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    Sincere and Free Leo Horoscope

    For the children of the Sun, the beloved Lions of the zodiac sign of Leo, here you can consult the horoscopes of today, this week, month and year, where you can find the meaning for your queries of love, both for couples and singles , for money and work, for your health and tips to improve it. You will also receive valuable forecasts for your life in general, as well as life in the family and with your friends.

    Whether you are a man or a woman, the advice of the daily rune and the wisdom of our shaman, will give you that extra confidence that we all need, as well as you will know what your daily lucky number is, the color of luck that you should Take with you during the day, as well as the protective mineral stone for that period.

    In addition to the daily, weekly, monthly and annual forecasts of your Leo horoscope, we also facilitate consultations so you can get to know your sign better, through your psychology, your way of relating to the different signs of the zodiac, your way to love, how the other signs see you, etc ... Keep up to date with our news!

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    Horoscope for Today's Leo's Day Thursday 20's September for 2018

    horoscope today I read

    The Good Luck Factor for Leo Today

    • Lucky number for Leo today: 74
    • Color of Luck for Leo today: Red
    • Mineral Stone of Luck for Leo todayAmethyst

    The one that your stubbornness is usually a product of your past habits. Check your life well, since the current prospects are very favorable, but if you make carelessness, you could lose some job, or even interrupt a love relationship.

    Stay attentive to the smallest details and above all take care of your public image because you will have many eyes on you. In your astral panorama a stage of important changes is presented and it is possible that you change the environment. You break with the whole routine.

    Leo's Daily Horoscope -Work and Money-

    In terms of work, it will be a productive day, achieving important advances that will lead them to concrete ambitions. Good business leads them to a significant economic increase. Good understanding with immediate bosses and coworkers. You must put your debts up to date. Organize your earrings.

    Leo's Daily Horoscope - Love for Couples and Singles-

    To Lyou married.Avoid jealousy, fights and complaints. Stay on your guard and effectively counteract that influence that negatively affects your marriage. There is someone turning your partner around.

    For singles.Let yourself be guided by your heart and follow your intuition, do not forget that imprudence is in your astral landscape, caution.

    Leo's Daily Horoscope -Health and Physical Well-being-

    It can revitalize your health right now! It is a propitious stage to distract yourself from all the responsibilities that you have been assuming in recent times, which have overwhelmed you. You are in a period of internal reflection, and the way you see life from this moment on, your destiny will depend in large part.

    Daily Rune for Leo

    rune today nied

    The Need, Patience

    Nied announces adversities and advises patience to cope. Among other setbacks, it predicts delays or limitations in business, and warns of the imminence of health problems. However, it provides forces to overcome them and alerts whoever has to suffer them. Inverted, it can complicate the problem if its warning is ignored.

    Today's Chaman Council

    Our Shaman's Day Advice for Leo

    The shaman today recommends for Leo: Neglect a little the rigor of your diet, and allow yourself those gastronomic excesses of which you have been deprived lately. It is a good time to disobey the diet a bit. Do not abuse.

    Horoscope for the Leo Week From 16 to 22 for September

    "There is no safe path, but the straight will be the fastest."

    Phrase of the week for Leo, by YayaNtala
    This week's horoscope for the Leo zodiac sign

    The energies will be arranged so that you can find the compromise in your life. If you find yourself disoriented, things do not go well, or you are in a vicious circle that you want to leave, these days are appropriate to find the way out. The first thing you should do is stop for a moment, you can not go from one place to another without knowing where you want to go. Then think that it is wrong today in your life:

    • Are the friends you frequent? - back off.
    • Is the work that is not generating good income? - resignation.
    • Is your marriage that you can not stand it? - Divorce yourself

    Maybe the advice seems a bit drastic, but of course that would be what you should do once you discover that something is wrong in your life. You must make drastic decisions, so you can be happy.

    Leo Weekly Horoscope - Work -

    At work, Leo hears, it's time to make an austere plan so that you can save, because a disintegration with respect to your job is predicted. You may lose your job, perhaps due to a reduction in personnel or due to a problem you may have with your colleagues or your boss. The truth is that it is better to prevent than to regret, so decrease the expenses as much as possible. Avoid superfluous expenses for a good time and save a little money so you can keep yourself in case you lose your job.

    If you are already unemployed and did not save anything at all, one way to earn income is by offering home services. What you know how to do If you are a man, you may be able to fix gardens, clean patios, paint houses. If you are a woman, clean houses, take care of children or the elderly. All this can be an alternative, while you find permanent employment in the area to which you dedicate as a profession.

    Leo Weekly Horoscope - Love -

    In love, to preserve your marriage, it is recommended that you seek help with a marriage counselor. What for you is a big problem without a solution, it can be something easy to solve and you may be drowning in a glass of water, so to speak. Another effective solution is to speak, tell the truth, tell your partner what bothers you about it, listen to what your wife or husband tells you what they do not like about you. It is a good way to reach agreements. Something very important to keep in mind, is that the first thing is love and the second is forgiveness. Coexistence between couples is not easy, but neither is it impossible when there is love.

    Single or single, a person will come into your life during these days, it will depend on you if you give temporary entry or you do the owner of your inner house. To identify that person who augurs happiness to you, I'll give you a few clues: clear skin, profiled nose, brown eyes, when you speak you will feel a melody in your ears, as if you were singing a romantic song. When you stay paralyzed listening, that will be the person I tell you.

    Weekly Horoscope of Leo - Health -

    In health, it is expected discomfort in the temple. That's for thinking so much. Give yourself a massage with the fingertips and put oil with eucalyptus, that will relieve you.

    Leo Monthly Horoscope September 2018

    monthly leo horoscope

    "Savings are a fundamental part of prevention."

    Phrase of the month of September for the sign of Leo, by YayaNtala

    Leo, in September will dominate the purity in those born under this zodiacal house; we talk about the traces we leave while we travel the path through life, you came to this world for something and you must discover it, in these days you will feel that need to find meaning in your existence, arráigate more to your spiritual instincts, I urge you to leave take what your heart and your conscience tell you, to fill that void that sometimes you feel, it is propitious that you pray to God, that you pray a father of ours, that you ask your guardian angel to help you understand so that you are In this world, with faith and hope you will find in your way the answers to those and many other questions that go through your mind and keep you in an existential crisis. Another tip that teachers give you is that during the month of September do not go out at night unless it is strictly necessary, and when I say necessary it is a medical emergency, no parties, no wakes.

    Leo Horoscope for the Month of September 2018 - Work -

    At work, in the work context, there are usually conflictive people, who do not like to work, who are only aware of what others do to have an argument to talk about, they are almost always conversations of a destructive nature, because in September and in your work is not the exception, this time it's your turn, so you must be very aware, so you can identify the traitors and get away from them, I recommend that you comply with your work obligations of the best way possible, and do not mention your personal matters to anyone, just in case! Unemployed? Listen and speak with your conscience, have you really made the necessary efforts to find a job? The beings say that you spend it complaining and crying misery, but you do nothing to get out of the hole. Wake up friend, life is going and laziness is not taking full advantage.

    Leo Horoscope for the Month of September 2018 - Love -

    In Love, if you are a married woman these days you will have the impetus to take charge of the home, you will have to make important decisions and support your husband in the responsibilities of home, it is not bad that you have initiative and that you are more determined than your husband, but you must not forget that he is the head of the household and you should not ignore his opinions, in the marriage the opinion of both counts, not only that of one of the two, so be respected so that everything goes well. If you are a married man, say the beings that you should clarify your feelings, if you no longer feel love for your wife, it is better to tell them so that they define the steps to follow, nothing is forever, at some time and for any reason the The final will always come, take reality and go your way. Singles and singles, the relationship you're waiting for is around the corner, and you still have not noticed, may share with you on a frequent basis, maybe your best friend, evaluates the skills and gestures that people have of the opposite sex with you and you will notice the signals that you give and you had not noticed, increase your sense of smell because love is on the tip of your nose.

    Leo Horoscope for the Month of September 2018 - Health -

    In Health, it is advisable that you elevate prayers to the Almighty God, so that he distances you from all diseases, because you are prone or prone to suffer from the heart. In September, Leo fly with the candle! If you go camping put someone else to light the fire, you stay away, because you can get to suffer a serious burn, and you do not want to get to suffer for a long period in a hospital.

    Leo 2018 Your Future from July to December

    LEO (23 of July - 22 of August)

    Phrase for Leo:

    "The King never dies poor."

    Leo 2018 - Forecast for the summer 2018
    (Third trimester)

    Summer 2018 Prediction

    For the months of July, August and September, you tend to be aggressive and you feel that they are making war, you must wake up to defend yourself. There can be difficulties, problems such as fights, arguments that tend to destroy relationships. Be especially careful with the treatment you give your parents or your boss. You must take care of the embers and the fire and of the hot and sharp objects. Try not to get hot and not get angry, because you have the embers on top and can bring you a tragedy caused by your own hands. You must be careful with an enemy inside your house. Beware of betrayals, because they may be cheating or using you in a relationship or business relationship. You are advised to seek help from a medium because you have the tragedy on you.

    In the labor aspect you get a period of fulfillment of goals and objectives, you will have multiple activities, although for some of the Leo will be the opposite. After the end, the beginning will come. For this period you achieve other positions, you will have a slow but safe recovery if you remain active. You can not leave unfinished the activities that you start, be persistent and persistent, this is a characteristic that identifies you. If you have a job, make sure you prepare well to stand out and be the best, do not do the activities of others, each one carries his own cross and you must fight for your things. Speak what they say and say what they say against you, you will always be victorious. If you are a man and you are working, around you there is a woman of great power and hierarchy who can help you improve. Propose goals and fight to achieve them, looking for the solution that leads to the achievement of your goals. In this period, you can request a salary increase, salaries, you will be granted. The trips are auspicious during this time.

    Have a special attention in September, since your projects may be paralyzed and bring you delays in the fulfillment of your goals. Use that happiness you have to find a way to solve things. You can close a door but you open many others. On your way you will be presented with great opportunities, do not hesitate to take advantage of them to avoid stalling and losing money. If you are invited to a meeting you attend it, you can get good results in general.

    In love, When your mood is much more cheerful, you should be especially careful with the inclinations to misbehavior, if you are married or avoid extra-marital relationships, rather enjoy your family in this period of prosperity, because although you like the freedom, Leo, you are a very paternal or maternal person but you do not show it. Bachelors and singles will get a couple.

    In the health, If you are a woman you can get pregnant, but you must take care of yourself because they announce diseases in the womb. You must take care of the blood of problems by excess of ingested fat. Check your cholesterol and triglycerides, take care of your stomach and check with a doctor those ailments in the legs, knees or feet that may be presented. If you have suffered an illness or operation, do not make nonsense so you do not relapse again.

    Leo 2018 - Forecast for autumn 2018
    (Fourth trimester)

    Autumn Forecast 2018

    For the months of October, November and December, you will see the fall of a large enemy, of a powerful enemy. Do not move, do not change jobs, you will generate losses in the case you do during this period. Look where you walk, do not go to have to suffer as a result of a slip. Be careful with arrears in rent or rent, because you can lose your house.

    On the job, What you decide to do in this period will be very productive, as the saying goes: "you reap what you sow." If your actions are aimed at achieving your goals, it will be. On the other hand, if you do not intervene in order to achieve the execution of your objectives, you will not see them fulfilled.

    In love, if you are married, the happiness and harmony that you had until now can alternate with moments of quarrels, misunderstandings, setbacks with your partner and you can put your relationship in danger, act with rectitude. Singles must define their emotions well, at the moment they will have temporary illusions and can confuse them with true love, but those relationships will not last long. If you have any doubt, however minimal, believe it, that is not the ideal person, end and wait for the end of the year, then you can appear that person you are waiting to share your life.

    In the health, You are recommended to have routine medical check-ups. Take care of the sight. If you are sick of something happened previously, of the belly, of the liver or of the stomach; You must do a spiritual work, so that your evil does not take strength. Beware of colitis and constipation.

    Leo 2018: Summary of the year.

    In this 2018, the natives of Leo They will be able to feel like owners of the world, they will like to be right and that even if they do not have it they will shine and end up being the center of attraction. However, you must act with meditation and criteria, especially with your giving quality, look well to whom and how much you will donate your assets.

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