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Leo's Daily Horoscope
Wednesday, 18 by Julio 2018

horoscope today I read

Data for the sign of Leo Today, 18 by Julio 2018

Regent planet: Sun

Element: Fuego

Lucky number for today: 42

Color for today: Yellow

Stone for today: Turquoise

Horoscope for Leo Today, Wednesday 18 of Julio 2018

An achievement for study and knowledge will be granted, you will have the opportunity to apply to reach the next level in what you do, it will be a challenge. Behave as the lion you are, you have the knowledge, experience, and blessing of the universe. Without a doubt, this new experience will take you out of your comfort zone, focus on concluding the test, do not falter, try hard. Let this be your moment. A lion like you comes to the world ready to face the biggest challenges facing you, honor your mane and your royalty.


Daily Leo Horoscope - Work -

You will receive a very important job offer, with scholarship and study options. This is the moment to remove that arrogant attitude that is inside you, behave like a lion lurking, bargain for the offer. Dare to negotiate for what your job is worth. The universe accompanies you in this task, now everything depends on you. Roaring loudly, Leon.


Leo Daily Horoscope - Love -

For the married. Take a little more time for the loving gestures that your partner dedicates to you, since she tries very hard to give them to you. And he thinks that his demonstrations of affection are not opportune at some point, he looks for the most appropriate way to let him know, he learns to say thank you.

For singles. There is the possibility of a reconciliation, go calmly.


Leo Daily Horoscope - Health -

The excesses for the different celebrations will leave you inconvenient in your health. Visit to the doctor, complete the complete treatment and the corresponding rest.

Rune of Today

The Rune of the Day for Leo

rune today lagu

Water, Intuition

The unpredictable waters of the northern seas were a constant threat to the Scandinavian peoples. LAGU warns of the dangers inherent in the journey of life. The fluidity of the water, dominated by the Moon, symbolizes the restless thought, the intuition and the psychic powers, also the presence of an artistic nature. Inverted is an unfavorable rune, whose detrimental effects are only mitigated by the more decidedly positive runes. Water spreads rapidly: an immediate measure must be taken to control the situation.

Today Shaman Council

Daily Shaman Tips for Leo

The shaman today recommends for Leo: In case of extreme exhaustion due to the excess and the abuses committed during some celebration, first of all, it is recommended to sleep a lot, to recover the sleep and the forces lost during the celebration work. Get plenty of hydration, and try to drink natural orange juice with carrots.

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Leo Weekly Horoscope
Del 15 al 21 de Julio

Phrase for Leo for the week of 15 to 21 of Julio 2018

"The embers, although they are ignored, always burn."


Leo, this week is an emanate of fighting for life, whatever you do you will stumble to achieve the goals you set for yourself. The supreme beings say that the path to follow is not written, so you have the opportunity to choose and battle for what you really want or think is right for you. The superior entities will help you if you ask them with faith what you want to achieve, but it is a team task, you have to act on your side too and not leave the weight of all the action to the higher entities.

Leo Weekly Horoscope - Work -

At work, if you are currently unemployed, you are advised to go out and look for a job, since the energies are arranged at a right angle. This fact represents firmness and security. Before leaving, write on a blank paper the position you want to find, with as many details as you have in mind, as long as they are possible and realistic and within your capabilities. Take a candle of any color, but preferably blue, light it next to the paper you wrote and, looking at the flame, ask the supreme beings to channel positive energy towards you, so that you can find the work in less than seven days.


Leo Weekly Horoscope - Love -

In Love, if you have a partner, she or he will tell you that he has a great curiosity to know a spiritualist or medium. Instead of criticizing your position, support your partner and attend together. If you do not want to do it in person, you can do it via web, on the internet there are many pages that provide their services in that way (we ourselves will have it a little later). Doing so will fill that void that both you and your partner are feeling and do not know what it is. For singles, everything arrives in due time and you will not be left alone forever.


Leo Weekly Horoscope - Health -

In Health, if you have been sick recently, keep saving at home. This week is the one of total recovery. Soon you will feel so good, that you will forget the evils that have been happening to you lately.

Monthly Forecast
July 2018

Phrase of the Month of July for Leo:

"A good son has the blessing of his parents and of God."

1The natives of Leo must have patience in the month of July. There is talk that they have to wait for the right moment to see what they hope and desire with so much hope. The supreme entities will reveal secrets through dreams, before going to sleep wash your face and drink water, so that when you wake up in the morning you can clearly remember what you have dreamed and in this way find out what they want to say.

- Work - Month of July 2018 - Leo -

In the Laboral scene, You will feel that you are not in the right place, your abilities are above the position that you currently perform. Speak with your boss, dare to communicate what you think and show what you mean. If you are in the administrative area, prepare a report with your conclusions and send it to your immediate superior, so that you are taken into account and may possibly ascend. If yours is not a job where you have to meet schedule, write on a paper all the business ideas you have in your head. Evaluate the pros and cons of each one, so that you can decide which project to carry out, which will generate the best dividends. You are destined for greatness, but you must know how to get there.

- Love - Month of July 2018 - Leo -

In love, If you are a virgin, this month you will have your first passionate encounter. It is recommended that before taking this step be sure or secure that he does so for true love, so that he does not regret having lost the innocence and purity of the human being. And be careful these days, since the energies are in tune with motherhood and fatherhood. If you have a stable marriage, situations will arise in which you will have to make personal sacrifice. It is glimpsed that you or your partner will have to make a long trip and temporarily separated from your family to go to work.

- Health - Month of July 2018 - Leo -

In the health, Moments of care are coming in respect to health. In this cycle, he may have a lack of control in the nervous system, something that he inherits. Some may suffer sexual impotence.

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Leo 2018
Your Future from July to December

LEO (23 of July - 22 of August)

Phrase for Leo:

"The King never dies poor."

Leo 2018 - Forecast for the summer 2018
(Third trimester)

Summer 2018 Prediction

For the months of July, August and September, you tend to be aggressive and you feel that they are making war, you must wake up to defend yourself. There can be difficulties, problems such as fights, arguments that tend to destroy relationships. Be especially careful with the treatment you give your parents or your boss. You must take care of the embers and the fire and of the hot and sharp objects. Try not to get hot and not get angry, because you have the embers on top and can bring you a tragedy caused by your own hands. You must be careful with an enemy inside your house. Beware of betrayals, because they may be cheating or using you in a relationship or business relationship. You are advised to seek help from a medium because you have the tragedy on you.

In the labor aspect you get a period of fulfillment of goals and objectives, you will have multiple activities, although for some of the Leo will be the opposite. After the end, the beginning will come. For this period you achieve other positions, you will have a slow but safe recovery if you remain active. You can not leave unfinished the activities that you start, be persistent and persistent, this is a characteristic that identifies you. If you have a job, make sure you prepare well to stand out and be the best, do not do the activities of others, each one carries his own cross and you must fight for your things. Speak what they say and say what they say against you, you will always be victorious. If you are a man and you are working, around you there is a woman of great power and hierarchy who can help you improve. Propose goals and fight to achieve them, looking for the solution that leads to the achievement of your goals. In this period, you can request a salary increase, salaries, you will be granted. The trips are auspicious during this time.

Have a special attention in September, since your projects may be paralyzed and bring you delays in the fulfillment of your goals. Use that happiness you have to find a way to solve things. You can close a door but you open many others. On your way you will be presented with great opportunities, do not hesitate to take advantage of them to avoid stalling and losing money. If you are invited to a meeting you attend it, you can get good results in general.

In love, When your mood is much more cheerful, you should be especially careful with the inclinations to misbehavior, if you are married or avoid extra-marital relationships, rather enjoy your family in this period of prosperity, because although you like the freedom, Leo, you are a very paternal or maternal person but you do not show it. Bachelors and singles will get a couple.

In the health, If you are a woman you can get pregnant, but you must take care of yourself because they announce diseases in the womb. You must take care of the blood of problems by excess of ingested fat. Check your cholesterol and triglycerides, take care of your stomach and check with a doctor those ailments in the legs, knees or feet that may be presented. If you have suffered an illness or operation, do not make nonsense so you do not relapse again.

Leo 2018 - Forecast for autumn 2018
(Fourth trimester)

Autumn Forecast 2018

For the months of October, November and December, you will see the fall of a large enemy, of a powerful enemy. Do not move, do not change jobs, you will generate losses in the case you do during this period. Look where you walk, do not go to have to suffer as a result of a slip. Be careful with arrears in rent or rent, because you can lose your house.

On the job, What you decide to do in this period will be very productive, as the saying goes: "you reap what you sow." If your actions are aimed at achieving your goals, it will be. On the other hand, if you do not intervene in order to achieve the execution of your objectives, you will not see them fulfilled.

In love, if you are married, the happiness and harmony that you had until now can alternate with moments of quarrels, misunderstandings, setbacks with your partner and you can put your relationship in danger, act with rectitude. Singles must define their emotions well, at the moment they will have temporary illusions and can confuse them with true love, but those relationships will not last long. If you have any doubt, however minimal, believe it, that is not the ideal person, end and wait for the end of the year, then you can appear that person you are waiting to share your life.

In the health, You are recommended to have routine medical check-ups. Take care of the sight. If you are sick of something happened previously, of the belly, of the liver or of the stomach; You must do a spiritual work, so that your evil does not take strength. Beware of colitis and constipation.

Leo 2018: Summary of the year.

1In this 2018, the natives of Leo They will be able to feel like owners of the world, they will like to be right and that even if they do not have it they will shine and end up being the center of attraction. However, you must act with meditation and criteria, especially with your giving quality, look well to whom and how much you will donate your assets.

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