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Libra Horoscope

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Daily Horoscope of Libra
Tuesday, 17 by Julio 2018

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Data for the sign of Libra Today, 17 by Julio 2018

Regent planet: Venus

Element: Air

Lucky number for today: 62

Color for today: Brown

Stone for today: Agate

Horoscope for Libra Today, Tuesday 17 for Julio 2018

Librans will be marked by changes, decorations and everything that makes life more pleasant and harmonious, take advantage of this period and build what you always wanted to have, the house of your dreams can now become a reality, congratulations! The physical part will make them renew themselves and they will seek to transform their appearance. Some will seek a deeper and deeper spiritual life.


Libra Daily Horoscope - Work -

The professional and commercial relationships will be strongly activated, the workers will have the support of the bosses, and the entrepreneurs will increase their sales. The unemployed will be finding safe niches where to work, in general, the work area looks calm for this sign.


Daily Horoscope Libra - Love -

Cupid could be very naughty in your workplace, and you can shoot an arrow at someone in power or be your boss.

For the married. Buy furniture for the home, share with your partner the process of choosing what you like. These things, although small, are what feed your relationship and make it stronger.

For singles. You break the routine. Love is a difficult feeling to understand.


Daily Horoscope Libra - Health -

Check your digestive tract since your irritability and anxiety is affecting them. The older librans must be aware of their bones and their fears. Combat your doubts, have confidence in yourself and strive to keep your goals clear, so you will achieve that goal you are looking for.

Rune of Today

The Rune of the Day for Libra

rune of today EHWAZ

The Horse, the Advance

EHWAZ is the routine of controlled change, always positive, the horse symbolizes the journey and the relationship of trust between man and beast. The runes that accompany it will indicate the nature of the trip, whether it is a lasting professional relationship or a long-term affective commitment. Invested does not necessarily lose its positive effects, but depends on the other runes, if these are favorable, EHWAZ will also be. Otherwise, it will be harmful. Although it is known as EH or EOH. Here we have preferred his Germanic name to avoid confusion.

Today Shaman Council

Daily Advice of the Shaman for Libra

The shaman recommends today for Libra: In case of pain in the bones, the infusion of willow bark is recommended. This bark is an excellent anti inflammatory and anti rheumatic.

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Libra Weekly Horoscope
Del 15 al 21 de Julio

Phrase for Libra for the week of the 15 to the 21 of Julio 2018

"So much goes the pitcher to the source, that in the end it breaks."


Libra do not be stubborn during this week. If you get advice from older people, or from those who have more experience in certain things, consider them to avoid making mistakes frequently, because if they do it is because they care about you and do not want you to make the same mistakes, so take these tips into account and you will avoid many headaches for what is coming.

Libra Weekly Horoscope - Work -

At work, you have the freedom to do things based on your intelligence and experience, but you must be aware of those who want to take advantage of what you do, and want to throw all the burden on your shoulders of their own tasks . Do only what corresponds to you, according to your position and position within your work environment. Everyone should do their job, since they will not pay you more for doing the work of others. If you are looking for a job, sell what you are capable of doing and your own qualities to the person who interviews you, do not offer yourself to do what you do not know how to do or it is out of your own knowledge, however desperate you may be.


Libra Weekly Horoscope - Love -

In Love, this week in the sign that beings tell us, comes out represents the watchful head. It speaks of the liberating force, of ideas, whether positive or negative. This means that you must be aware of your relationship, your good or bad actions will have a direct effect on the person you love. Follow your hunches and these will indicate the steps to follow. It also tells you not to get carried away by revenge, if you see situations of betrayal, act with justice, morals and intelligence. Do not let yourself be carried away only by feelings in these cases.


Libra Weekly Horoscope - Health -

In Health, if during this week you have to lift an exaggerated weight, there is a possibility that you get a hernia. It is preferable that you do not lift any weight, to avoid later complications.

Monthly Forecast
July 2018

Phrase of the Month for July for Libra:

"Ear does not pass head."

1Libra, in the month of July disappointment is perceived, nothing you plan is going well, and this has to do with spiritual entities that may be interfering with your path.

Spirits say that some of those born under Libra's zodiacal house have the faculties to see and converse with them. If so, do not be afraid and go to consult a person who has knowledge of the supernatural, to teach you what you have to learn. Put flowers to your deceased relatives and send them to do mass for them. Pay attention when crossing the corners, because you may be following the steps.

- Work - Month of July 2018 - Libra -

On the job, they may want to betray, humiliate, misplaced, perhaps because of some mistake they have made in their work, but do not worry in this aspect it will be well spent.

- Love - Month of July 2018 - Libra -

In love, a dispute is presaged with your partner for monetary shortcomings that do not allow you to cover the basic needs of your home. There is talk of delays in the payment of services, notices of eviction for not paying the rent on time. First of all, it is necessary to control emotions and avoid episodes of violence, make a schedule of income and expenses, establish priorities to catch up and reign harmony in the home.

- Health - Month of July 2018 - Libra -

In the health, the diversity of problems that have been presented to him and the multiple worries, are making him suffer from insomnia. Organize your life, make a list of all negative situations and evaluate what the possible solutions would be. The one who has more stability in his life will be able to fall asleep more easily.

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Libra 2018
Your Future from July to December

Libra (September 24 - October 22)

Phrase for Libra:

"Your house is the home of everyone except yourself."

Libra 2018 - Forecast for the summer 2018
(Third trimester)

Summer 2018 Prediction

For the months of July, August and September, you see a dispute over a property that was taken from you, prepare yourself legally to recover it, because they want to deceive you with the signing of that document. Do not tell your secrets and intimacies to anyone, you are not recommended to move, in this period the changes are bad

On the job, You will get someone to help you solve a situation that is going to be presented to you. You will find that helping hand that you long for, but be careful with some problems at work that will be presented to you by someone with a mustache, not very tall. He will ask you to cover something or someone, do not do it as they consider you a bad friend or a traitor. Do not hesitate not to do so since you must take care of your backs, so you do not have problems with your superiors. You, although you consider yourself intelligent and wise, rarely take the right path. You have had or will have a loss of money for your bad decisions. Be very careful, because if you do not put your batteries you can be dismissed from work.

Affective, If you are a woman, you will be very passionate and you will tend to have several lovers, be very careful and control your sexual desires, do not be so risky. If you are a man, you are going to be partying, you like to have fun in any way, and this can cause arguments with your wife if you have one.

In the health, You must be aware of lung diseases. You may have problems with memory loss, psychosis or schizophrenia. If you are a woman you can suffer from unstable blood pressure, menstrual dysregulation or digestive diseases.

Libra 2018 - Forecast for autumn 2018
(Fourth trimester)

Autumn Forecast 2018

For the months of October, November and DecemberIt is a time of spiritual and economic evolution or of great changes in life. A trip is sponsored outside of your country. However, beware of betrayals, of hidden enemies, do not get involved with illicit activities because you can end up in jail.

At work, the time for a change comes, if they offer you another job, accept it. If you manage well, you will not have needs, you will have abundance, but be careful who you give money to, so you are not recommended to do so.

In love, by leading a disorderly life on an affective level, you are a suffering person, you are what your heart really feels. It is time to focus and decide if you want to be stable with a person who loves you, accompanies you and indulges you in everything or continues from flower to flower.

In the health, pay attention to meals, some can hurt you and generate problems with your stomach. If you are a woman, you can have injuries in the womb, visit the traditional doctor or, if you prefer, a naturist, or a sorcerer, to suggest purifying drinks.

Libra 2018: Summary of the year.


In this 2018, people born under the sign of Libra, they think that they lack everything, they think that they lack support in life, because who they counted with is no longer in their lives. You do not like to be alone, you always need someone to follow your own steps, because you are like a ship adrift, but in reality that feeling is only in your head, because most of the time you have someone and that is you do not get stability in one place. You must walk from one side to another, but in turn this favors you to succeed, because if you stagnate, you lose. The beings that feel attraction for the vices say, for the hidden thing, you feel anxiety for the sinful thing although you do not demonstrate it or you do not do it.

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