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    Candid and Free Horoscope of Scorpio

    Find here your space to find your horoscopes for the zodiac sign of Scorpio for today, for this week, month and year. For you, son of Scorpio and born under the influence of Pluto. In this horoscope you can search and consult the forecasts for love, whether you are a woman or a man, as a couple or single, as well as for work and money, the influences that will most suit you to achieve your goals, as well as for health and to know how your day-to-day will affect you.

    We also offer you a daily, weekly, monthly and annual overview of the influences that affect your life, your family and friends and colleagues, as well as offer, of course, your daily lucky numbers, the color of the luck with which you should carry some garment or object with you, as well as the mineral stone that is going to offer protection for the period.

    And of course, we also offer you a vision of what your zodiac sign of Scorpio means, its characteristics, curiosities, psychology, how to relate to the other signs of the zodiac, your way of loving, of hate and many other things that you will find right after your horoscope. Do not lose detail!

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    Horoscope for today's Scorpio Day
    Tuesday 18 of September of 2018

    horoscope today scorpio

    The Good Luck Factor for Scorpio Today

    • Lucky Number for Scorpio today: 54
    • Color of Luck for Scorpio today: Red
    • Lucky Mineral Stone for Scorpio todayAmethyst

    Continue the positive prospects of your if now that we are practically finishing the year. The moment is ideal to expand and activate your social circle, where you will shine and you will be the center. You will also triumph in every project you undertake. You have learned a lot and now you have the confidence and control of your economy, your health and your life.

    Consolidate your victory in September ... Put into practice your positive qualities and control the negative in your sign.

    Daily Horoscope of Scorpio
    -Work and Money-

    Success in a business you undertake with an older family member, who will give you all your support and advice. Use the planetary energy to initiate some important project that you had invested for some time you will earn money for yourself. Success in relation to media. You will have good luck in chance. You will identify your hidden enemies and confront them.

    Daily Horoscope of Scorpio
    -Health and Physical Wellbeing-

    The total recovery is the trend of this month of September for the children of scorpion. Yes you have had difficulties with your health. Now you come past, everything is left behind because you feel strong and strong to face any discomfort or illness.

    Daily Rune for Scorpio

    rune today sigel

    The Sun, Success

    In myths, the Sun is always glorious, but it has a dark side. SIGEL can predict great victories, especially in the field of business, but also an excess of work. It suggests energy in abundance, which can be transformed into tension if it is only channeled in one direction. SIGEL is an eminently positive rune, although it also indicates egocentrism and scant interest in others. It is not reversible, and its additional meanings will depend on the runes that accompany it. In combination with the negative NIED, it warns about fateful events. Beware of health

    Today's Chaman Council

    Our Shaman's Day Advice for Scorpio

    The shaman recommends today for Scorpio:Swim yourself with scarlet water and put 7 petals of different flowers, so that the spirits of love and wisdom are around you.


    Horoscope for the Scorpio Week
    From the 16 to the 22 of September

    "King who walks in the world without a crown, is a subject."

    Phrase of the week for Scorpio, by YayaNtala
    This week's horoscope for the zodiac sign of Scorpio

    Vigil Week. The advances you have achieved so far are well-founded, but you can not allow anyone to come down to demolish your walls, those that have cost you so much work, effort, sweat and tears. That is why it is important that you be vigilant with everyone who approaches you, be very observant with people, carefully evaluate the intentions that you have when you reach them. For your comments, for your gestures, for your pretensions, you will be able to realize if you want to hurt yourself or if you really appreciate your company. So do not neglect yourself, the more distrustful you are, the better.

    Scorpio Weekly Horoscope - Work -

    At work, open roads for the entry of money. This week you will have opportunities to increase your income. If you work in the sales area, it will be a successful week, a rebound in your management, but do not miss work, because you can lose that juicy commission you've been waiting for so long.

    If you have your own business, this also goes for you. To make that energy enter your business, I recommend that you put a mini water source in the entrance of your sales office. That will channel the energies in your favor, believe me, the store will be completely full.

    If you still do not have a job, a bath with eucalyptus and mint will make the good fortune take over you this week. So much that you will have to choose between several job opportunities that will offer you. Choose the one you consider most convenient, both economically and professionally.

    Scorpio Weekly Horoscope - Love -

    In love, feelings of adventure will fill your head this week. You will be tempted by sin, lust and pleasure. Remember that what you do today will bear fruit tomorrow. So do not go complaining that your husband or wife found another place to satiate their sexual appetite, since you let yourself be carried away by desire and did not have time for her or him. You are urged to satisfy this intense desire with the love of your life, with the person with whom you decided to spend the rest of your days, make him feel true love.

    Single or single, beings advise you to make a change in your way of dressing. It is foreseen that you have missed opportunities to meet the love of your life by walking disheveled. A haircut if you are a man will be fine. If you are a woman, a pinturita on the lips, cheeks and eyes will highlight your outer beauty, that which will captivate the love of your life. Then you will be responsible for showing your inner beauty with your way of being peaceful, but insightful.

    Scorpio Weekly Horoscope - Health -

    In health, there is a prediction regarding hair loss. It can be a symptom of baldness due to inheritance or maybe a warning of some other disease, it helps the doctor to examine you completely.

    Scorpio Monthly Horoscope
    September 2018

    monthly scorpio horoscope

    "A coward is unable to show love, to do so is for the brave."

    Phrase of the month of September for the sign of Scorpio, by YayaNtala

    Timing to cleanse the poisonous insects that surround you, you can see around you some people who are like leeches, they are only bleeding you, while you are giving them they will be stuck to you, but even when Scorpio is going to continue to be plundered in life, enough is enough, it's time for you to shake yourself and do not let them keep sucking everything you have, believe me what I say, it's better if you're alone or alone, you can get much more, to identify that kind of people, analyze the following: they arrive at your house at lunchtime, when you tell them about a project you have in mind they tell you, how am I going there? If you go out to dinner or take a walk with your family, instead of rejoicing , they tell you, you went out and you did not invite me !, or when they call you on the phone it's just to borrow money from you, which they never pay you. If you already identified them, now the cleaning phase begins, first you do not mention anything of what you do and less of what you want to do, because that causes envy and can cause you delay, try it and you will see how it improves.

    Horoscope of Scorpio for the Month of September 2018 - Work -

    In the workplace, an austere period for scorpio is predicted if you do not take forecasts, you can not spend the money that you struggle so hard to earn, learn to be aware of savings because you do not know if tomorrow you need something important , so save for emergencies, take care of your job because there are also people who want to see you outside the company where you are working because of envy, your only dedicate yourself to doing things well and fulfill your responsibilities, without forgetting to leave money in the Bank. Unemployed or unemployed, looking to train in marketing, can be online, a small workshop can help you to awaken ideas for you to set up your own business and do not have to be begging anyone to give you a job opportunity, you are able to start your business and open more sources of employment for other people, do it, you can sell what you want with a small orientation.

    Horoscope of Scorpio for the Month of September 2018 - Love -

    In Love, single or single, the sign that goes out for Scorpio in relation to love for the month of September, reflects misconduct for society, talks about homosexual relationships, of people who charge for having sex, vagabirths among cousins, incest. You must be very careful with your actions in this regard, if your behavior is not sinful, you must be attentive to the people in your family environment, because there may be someone who is acting in an indecent manner and can bring embarrassment and suffering to the family. For those who are married or married, you can see a marriage that is a little broken, you are missing a snack, you two alone, a trip to the beach, pool or mountain, maybe just sit down and have a drink and talk about what you feel, that bothers them, do not allow fire and passion to go out, because then they can not turn it on again.

    Horoscope of Scorpio for the Month of September 2018 - Health -

    As for Health, it is predicted for the women damages in the belly area, related to the reproductive system, it is convenient to make a routine visit to the gynecologist for them to do the exams and corresponding studies with the intention of eliminating time possible diseases in those organs.

    Scorpio 2018
    Your Future from July to December

    SCORPIO (23 for October - 22 for November)

    Phrase for Scorpio:

    "He twists the rope, but he can not twist the earth."

    Scorpio 2018 - Forecast for the summer 2018
    (Third trimester)

    Summer 2018 Prediction

    For the months of July, August and SeptemberThey will offer you a trip that is not very favorable. You are told about undue behavior in the physical, moral and spiritual, correct your actions. Be intelligent and follow advice, so that you can succeed and that the negative energies that the astral entities predict for this period do not affect you in your life. Try to keep your mouth shut so you do not get into trouble.

    In the Laboral scene, pay attention to your bad character, it can bring problems in your work if you have it, you are on the verge of achieving position improvements, you must move and take action to evolve in your resume. You must be in constant innovation, to be up to date in the field in which you develop professionally.

    In love, you are an emotionally unstable person, you tend to be in a bad mood, but you are a protective person with yours. If you are a man, a woman comes to marry you by her own will and will serve you with obedience and loyalty until the end of her days. If you are a woman, you will find a new husband who will be your support rod in every aspect and moment. You have your enemy inside your house and you share with him, he can be your current partner. You must create your world separately avoiding family conflicts.

    Regarding Health, You are detained in a thought, you are currently in a war with your health and you feel that what moves you does not work anymore, you are told of diseases acquired either by sexual transmission, contagious or genetically. If you are a woman, you can get pregnant and have an abortion, you must take care of yourself because you can also suffer from cramps and malignant tumors in the womb, go to check with your doctor to be able to control these aspects.

    Scorpio 2018 - Forecast for the autumn 2018
    (Fourth trimester)

    Autumn Forecast 2018

    For the months of October, November and December, some born under the sign of Scorpio will have difficulty to obtain their own evolution, they will pass the good opportunities through their noses and they will not know how to sniff them. But in spite of everything they are augured triumph. There is an energy of darkness that wants to help you get a good position in the earthly world. Tears are coming because you may have a loss of a loved one who is sick. It is recommended that you do nothing immoral so that it does not bring you any inconvenience. In this cycle you can defeat an enemy.

    On the job Do not give your knowledge for free, teach fishing, do not give the fish to anyone.

    As for the affectiveThere is someone in your family who has groin pain. Communicate and take care of your family, it is the most precious treasure.

    With regard to your health, It is recommended to keep a check with your doctor and if you believe in the supernatural, go to a spiritual consultation, to do works, spells to protect him from rare diseases, and to be prescribed something for that insomnia that does not allow him to sleep well.

    Scorpio 2018: Summary of the year.

    In this 2018, Scorpio, you are crowned with changes, you are going to move from home, renovate your wardrobe, replace your partner, because that is what the universe determines, believe in your hunches, trust yourself, decide and make the transformations that you consider necessary, you will achieve success in all areas and you will be fruitful for your life. For this period you are given a pleasure trip that ends with economic benefits. The beings say that you feel more inclined to witchcraft than to the church.

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