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Honest and Free Horoscope of Pisces

For those born under the protection of Neptune, the fishes of the Pisces zodiac sign, here is your horoscope to be able to search and consult for free what the future holds for today, for this week, month and year. So that you can consult the best prediction for topics such as love, both for the couple and if you are single or single, as if you are a man or a woman. You can also check how your business, work or the flow of money can affect you on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis, as well as other topics of great interest such as health, family, friends or colleagues. job.

We offer you with your daily horoscope your lucky number, your lucky color for the day, the mineral stone that offers protection for the indicated period, as well as the daily rune that will give you a better understanding of your future, and the invaluable advice from our shaman. Without forgetting the phrases that will guide you during the week, the month and the year and they will remind you what are the predominant notes for your prediction.

You will also find your special section for your zodiac sign of Pisces, in which you will find notes to delve more into the knowledge of your own sign, the characteristics, your psychology, your way of relating to the other signs of the zodiac, the things you like you hate, and a multitude of items that we are increasing day by day. Do not leave any without reading!

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Pisces Diary Horoscope
Friday, 17 of August 2018

horoscope today pisces

Good luck for Pisces today, Friday, 17 August of 2018

  • Lucky number for today: 81
  • Color of luck for today: Beige
  • Protective mineral stone for today: Pyrite

Horoscope for Pisces Today, Friday, 17 for August 2018

You will be in search of better opportunities. You will request the help of an elderly woman with a high position, she will support you. Go ahead do not give up. Remodeling at home Pints, change the curtains. Buy some pretty flowers and put them in the center of your room, this will give harmony and beauty to the environment. Try to go out for a few days in the tranquility of a river, or a beach place to rest, moments of relaxation very pleasant. Enjoy them, because you deserve them.

Horoscope Daily Pisces - Work -

You ask for the boss's help to get better wages. At your workplace, place the figure of a rooster on the desk, that will ward off enemies. Try to get a rooster that is lead. This metal represents the sobriety of the strong spirits and drives away the bad vibrations of the contrary spirits. Do not comment your projects out loud, the walls have ears. Avoid playing the role of victim and also avoid maintaining negative moods.

Horoscope Daily Pisces - Love -

For the married. The routine is playing havoc with your relationship, you must put magic and spend more time with your partner.

For singles.You pair with a person of very good economic position.

Pisces Daily Horoscope - Health -

Caution with analgesics and medications, as they may be contraindicated. Prone to poisoning. Do not self medicate yourself with laboratory drugs. It could be very dangerous. If you have any doubt, do not think twice and contact your family doctor.

daily rune

The Rune of the Day for Pisces

rune today lagu

Water, Intuition

The unpredictable waters of the northern seas were a constant threat to the Scandinavian peoples. LAGU warns of the dangers inherent in the journey of life. The fluidity of the water, dominated by the Moon, symbolizes the restless thought, the intuition and the psychic powers, also the presence of an artistic nature. Inverted is an unfavorable rune, whose detrimental effects are only mitigated by the more decidedly positive runes. Water spreads rapidly: an immediate measure must be taken to control the situation.

Daily shaman's advice

Daily Advice of the Shaman for Pisces

The shaman recommends today for Pisces: In case of any drug poisoning, it is best to go to the doctor immediately. Once you have the line in your hand. You can help by taking a natural serum based on carrot, salt and sugar.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope
From 12 to 18 August from 2018

"That one who wants will make more that the one who can."

Phrase of the week for Pisces, by YayaNtala
Horoscope Week Pisces

Pisces, the supreme entities recommend that this week you should be very careful to take care of the things you have and not only the material, also the employment, your partner and your children, because although the energies are positive for you, you are surrounded by many envious people who are only waiting for you to neglect to steal what you have accomplished so much effort and sacrifice.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope - Work -

At work, do not boast of what you have or what you know because nobody likes to see beautiful eyes on someone else's face, there are those who show you a face of friendship and joy for your achievements at work, but inside they are full of envy and rancor because they were not decorated in any position or event.

Unemployed ?, Do not worry it is predicted that this week you can receive a very good job proposal, yes, in the interview do not be presumptuous or boastful to be taken into account.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope - Love -

In love, certain inclinations are predicted by vices and fantasies regarding sexuality, if you are married or married, you will want to have adventures in the street forgetting your responsibility in the house, control that fire that will prevail in your being and rather go and look for your husband or wife, get out of the routine and make love as you have never done before.

Still single? stop being so stubborn or stubborn, it is because of your stubbornness that you have not found a lasting relationship, sometimes other people may also be right not only you.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope - Health -

In health, discomfort is predicted at the level of sight, you may get to feel headache and may be associated with increased eye strain, consultation with an ophthalmologist.

Pisces Monthly Horoscope
August 2018

horoscope month pisces

"The dissatisfied and renegade, has the ways truncated."

Phrase of the month of August for the sign of Pisces, by YayaNtala

Dear Pisces, in August, luck will smile on you. You can play lottery tickets so you have extra money. Your paths are open to find the good things, you must think with wisdom and intelligence to follow the right course, and you can take advantage of the good fortune that brings you this month.

Pisces Horoscope for the Month of August 2018 - Work -

On the job, if you are employed, you will receive a proposal to supervise a project, especially if you are in the construction area. You will be in charge or in charge of completing the remodeling of an establishment. Take advantage of that position, since everything will turn out well and you can be promoted for your well-crafted work. If you do not have a job, there is an entrance of extra money that you do not expect, which is given by a celestial help.

Pisces Horoscope for the Month of August 2018 - Love -

In love, if you are married or married, it is expected that you will have to make a great personal sacrifice, and a lot of perseverance, to overcome the challenge you face. It may be because your spouse is away because of work, or to care for a sick family member, and you will have to take care of all household responsibilities alone or alone. You will demonstrate the great love you feel towards your partner. If you are single or single, August will be a month that you will use to work on achieving your dreams. If you like music, practice until mastery so that you become famous. You will not be thinking about having sex as a priority, you should expect better for it, since what you really want is to find true love

Pisces Horoscope for the Month of August 2018 - Health -

In health, you are predicted some situations of increased body temperature, as well as an increase in heart rate and breathing. This is the body's reaction to an infectious disease. These events can be flu-like processes or colds, sore throats, ear infections or also urinary tract infections.

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Pisces 2018
Your Future from July to December

PISCES (20 from February - 20 from March)

Phrase for Pisces:

"The air makes the vulture."

Pisces 2018 - Forecast for the summer 2018
(Third trimester)

Summer 2018 Prediction

For the months of July, August and September, harmony is glimpsed to match the logic of things. Keep the patience to think and expect things to arrive in due time. Pisces goes to other lands to work.

On the job, you are told of knowledge with good profits, in many of your activities the hand of God directs you. The worst enemy is yourself, do not blame others, check yourself and analyze yourself inside, your negative and contradictory thoughts do not let you move forward. Since you do not like to be governed or accountable to anyone, do your job well done and in time to avoid setbacks.

In love, Sadness is predicted for this period because of a serious illness of a member of your family. You can get to know that your partner is unfaithful and you will want to corroborate it with your own eyes.

In the health, diseases of throat infections, ulcers, polyps in the uterus, rashes of the skin are perceived. Get medical treatment.

Pisces 2018 - Forecast for autumn 2018
(Fourth trimester)

Autumn Forecast 2018

For the months of October, November and December, it is time for confessions, for requests. You must clarify your most intense spiritual inclinations, here religion is born, define your religious vocation. If the church catches your attention, you must decide if you want to be a Nun or a Priest. If your attention is directed to hidden forces, consult with a sorcerer, drainer, santero, baba lao or any spiritualist that is available to you and can guide you the way you should follow in this aspect.

On the job, you are told that things are step by step and not rushed, since disorders of a mental nature can occur, because of the despair that businesses do not work as you wish. And that happens because you are a malicious person, who often makes a fool of himself to know more.

In love,If you are a woman, you are risky for all your things, sometimes it goes well, like so many times it fails. You are more determined than your husband, if you have it, that is, in the house who takes the reins is the woman.

In the health, be very careful when you cook or you are near the fire, do not go to have a burn. Visit a cardiologist, as you may suffer an injury or disease in the blood vessels of the heart.

Pisces 2018: Summary of the year.

In this 2018, Pisces, you can see that you live in fantasy, you have many good ideas but you do not exercise any, you dream that fortune will fall from the sky without having to make any effort. You count a lot with others and do not act to define your destiny. You know great things through small details, put logic in all your things and you will see that, although slowly winning battle after battle, in the end you win the war. Remember that the processes in your final stage are slow but with a good rebirth. Leave the indecision in your head. Visit the sea, there you will find the stability you need. Even if you are a little skeptical, you receive help from beyond. The more you just sit down, the better accompanied you will be.

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