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    Daily Horoscope for Scorpio

    Find what lies in love, money and health for today in your sign of Scorpio Horoscope of Scorpio for Today

    Today's Horoscope of Scorpio Monday 19 of November of 2018

    horoscope today scorpio

    Your horoscope today, Scorpio

    Family member with a health problem

    You worry about where you live. Do not let anyone decide for you.

    Avoid discussions.

    Buy flowers for your house. Beware of people entering and leaving your house.

    At work

    An important meeting where they will be taken, hard decisions, where many will leave in disgust.

    The unemployed should be very careful with what you say, it could be unwelcome for some.

    In love

    The married evaluate situations in your environment. Making decisions for the benefit of your relationship.

    The singles try to be more flexible with the demands of your family.

    In the health

    Upset headache very often, visit a specialist.

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    Your horoscope for Scorpio Today

    Find here your space to find your horoscopes for the zodiac sign of Scorpio for today, for this week, month and year. For you, son of Scorpio and born under the influence of Pluto. In this horoscope you can search and consult the forecasts for love, whether you are a woman or a man, as a couple or single, as well as for work and money, the influences that will most suit you to achieve your goals, as well as for health and to know how your day-to-day will affect you.

    We also offer you a daily, weekly, monthly and annual overview of the influences that affect your life, your family and friends and colleagues, as well as offer, of course, your daily lucky numbers, the color of the luck with which you should carry some garment or object with you, as well as the mineral stone that is going to offer protection for the period.

    And of course, we also offer you a vision of what your zodiac sign of Scorpio means, its characteristics, curiosities, psychology, how to relate to the other signs of the zodiac, your way of loving, of hate and many other things that you will find right after your horoscope. Do not lose detail!

    Articles related to Scorpio

    Characteristics and Main Features of Scorpio

    Characteristics of the Scorpio zodiac sign
    • Symbol: The Scorpion
    • Element: Water
    • Group: Intellectual
    • Polarity: Negative
    • Favorable Colors: Dark Reds, Black
    • Chinese counterpart: Pig
    • Ruling Planet: Pluto, Mars
    • Cross / Quality: fixed
    • Regidor House: Octave
    • Opposite sign: Taurus
    • Jewel of Luck: Opal
    • Period: 23 Oct. - 21 Nov.

    Main Qualities of Scorpio


    Passionate, tenacious, witty, brave, a true friend.


    Jealous, distrustful, reserved, violent and corrosive.

    Charismatic qualities:

    Intense look and eyes, muscular.


    The truth, the facts, be right, friends of many years, the great passion, a worthy adversary.


    Dishonesty, passive people, the revelation of secrets.

    Ideal environment:

    Dark and sensual places, any situation that offers power or awakens strong feelings.

    Scorpio Personality and Behavior

    Scorpio personality:

    Under a controlled and fresh exterior beats the heart of the very intense Scorpio. Passionate, penetrating and decisive, this sign will not rest until it reaches the truth. The Scorpion can not speak or show emotions easily, however, it is certain that there is a huge amount of activity happening below the surface. Being leaders par excellence, Scorpions are always aware; and when it comes to having resources, this sign comes out ahead.

    Scorpio and Love:

    This is the Sign of more sexuality of the Zodiac. Incredibly passionate, the Scorpion takes intimacy very seriously. Your partners have to be smart and honest. With this sign, much of the seduction begins long before it reaches the room; through conversation and observation. Once in love, they are devoted and loyal until death. However, relationships may take some time to fully develop. The Scorpio needs time to build trust and respect towards its partner conscientiously.

    Scorpio, Work and Money:

    "I wish" is the key phrase for the Scorpion. They are fantastic in the management, the solution, and the creation. Once the scorpion fixes its sights on a target, there is no way to dissuade it. The tasks that require a scientific approach and a penetrating approach are always better performed by a Scorpio; since it will really delve into the materials they have. His ability to concentrate combined with a strong sense of determination results in impressive driving ability. They do not worry about making friends at work, on the contrary, their biggest concern is doing the job well and reaching their goal.

    Pursue a career as a scientist, doctor, researcher, navigator, detective, investigator, police officer, business manager or psychologist; they are all the costume of the powerful Scorpion. Respect for work is an essential aspect of this sign. They need to respect their co-workers at the same time they should feel the sense of being respected by others.

    Scorpions are disciplined enough to stick to a budget and are not afraid to work in order to maintain a good financial position. Many are lucky to inherit money. In any case, and without taking into account the balance, they are good stewards of your money and are not prone to overspending. Money means security and a sense of control, which is important for the Scorpion. Therefore, they will save most of what they earn and make decisions with care.

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