

    Avoid misunderstandings at all costs could bring you confrontations in the future, especially with close relatives. You will enjoy a lot of protection from your ancestors, bless them from within. The trips abroad are well aspected, you could visit that son who is far away.

    Daily Cancer Horoscope - Work and Money-

    Receive financial help Your finances increase and the goddess of fortune comes to your life to stay. Always thanks God and the cosmos. You will obtain recognition in the labor area and you will have very good contractual benefits. Brother brings interesting business proposal, evaluated is completely manageable.

    Cancer Journal Horoscope - Love for Couples and Singles-

    To Lyou married. The relationships of the past will come to your memory and you will review it, thank and bless the relationship in which you find yourself, you feel happy.

    For singles. They close cycles of the past from love and forgiveness. You open a new love. Do it very seriously and make sure that this time, it is not a temporary relationship. It is a good time to protect yourself.

    Cancer Journal Horoscope -Health and Physical Wellbeing-

    Live the moment of a lot of stress, this generates anguish and anxiety. You can not get to sleep, it generates a certain uneasiness.

    Daily Rune for Cancer

    rune today

    Compliance, the New Beginnings

    This rune, which can not be reversed, means the conclusion of a company, and a less weight in consciousness. The mind is released and becomes a blank sheet where we can write a new idea. It also suggests a feeling of fulfillment, fostered by a perfect relationship. The union of two complementary souls in the labor or sentimental field. In general, it is a favorable rune, although sometimes the endings have negative effects and provoke a feeling of emptiness.

    Today's Chaman Council

    Our Shaman's Cancer Day Advice

    The shaman recommends today for Cancer: Do breathing exercises for yoga, this way you will find balance, you will feel at peace with yourself.

    Horoscope for this Cancer Week From the 23 to the 29 of September of 2018

    "As much as infidelity is hidden, the betrayed always finds out."

    Phrase of the week for Cancer, by YayaNtala

    This week you will feel that you are super trained or capable to develop any activity that you propose. Time you will know how to manage in such a way that you will be able to attend to your personal matters, business matters, even your family you will devote part of your time, so everyone will appreciate your presence.

    What I recommend Cancer is that you do your planning, your schedule, with specific hours, from such hour to such hour, work, from such hour to such hour, lunch, from such hour to such hour to rest. Do not forget that the body needs to recharge the lost energies. Not everything is work, not everything is good for others, you must also dedicate time for yourself, to take a good shower, to have a coffee, to sleep, to sit down and meditate on what you have done in the day.

    Weekly Cancer Horoscope - Work and Money -

    At work, as I mentioned before, you must prepare a schedule so that you can fulfill all the activities, all your obligations, without forgetting absolutely nothing, because it is expected that if you do not order your work tasks, for a long time dedicate to work you will not achieve the goal. Because you start a task and without having finished it, you take another one and without finishing it either, you start doing something else. Total that you do your day doing, doing and doing activities, you end up exhausted at the end of the day, and you can not finish anything because you leave it halfway. So take advantage of your good judgment this week, make your schedule and complete it. Finish one thing first and then continue with another, that's the best recommendation I can give you this week, a little more order so you can fulfill everything.

    If you are unemployed, that disorder that is predicted for cancer these days also affects you. If you do not put order in your life you will not be able to find the job you are looking for, something that is right for you. You have to put order in your mind, what do you really need, what do you want, do you really want to start a business? Do it, do not wait for others. Now if you want to find a job, do your resume, do not waste any more time.

    Weekly Horoscope of Cancer - Love for Single and Couples-

    In love, for those who have a stable relationship these days will be like spring. Your relationship will be like a garden full of beautiful plants, you will have your mind relaxed and you will feel more in love than ever. Those around you will also contribute their beautiful motivating words, so you can keep going.

    If you are single or single, this week you can see the person you want to see so much. Take advantage of this reunion to give true love, not just passion, it's about sharing moments together, walking, chatting, having a drink, that will take you to what you have dreamed most.

    Weekly Horoscope of Cancer - Health and Physical Wellbeing-

    In health, you may feel fatigue in the body, malaise. It may be due to physical fatigue, so it is recommended to relax with a tea of ​​chamomile, a tea of ​​valerian, which allows you to sleep, rest a little and lower the level of stress that you could have and makes you feel bad. So sleep a little.

    Monthly Cancer Horoscope September 2018

    monthly cancer horoscope

    "At the top you do not get overcoming others, you get to surpass ourselves."

    Phrase of the month of September for the sign of Cancer, by YayaNtala

    Finally a month of joy for cancer, peace, health, well-being, happiness, bliss is predicted for September, the universe is aligned in such a way that what you propose to do, will have a favorable response, will be days of abundance and blessings, You must know how to take advantage of these energies to channel all your desires, and look for ways to achieve the goals you set, as there are so many things that you have pending, the activities that for one reason or another were delayed, you will have an extremely busy month , that time will not seem to reach you, I recommend that you prepare a schedule and first point out the most important thing, which in one way or another is going to generate income, or something that if you do not do it, it could bring you problems or losses, once that you have done it, because you have no other, that to fulfill it in a complete way, and with the help of your spiritual guides, you will achieve your goals with great success.

    Cancer Horoscope for the Month of September 2018 - Work -

    In the workplace, in the company where you work will come a person of brown skin, not very tall, who comes from another city, or another country, you will play with her or him for a few days, show him kindness and hospitality, so that I will hold you trust and teach you the skills you have in the workplace, take advantage of that person has a lot of experience and can help you in many activities related to your work, which will be beneficial for you, because you can even win a good friend, However, be very careful with the rest of your classmates because for that relationship, some will look at you with envy and want to hurt you in some way, Cancer very much! For those who have not been able to find a permanent job, September augurs major changes, moving city, to start in other lands, if you smile money for these days, but the transformation is unavoidable, so prepare your bags and go to look for a new horizon, that I affirm to you that the winds will be prosperous for you.

    Cancer Horoscope for the Month of September 2018 - Love -

    In Love, if you have children, cousins ​​or adolescent nephews, you must be very aware of what they are doing, it is one of the advice that teachers give to you, because it can go in bad steps, justice or the police can reach your house to ask questions, do not neglect the young people in your home. Singles and singles, in the search of your own world you can generate annoyance to your parents if you are still alive, it is true that everyone should make their life, but you must not forget that they have given you that being that you have and you should be grateful, if they do not agree on something, it is for your own good, remember that they have more experience in all aspects, avoid conflicts with them, so that your happiness is full.

    Cancer Horoscope for the Month of September 2018 - Health -

    In Health, the higher entities through the sign that goes out for cancer during the month of September, talk about intestinal tumors or kidney problems, so if you have or have had discomfort in the stomach, heartburn, reflux or other symptoms, it is imperative You visit the gastroenterologist, or if you get pain in the lower back, do not rule out that your kidneys may not be working properly, or have stones, plan a visit with the nephrologist or urologist.

    2018 Cancer Your Future from July to December

    CANCER (22 for June - 22 for July)

    Phrase for Cancer:

    "On your knees you ask God."

    Cancer 2018 - Forecast for the summer 2018
    (Third trimester)

    Summer 2018 Prediction

    For the months of July, August and September, beings say that there is a dead person in your house that upsets everything, ask God on your knees and be humble of heart. You are asking, seeking help because you feel that something is ending in your world, but do not cry misery or let anyone do it in your home, so that you do not have delays in your goals. Beings speak of the birth of evil, there are dark forces that favor you even if you do not believe it. Take care not to cross the sea without first doing a spiritual cleansing, make a mass or offering to a deceased because you have some outstanding debt, it is time to make changes in your religion.

    On the job, for your pro activity, for your mettle, you are well seen for a better job and, if you are not working, you will go to an interview where they will consider you for a good job. You were born to be Chief, but you must know how to use your head to become one. You get in life what you deserve, if you have studied or you have prepared for a good future, this is the moment in which you will receive your reward. Try not to negotiate at night, or in dark or dark places.

    In love, You must be careful with passion problems, if you are single, you are going to get married but you must have patience. Take care if you do not want to have children, because the energies are propitious to stay or leave pregnant. If you are a man and you have a wife or a woman, treat her with love so that there are no arguments. Do not promise what you know you can not fulfill.

    In the health, If you want to eat fish and / or shellfish, protect yourself so you do not get intoxicated, as you may suffer from a blood or skin disease.

    Cancer 2018 - Forecast for autumn 2018
    (Fourth trimester)

    Autumn Forecast 2018

    For the months of October, November and December, with the same intensity that you are a good person, you can become evil, you must control your anger because it will bring you problems. You are predicted a death caused by a tragedy, it can be yours or a family member. Take care not to walk at night on the road driving, do not travel at night to avoid a tragic experience. You are suggested to consult with a religious, sorcerer, drainer, santero, Ifa, since there is something you should know and the beings will use a medium to communicate with you. It is time to self-examine, make an evaluation of your own conscience to understand the reason for many things that are happening to you in your life, instead of being blaming others for your ills.

    In the work environment, you must continue preparing to not lose your status or your position in your Labor area. You are a very criticized person, if you attend a meeting at work, be very careful with what you say to your colleagues, since you do not like anyone to control you, drive or be asked to account for your actions. You tend to tell the truths to the face to anyone who deserves it and this can affect you in your work.

    In love, your spouse is not faithful or legal, at the beginning all the little ones sweep well. If you are a woman, you do not have to have a husband, you only live better. You must act with justice and not let emotions take over your actions.

    In the health, Beware of the agitations, suffocations. Protect yourself especially the heart and the brain.

    Cancer 2018: Summary of the year.

    annual cancer forecast 2018In this 2018, Cancer, it will be a year of greatness and productivity, what those born under the sign of Cancer intend to do, they will achieve it with a lot of security and firmness, because they are capable and competent to carry out and face what comes their way in life. However, beware of trusting your business projects to anyone, because you can have a material loss, steal money or be scammed by talking to more or the wrong people. It is recommended to you Cancer, that you must have a silver coin as an amulet to avoid material losses.

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