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    Honest and Free Horoscope of Pisces

    For those born under the protection of Neptune, the fishes of the Pisces zodiac sign, here is your horoscope to be able to search and consult for free what the future holds for today, for this week, month and year. So that you can consult the best prediction for topics such as love, both for the couple and if you are single or single, as if you are a man or a woman. You can also check how your business, work or the flow of money can affect you on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis, as well as other topics of great interest such as health, family, friends or colleagues. job.

    We offer you with your daily horoscope your lucky number, your lucky color for the day, the mineral stone that offers protection for the indicated period, as well as the daily rune that will give you a better understanding of your future, and the invaluable advice from our shaman. Without forgetting the phrases that will guide you during the week, the month and the year and they will remind you what are the predominant notes for your prediction.

    You will also find your special section for your zodiac sign of Pisces, in which you will find notes to delve more into the knowledge of your own sign, the characteristics, your psychology, your way of relating to the other signs of the zodiac, the things you like you hate, and a multitude of items that we are increasing day by day. Do not leave any without reading!

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    Horóscopo para el Día de Hoy de Piscis Martes 18 de Septiembre de 2018

    horoscope today pisces

    The Good Luck Factor for Pisces Today

    • Lucky number for Pisces today: 32
    • Color of Luck for Pisces today: Gold
    • Mineral Stone of Luck for Pisces today: Pearl

    Día que puede marcar el inicio de una etapa de grandes posibilidades de prosperidad y bienestar, pero también de contradicción las situaciones no se producen como son planificadas, sino que se presentan de improviso, manifestándose en la forma de viajes breves, encuentros fortuitos, situaciones fuera de contexto….

    Si recibes estos cambios de manera positiva te refrescará internamente. La familia en este periodo jugará un papel muy importante, deberán estar muy unidos y apoyándose unos a otros, situación con uno de tus hijos creara una gran tensión. Todo se solucionará.

    Horóscopo Diario de Piscis -Trabajo y Dinero-

    Tu naturaleza muchas veces te ha colocado lejos del dinero ya que tu manera de ver la vida ya que tu manera de ver la vida no es materialista. Muy interesante tu actitud despegada a los bienes materiales., pero si la llevas demasiado lejos pudieras estar alejando magníficas oportunidades de desarrollo afectando tus finanzas.

    En tu caso es fundamental que hagas un trabajo con el que te sientas satisfecha espiritualmente, aunque no ganes tanto como en otro. Se te presentarán grandes oportunidades.

    Horóscopo Diario de Piscis -Amor para Parejas y Solteros-

    To Lyou married. El éxito de tu relación conyugal dependerá mucho de ti, situaciones que ya terminaron por tu comportamiento pasado. Vive el presente.

    For singles. Si estuviste indeciso o terminaste una relación sentimental recientemente, te encuentras en el mejor momento para volver a entregarte al amor, si él toca a tu puerta, ábrela.

    Horóscopo Diario de Piscis -Salud y Bienestar Físico-

    No pierdas de vista que tu salud depende mucho de tu actitud mental y en estos momentos es fundamental que tengas todos tus asuntos en orden para no complicarte innecesariamente. Porque tu cuerpo responde rápidamente a tus actitudes mentales. Si logras calmar tu mente, superarás las afecciones que se te presenten.

    Daily Rune for Pisces

    rune of today ken

    The Torch, Recovery

    KEN is a positive rune, which contributes to recovery, whether in health or business matters. Once the recovery is complete, KEN offers protection by associating with the gods of fire, Mars and the Sun. This combination confers special powers and suggests great sexual activity and strength. When it coincides with communication runes, KEN activates creative inspiration.

    Today's Chaman Council

    Our Shaman's Day Advice for Pisces

    The shaman recommends today for Pisces: Ante las tensiones que te embargan y que influyen en tu salud, naturalmente, deberá emplear técnicas de relajación y meditación para neutralizar las. Deberás hacer es espacio cotidiano para disipar el estrés al que está sometida.

    Horoscope for Pisces Week From 16 to 22 for September

    "Fear and respect are two very different things, disturb them."

    Phrase of the week for Pisces, by YayaNtala
    Horoscope this week for the sign of the zodiac of Pisces

    Fear is fostered, respect is earned. By intimidating the people around you, you will not win to be respected. Your actions, your behavior, the way you treat those around you, is what will make people give you the place you deserve. Earn respect and do not threaten, because there is no big enemy, no small enemy, enemy is an enemy, it will not be that you get shot by the butt.

    Pisces Weekly Horoscope - Work -

    At work, a particular situation is predicted in your work environment, with a fat woman, short stature, long hair. This one will feel an obsessive attraction with you. If you are a man, she can create a serious problem in your family, it is recommended that you not enter your life for any reason, it is more, avoid even the greeting if necessary, no matter what they say poorly educated. However, if you are a woman, that person can use your friendship to know all your secrets, both work and personal and you can use them against you, because she is an envious and very bad woman, identify her and get away.

    Without employment, look in a veterinary shop, or where they sell articles for animals, because that's where your work opportunity may be. For these days take advantage, because it will be temporary, the permanent for you will not come yet.

    Pisces Weekly Horoscope - Love -

    In love, the adrenaline, dopamine and oxytocin that your body secretes when you have sex makes the feeling of joy is very high, is what allows you to feel excited and more attached to your partner. So to get out of the problems you have with your husband or wife, go to bed and make love without barriers, so that the hormones take care of turning them into a happy couple. This way you will have the capacity to solve the situations that are affecting the harmony of your home.

    Single or single, if you keep living in a world of fantasies, it will not be easy for you to develop in the real world, where everything does not go the way you want, where not everyone will be willing to please you, where the songs will not always be pleasant. It is recommended that you begin to mature as a person, face your responsibilities so that when the prince or princess comes into your life, you have something to offer.

    Pisces Weekly Horoscope - Health -

    In health, problems are predicted at the level of the stomach, gases that will complicate you and embarrass you in carrying out your daily activities. Beings recommend that you maintain a balanced diet, rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins.

    Pisces Monthly Horoscope September 2018

    monthly pisces horoscope

    "Listening to what the other raises without prejudice encourages an adequate coexistence."

    Phrase of the month of September for the sign of Pisces, by YayaNtala

    Pisces, where are you going? You are wandering from one place to another, without direction, you are lost, you will feel that the days pass and you are isolated. Step on the brakes, shake the body, breathe deeply, sit down to think, first what you want to be and / or do, then plan how and when you should do it, consider also the influence and consequence that would have to do what you are thinking, about everything for the people that are by your side and that you care about you and / or that you care about them, I am only giving you an orientation, so that you give meaning and direction to your life, because in coming and going they are going your years of life and you can not get to have the realization as a human being, if you do not stop to think and then act but with a goal, a goal, a destination.

    Pisces Horoscope for the Month of September 2018 - Work -

    In the labor, if you are employed by the distracted fitness that you can get to have these days, the activities and obligations that you must carry out will have a certain degree of errors, that if you do not want to correct them, they can affect your good work performance , so much so that you can receive calls for attention from your superiors or even dismissal, so it is better to react and focus more on the performance of your tasks at work. Unemployed or Unemployed, say the beings that in September you will get a point of support, you have a vocation to develop yourself as a spiritualist that you did not know yourself, you can use that gift to ask higher entities to help you find the job you deserve , that will bring you fortune and prosperity to your life, your spiritual guides will clothe you and will not let you suffer misfortune.

    Pisces Horoscope for the Month of September 2018 - Love -

    In Love, married or married, both in a marriage relationship and in life itself, we must consider the opinion of other people, because we are not alone in the world, say the beings that you should listen to the advice that your partner gives you for that they can maintain harmony, and the existence in the home becomes more pleasant, there is nothing more beautiful than feeling the satisfaction of arriving home and breathing calm, peace and harmony, receiving the attention you deserve, that there is flexibility, agreements and respect, as the phrase of the month for piscis says "Listen to what the other raises without prejudice encourages an appropriate coexistence", marriage is a contract and is made between two partners in equal parts. Singles, you can see the perfect fulfillment in September, if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, take care if you do not want to get pregnant yet, if you still do not have a candidate as a life partner, the perfect person can appear for these days, so watch carefully and if you feel the butterflies in your stomach, you have found it.

    Pisces Horoscope for the Month of September 2018 - Health -

    In Health, discomfort is predicted at the level of the shoulders, the neck, you may get to feel headache or migraine, it may be a product of physical fatigue, but in case it is better to ask your general practitioner to give you an order to perform the corresponding laboratory exams, so they can see and evaluate the levels of the clinical indicators that your body has, to ward off some greater evil.

    Pisces 2018 Your Future from July to December

    PISCES (20 from February - 20 from March)

    Phrase for Pisces:

    "The air makes the vulture."

    Pisces 2018 - Forecast for the summer 2018
    (Third trimester)

    Summer 2018 Prediction

    For the months of July, August and September, harmony is glimpsed to match the logic of things. Keep the patience to think and expect things to arrive in due time. Pisces goes to other lands to work.

    On the job, you are told of knowledge with good profits, in many of your activities the hand of God directs you. The worst enemy is yourself, do not blame others, check yourself and analyze yourself inside, your negative and contradictory thoughts do not let you move forward. Since you do not like to be governed or accountable to anyone, do your job well done and in time to avoid setbacks.

    In love, Sadness is predicted for this period because of a serious illness of a member of your family. You can get to know that your partner is unfaithful and you will want to corroborate it with your own eyes.

    In the health, diseases of throat infections, ulcers, polyps in the uterus, rashes of the skin are perceived. Get medical treatment.

    Pisces 2018 - Forecast for autumn 2018
    (Fourth trimester)

    Autumn Forecast 2018

    For the months of October, November and December, it is time for confessions, for requests. You must clarify your most intense spiritual inclinations, here religion is born, define your religious vocation. If the church catches your attention, you must decide if you want to be a Nun or a Priest. If your attention is directed to hidden forces, consult with a sorcerer, drainer, santero, baba lao or any spiritualist that is available to you and can guide you the way you should follow in this aspect.

    On the job, you are told that things are step by step and not rushed, since disorders of a mental nature can occur, because of the despair that businesses do not work as you wish. And that happens because you are a malicious person, who often makes a fool of himself to know more.

    In love,If you are a woman, you are risky for all your things, sometimes it goes well, like so many times it fails. You are more determined than your husband, if you have it, that is, in the house who takes the reins is the woman.

    In the health, be very careful when you cook or you are near the fire, do not go to have a burn. Visit a cardiologist, as you may suffer an injury or disease in the blood vessels of the heart.

    Pisces 2018: Summary of the year.

    In this 2018, Pisces, you can see that you live in fantasy, you have many good ideas but you do not exercise any, you dream that fortune will fall from the sky without having to make any effort. You count a lot with others and do not act to define your destiny. You know great things through small details, put logic in all your things and you will see that, although slowly winning battle after battle, in the end you win the war. Remember that the processes in your final stage are slow but with a good rebirth. Leave the indecision in your head. Visit the sea, there you will find the stability you need. Even if you are a little skeptical, you receive help from beyond. The more you just sit down, the better accompanied you will be.

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