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Honest Horoscope and Free of Cancer

For the children of the Moon, lunatics of the zodiac sign of Cancer, the Cancerians and Crabs. Here you will find your daily, weekly, monthly and annual horoscopes that will help you to have a greater breadth of what your day of today, week, month and year will mean to you in what concerns the love and couple, to your situation with the money and work, with health and above all, with the forecast of the horoscope with the summary of what will happen to you for the period in each one of them.

You will also enjoy the forecast within your daily horoscope of your lucky number for today, of the color that you should have in mind to wear or wear to further increase the ability to call your good luck of the day, from the mineral stone that you will protect from any type of evil that may occur during the day.

At the end of your horoscopes, you will find very useful information about your zodiac sign, such as the characteristics of your Cancer sign, how you interact with the other signs, your own psychology or how you behave in love, among many other interesting entries that We are constantly updating. Do not miss it!

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Horoscope Cancer Journal
Thursday, 16 of August 2018

horoscope today cancer

Good luck for Cancer today, Thursday, 16 August 2018

  • Lucky number for today: 94
  • Lucky color for today:Purple
  • Protective mineral stone for today:Pearl

Horoscope for Cancer Today, Thursday, 16 of August 2018

Today will be a wonderful day to heal wounds from the past and connect with your family. Dare to propose meetings with those relatives with whom you have not gotten very well in recent years. Get together with your brothers, your friends and your parents, thank life for having them. Do forgiveness and healing exercises. Once you free yourself of all that accumulated pain, you will feel as if you were just born. Good things are coming, which will be presented dosed, little by little along the way. It is urgent to constantly improve your relationship with the goddess of fortune.

Daily Cancer Horoscope - Work -

Person of Asian origin will contact you to propose a business you did not expect. Be subject to the rules of courtesy and listen carefully. In your work area all things seem to go without major changes. Maybe it would be good if you tried to unravel a number of useless things that you keep in your job. Clean everything and anoint your spaces with rose oil to give better vibrations.

Daily Horoscope Cancer - Love -

For the married. You will get away from the city, you will go dancing and have fun. These are the moments that keep the illusion alive in a relationship. Congratulations. You are doing excellent.

For singles. You have more than one conquest and you will act with a lot of mischief.

Daily Horoscope Cancer - Health -

Avoid strong exercises and take care of the spine. This area of ​​your body will be sensitive for a long period. Be very careful.

daily rune

The Cancer Day Rune

today's rune othel

The Possessions, the Heritage

If FEOH is the first rune, means wealth obtained through work, OTJEL represents the transmission of wealth between generations. This wealth may consist of wisdom, personality traits or attitudes towards life. Its most practical manifestation is the property of a house, the savings for the day of tomorrow or an unexpected inheritance. The downside is that every inheritance is the result of a death. Invested OTHEL means the renunciation of a part of the patrimony, whether cultural or material. Things may end up possessing us. It is important to value material goods in their proper measure.

Daily shaman's advice

Daily Advice of the Shaman for Cancer

The shaman recommends today for Cancer: Exercise regimens should be controlled, exceeding what is recommended can bring consequences such as muscle tears, you have to go at a slow pace, hard, but safe.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope
From the 12 to the 18 of August of 2018

"He who was born to head, if he stays in the queue, is bad."

Phrase of the week for Cancer, by YayaNtala
Horoscope Week Cancer

Cancer, do not you think it's time to catch up on all your commitments ?; The sign that comes out for you this week speaks of the triangle of firmness maintaining solvency and stability in all aspects, not only economic, but also socially and spiritually. If you are a spiritualist and you have saints or garments you must attend them and pay them if you have promised them something, so that they continue to help and protect you.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope - Work -

At work, if you are the owner or business owner, a week is foretold in which the expenses will be on par with the income, because although you will obtain higher income than in previous days, you will have to pay debts that have matured, otherwise you will have You pay interest and that is not convenient for your company. If you have a job where you have to sign documents, this week you must be very careful, read very well before putting your rubric, make sure everything is legal and consistent, so that you are not going to be involved with any illegal situation and you can see yourself involved in trouble with justice.

Those who do not have a job, are advised to go to the police station and ask if they have a vacancy that you are able to cover, it is possible that your economic luck is there.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope - Love -

In love, marriages will be well established in these days, as a well planted tree and very leafy will be their relationship, sheltering and giving the shade they need their children and other relatives, keep that empathy for everything to go well and find peace and calm down in your home for much longer.

Singles will have an inner tranquility that will keep them occupied in pleasing their own desires and will not need other people to feel good.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope - Health -

In health, perhaps you feel carraspera, discomfort or pain at the level of the throat are events that may be happening these days, to foresee those types of diseases you can take vitamin C, you will find it in acidic foods or in free-selling supplements.

Cancer Monthly Horoscope
August 2018

horoscope month cancer

"Care gives us life."

Phrase of the month of August for the sign of Cancer, by YayaNtala

August is a month of sadness and illness for Cancer. The sign that represents the staff of health comes out, this means that you will need help to walk. You will require support to be able to face moments that are not very favorable during these days. If you believe in the occult, you must do a spiritual cleansing, make a consultation with a medium, spiritualist, sorcerer or witch, santero, herbalist, drainer. In short, whoever you have at your disposal to indicate a work, and so be able to get away from physical ailments and bad things. Make prayers and petitions to your guardian angel, to take care of you and protect you. Get dressed in yellow from time to time as an additional recommendation.

Cancer Horoscope for the Month of August 2018 - Work -

In the workplace, you are in the nerve center. You are at a point of broad support for your company, what you do or stop doing directly affects the operation of the company for which you work, whether yours or not, so you must be very careful with the decisions you make, and also with the activities you carry out, so that it is for the benefit of all. If you are looking for a job, August is not a good month to find something permanent. You will find temporary jobs, but nothing in the long term, you will be dedicated during this period only to extinguish fires.

Cancer Horoscope for the Month of August 2018 - Love -

In love, if you are a married man, you must take great care of your wife or the person with whom you share your life. Keep in mind that love is not just passion. You may have to take care of a sick relative or they should take care of you. If you do not have a partner, give love to your friends and family, go for a group walk, go to the movies to watch a good movie. All this will make you feel very good, to share with your loved ones. Only you are the one who dictates your love choices and the fate of the lovers you will have, but not yet.

Cancer Horoscope for the Month of August 2018 - Health -

In health, for women who have become pregnant, you should perform a check with the doctor on a regular basis, to avoid complications, or even the possible loss of the baby. The diseases that are coming have to do with the blood and the skin, they talk about leukemia, infection or bacteria in the dermis, they attend an urgent medical control.

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Cancer 2018
Your Future from July to December

CANCER (22 for June - 22 for July)

Phrase for Cancer:

"On your knees you ask God."

Cancer 2018 - Forecast for the summer 2018
(Third trimester)

Summer 2018 Prediction

For the months of July, August and September, beings say that there is a dead person in your house that upsets everything, ask God on your knees and be humble of heart. You are asking, seeking help because you feel that something is ending in your world, but do not cry misery or let anyone do it in your home, so that you do not have delays in your goals. Beings speak of the birth of evil, there are dark forces that favor you even if you do not believe it. Take care not to cross the sea without first doing a spiritual cleansing, make a mass or offering to a deceased because you have some outstanding debt, it is time to make changes in your religion.

On the job, for your pro activity, for your mettle, you are well seen for a better job and, if you are not working, you will go to an interview where they will consider you for a good job. You were born to be Chief, but you must know how to use your head to become one. You get in life what you deserve, if you have studied or you have prepared for a good future, this is the moment in which you will receive your reward. Try not to negotiate at night, or in dark or dark places.

In love, You must be careful with passion problems, if you are single, you are going to get married but you must have patience. Take care if you do not want to have children, because the energies are propitious to stay or leave pregnant. If you are a man and you have a wife or a woman, treat her with love so that there are no arguments. Do not promise what you know you can not fulfill.

In the health, If you want to eat fish and / or shellfish, protect yourself so you do not get intoxicated, as you may suffer from a blood or skin disease.

Cancer 2018 - Forecast for autumn 2018
(Fourth trimester)

Autumn Forecast 2018

For the months of October, November and December, with the same intensity that you are a good person, you can become evil, you must control your anger because it will bring you problems. You are predicted a death caused by a tragedy, it can be yours or a family member. Take care not to walk at night on the road driving, do not travel at night to avoid a tragic experience. You are suggested to consult with a religious, sorcerer, drainer, santero, Ifa, since there is something you should know and the beings will use a medium to communicate with you. It is time to self-examine, make an evaluation of your own conscience to understand the reason for many things that are happening to you in your life, instead of being blaming others for your ills.

In the work environment, you must continue preparing to not lose your status or your position in your Labor area. You are a very criticized person, if you attend a meeting at work, be very careful with what you say to your colleagues, since you do not like anyone to control you, drive or be asked to account for your actions. You tend to tell the truths to the face to anyone who deserves it and this can affect you in your work.

In love, your spouse is not faithful or legal, at the beginning all the little ones sweep well. If you are a woman, you do not have to have a husband, you only live better. You must act with justice and not let emotions take over your actions.

In the health, Beware of the agitations, suffocations. Protect yourself especially the heart and the brain.

Cancer 2018: Summary of the year.

annual cancer forecast 2018In this 2018, Cancer, it will be a year of greatness and productivity, what those born under the sign of Cancer intend to do, they will achieve it with a lot of security and firmness, because they are capable and competent to carry out and face what comes their way in life. However, beware of trusting your business projects to anyone, because you can have a material loss, steal money or be scammed by talking to more or the wrong people. It is recommended to you Cancer, that you must have a silver coin as an amulet to avoid material losses.

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