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Horoscope of Pisces

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Daily Horoscope of Pisces
Monday, 16 by Julio 2018

horoscope today pisces

Data for the sign of Pisces Today, 16 by Julio 2018

Regent planet: Neptune

Element: Water

Lucky number for today: 83

Color for today: Red

Stone for todayAmethyst

Horoscope for Pisces Today, Monday 16 by Julio 2018

Go to a paradisiacal beach and connect with that spirituality that characterizes you. Take the adventure as a regular during these days, because it was time to undertake new challenges. To swim in descocidas waters, which should not always be bad. If you focus on the new paths you undertake, you can find the route to success, which for so long had been elusive to be found. This sign, ruled by Neptune, leads to an irascible temperament, which is capable of demolishing everything in its path when it annoys and irritates. Therefore, it is good to learn to control anger, to see clearly the opportunities that are presented.


Daily Horoscope Pisces - Job -

You will have to replenish expenses and do extra hours at work, in order to solve things. Organize your finances. The universe takes a long time warning you about this particular, do not expect to be punished for your wrongdoing. Betting and winning in chance. In the labor area, everything is predicted without changes or novelties. In some cases, there will be some discomfort from overwork, but sometimes, it is better to have a lot than not to have it. Be ready to take your well-deserved vacation.


Daily Horoscope Pisces - Love -

The love for the Piscians is fundamental. Their need to be pampered and loved makes them very sensitive beings. Your partners must be loving and tender.

For the married. You want to go have fun.

For singles. You have many suitors and pretendientes, you are going to devote to defoliate the margarita to make a decision.


Daily Horoscope Pisces - Health -

Take care of dizziness and falls on the street, avoid bruising due to falls. If you feel bad, do not leave home alone, ask to be with you.

Rune of Today

The Rune of the Day for Pisces

Today's rune isIS
The Ice, Preservation

The main attributes of IS, such as delays in work or distancing in affective relationships, may be temporary difficulties, since IS can not be reversed. The runes that accompany it will indicate what will be the true aspect of his life involved. If they are runes linked to the affective field, it is advisable to be careful and act accordingly.

Today Shaman Council

Daily Advice of the Shaman for Pisces

The shaman recommends today for Pisces: In case of bruising in any part of the body, it is recommended to use arnica ointment.

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Weekly Horoscope Pisces
Del 15 al 21 de Julio

Phrase for Pisces for the week of the 15 to the 21 of Julio 2018

"He who does not hear advice, does not get old."


Pisces, it is expected that your sign enters the wheel of life, in a spiral of a good day and another evil. You are not sure if you must finish, finish or destroy something at this time. You have a lot of control over yourself and your actions. You are exhorted at this time to sit down to meditate and write what you are doing wrong, and decide what you really want to get and be in life.

Weekly Horoscope Pisces - Job -

At work, although your income is being good and stable, realize that what you have today, tomorrow you may need. That is why you are recommended to open a savings account, to be able to protect you from possible austerity days that may arise in the coming future.


Weekly Horoscope Pisces - Love -

In Love, if you have a partner now, it is time to start working together, both your partner and you, to achieve the goals that you proposed and that are still inconclusive. Make that trip of pleasure that you had planned, make the arrangements in the house that you still have pending. If you are still single or single, making a trip to another country will be beneficial, since you can find a good partner.


Weekly Horoscope Pisces - Health -

In health, pay special attention to electricity, as a problem with the current is coming, or with a lightning storm, which can cause serious damage to your health, or even lead to death.

Monthly Forecast
July 2018

Phrase of the Month of July for Pisces:

"You just do not live, nobody gets to big without help from the little ones."

1For Pisces the month of July, is when debts are paid, not only talk about paying money, also to pay their saints, their dead, if you have them. To pay for bad things he has done, time for confessions. If you have homosexual inclination and you have not yet expressed it to the world, it is the propitious moment to talk about your sexuality, with your family and your friends. Some will reject it, but the beings say that they will also find the right people to help them face society, and they will feel very good.

- Work - Month of July 2018 - Pisces

On the job, they radiate positive energy to start a business. It will go very well with the sales of some product, good or service. You should only be careful not to mention your projects to many people, because they may try to harm you. Only those who will be part of your business should be aware of their plans.

- Love - Month of July 2018 - Pisces

In love, If your mother is alive, take care of her a lot since there is a dark shadow over her. A love triangle is foreseen. If you are married or married, you will be attracted to someone else. Avoid infidelity so you do not run out of sheep or wool. If you are single or single, the adventures will be favorable, but take your precautions.

- Health - Month of July 2018 - Pisces

In the health, may have infections in the throat, tonsillitis or allergies. It is recommended to take some type of vitamin complex and have honey and chamomile in your pantry to counteract the adverse effects at the time they arrive.

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Pisces 2018
Your Future from July to December

PISCIS (20 for February - 20 for March)

Phrase for Pisces:

"The air makes the vulture."

Pisces 2018 - Forecast for the 2018 summer
(Third trimester)

Summer 2018 Prediction

For the months of July, August and September, harmony is glimpsed to match the logic of things. Keep the patience to think and expect things to arrive in due time. Pisces he goes to other lands to work.

On the job, you are told of knowledge with good profits, in many of your activities the hand of God directs you. The worst enemy is yourself, do not blame others, check yourself and analyze yourself inside, your negative and contradictory thoughts do not let you move forward. Since you do not like to be governed or accountable to anyone, do your job well done and in time to avoid setbacks.

In love, Sadness is predicted for this period because of a serious illness of a member of your family. You can get to know that your partner is unfaithful and you will want to corroborate it with your own eyes.

In the health, diseases of throat infections, ulcers, polyps in the uterus, rashes of the skin are perceived. Get medical treatment.

Pisces 2018 - Forecast for autumn 2018
(Fourth trimester)

Autumn Forecast 2018

For the months of October, November and December, it is time for confessions, for requests. You must clarify your most intense spiritual inclinations, here religion is born, define your religious vocation. If the church catches your attention, you must decide if you want to be a Nun or a Priest. If your attention is directed to hidden forces, consult with a sorcerer, drainer, santero, baba lao or any spiritualist that is available to you and can guide you the way you should follow in this aspect.

On the job, you are told that things are step by step and not rushed, since disorders of a mental nature can occur, because of the despair that businesses do not work as you wish. And that happens because you are a malicious person, who often makes a fool of himself to know more.

In love,If you are a woman, you are risky for all your things, sometimes it goes well, like so many times it fails. You are more determined than your husband, if you have it, that is, in the house who takes the reins is the woman.

In the health, be very careful when you cook or you are near the fire, do not go to have a burn. Visit a cardiologist, as you may suffer an injury or disease in the blood vessels of the heart.

Pisces 2018: Summary of the year.

1In this 2018, Pisces, you can see that you live in fantasy, you have many good ideas but you do not exercise any, you dream that fortune will fall from the sky without having to make any effort. You count a lot with others and do not act to define your destiny. You know great things through small details, put logic in all your things and you will see that, although slowly winning battle after battle, in the end you win the war. Remember that the processes in your final stage are slow but with a good rebirth. Leave the indecision in your head. Visit the sea, there you will find the stability you need. Even if you are a little skeptical, you receive help from beyond. The more you just sit down, the better accompanied you will be.

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