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    Sincere and Free Horoscope of Taurus

    Dear Tauranos, for those of the zodiac sign of Taurus, for the children of Venus, for those Bulls. We present this section where you will find your horoscope for this magical zodiac sign, where you can check your horoscopes for today, for each week, the current month and this crazy year that we are going through. You will also find the wise indications of our shaman for you, as well as your rune of the day, in addition to the great indications for love and the couple, for money and work, for your health and my personal indication for the daily, weekly horoscope , monthly and yearly.

    You will also find information for your personal lucky number, the color that you should see accompanied for the day, your mineral stone to protect you, as well as phrases which you should remember for each week, month and year, as they will help you remember easily the trend that currently exists.

    After the horoscopes for the sign of Taurus, you will find our tickets that will help you to better know your zodiac sign, the characteristics of Taurus, how the rest of the signs see you, your own psychology and many more entries that will be interesting for you . Do not forget to consult them!

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    Horóscopo para el Día de Hoy de Tauro Martes 18 de Septiembre de 2018

    horoscope today taurus

    The Good Luck Factor for Taurus Today

    • Lucky number for Taurus today: 24
    • Lucky color for Taurus today: Yellow
    • Mineral Stone of Luck for Taurus today: Topaz

    Cada quien tiene su punto de vista y sería difícil definir quién tiene la razón. No todo el mundo puede pensar de la misma forma que tú, debes aceptar que todos somos distintos y podemos reaccionar de distinta forma eso no los hace menos ni más. Trata de aceptar a los demás tal cual son.

    Te sientes muy cansado, deberás combatir cierta tendencia a la pereza e inacción que pudiera mantenerte ocioso en momentos en que deberías estar desplegando gran actividad. Si empiezas a fortalecer tu voluntad diariamente, levantándote un poco más temprano y realizando un programa de ejercicios físicos, podrás alcanzar las metas que te has propuesto. ¡Ánimo! ¡Manos a la obra!

    Horóscopo Diario de Tauro -Trabajo y Dinero-

    El tiempo de Dios es perfecto y todo llega a su justo lugar. Nada para última hora. En tu trabajo tendrás el reconocimiento que desea, pero sin remuneración económica adicional Y esto te mostrar a un poco. Es el momento propicio para empezar a buscar otras posibilidades de empleo. Todo llegará oportunamente.

    Horóscopo Diario de Tauro -Amor para Parejas y Solteros-

    To Lyou married. Aumento en la intensidad de tu amor conyugal, demuéstrale a tu pareja que cuando amas y eres correspondida eres capaz de entregarte sin reservas.

    For singles. Has estado orientado a la búsqueda y a la conquista, pero en estos momentos te sentirás más relajado, tranquilo y confiado y podrás ver la vida con mayor optimismo y seguridad de ti mismo.

    Horóscopo Diario de Tauro -Salud y Bienestar Físico-

    Deberás vigilar mucho tu alimentación porque hay una fuerte tendencia a ingerir alimentos saturados en grasa o elevados en calorías y esto sólo te llevará a la obesidad, con todas las consecuencias negativas que puede ocasionarte esta enfermedad.

    Daily Rune for Taurus

    rune today ger

    The Harvest, Justice

    GER predicts that the fruits of the work carried out will be obtained. However, since it can not be reversed, it also has a negative meaning. For example, it is possible for GER to predict the consequences of past errors. GER, which represents the seasons of the year, also portends favorable changes, a new job or sentimental partner. GER is governed by Mercury, and indicates the presence of legal issues and the consequent paperwork. Like crops, this requires patience.

    Today's Chaman Council

    Our Shaman's Day Advice for Taurus

    The shaman recommends today for Aries: Cuídate de enfermedades de transmisión sexual. No permitas que un momento de pasión ponga en peligro tu vida, tampoco te expongas a embarazos no deseados que te lleven a tomar decisiones drásticas.

    Horóscopo para esta Semana de Tauro Del 16 al 22 de Septiembre

    "The light of the clear moon, gives clarity to all."

    Phrase of the week for Taurus, by YayaNtala
    This week's horoscope for the zodiac sign of Taurus

    Thanks to your faith and perseverance, your requests have been heard. Your clear desires, those that come from your soul, from your heart, what you really want, in this cycle can begin to come true with the help of divine providence. But do not go to sleep, just do not just ask, you must make things take the course you need.

    If you want to find a good job, do not forget to submit your curriculum vitae in companies, if you want to improve your health, do not stop taking your medications, if your heart longs for true love, do not stay locked up at home, go for a walk, Visit the album with friends, because you do not know when, or where, they will be waiting for you.

    Taurus Weekly Horoscope - Work -

    At work, discipline is an art, it must run through your veins to want everything to go well by instinct, that everything is perfect, without errors, to make the routine tasks in your work do not become boredom for you. When you achieve that, you will become an example for others who are beginning their working life. Many doors will be opened to you, you will be able to ascend easily with ease, even if you are not the most capable. If you are disciplined, you will reach the top.

    Unemployed, you are disoriented, you yourself do not know what is best for you. You have studied so much that your brain is tired and you have not yet found the occupation that meets all your needs, that apart from generating income to live, also fill you as a person, as a professional. There is a trade-off between winning well and feeling good about what you do. It is a bit difficult to recommend what you should do, because it will depend on what you want. If what you are looking for is financial freedom, you must dedicate yourself to something that gives you good short-term income, like setting up your own business. But if what you want is to develop yourself as a professional in your area, you will have to adapt your quality of life to a salary.

    Taurus Weekly Horoscope - Love -

    In love, a week full of passion. The energies in the environment will affect your hormone levels. If you are a man, testosterone will make your manhood more anxious every day. If you are a woman, progesterone levels will be high, so take the opportunity to show your man what you can do in bed. Go out and share a different night, very passionate.

    Single or single, it is anticipated that you are entering a period of disappointment. You can feel bad with yourself, for the actions you have taken the last days. You feel that you have lost your way, tired of suffering when trying to find love. You have made mistakes and you repent, the most healthy thing for you is to forgive yourself, find within yourself your inner peace.

    Taurus Weekly Horoscope - Health -

    In health, a week where your health will be stable. You only have to take care of what you consume, since a lot of fat or a lot of salt will be able to generate problems of triglycerides, cholesterol and hypertension in the future.

    Monthly Taurus Horoscope September 2018

    monthly taurus horoscope

    "There is no way for peace, peace is the way."

    Phrase of the month of September for the sign of Taurus, by YayaNtala

    For the month of September there will be a balance between positive and negative energies, that is, the power to guide the course of what you decide to do during this period is yours alone, if you have a project in mind, plan the activities to do and put yourself to work on achieving your objectives, both specific and general and have the certainty that you will achieve your goal, now if on the contrary, you have many projects in your head, but do not plan, much less act, obviously you will not go all right. According to the sign that goes out for Tauro in the month of September, getting money will not be easy, but it will not be impossible either, you will have to get down to work, a move is also predicted, maybe from home, from work, from work, it is convenient those transformations so that fortune visits you and stays in your life.

    Taurus Horoscope for the Month of September 2018 - Work -

    In the workplace, the high and good performance you have in the performance of your activities at work, have their secret, do not divulge, you can teach the basics, you can tell them what, and why you do things, but never tell them the how, everyone has their way of working, and yours is only yours, problems are predicted at work level with one of your bosses, apparently a woman, expose your point of view in relation to the situation that is being discussed, but treat it always with great respect, that is one of your qualities, act with diplomacy, and you will see that everything will be solved without major consequences. If you are still looking for the path to greatness, towards job stability, let me tell you that in September you will be able to find what you are looking for, only that you should strive and not lose patience, be constant, if one door closes, and another, and another , continue, do not tire of touching, because the door that will open will be the one that will take you to the top.

    Taurus Horoscope for the Month of September 2018 - Love -

    In Love, some of those born under the sign of Taurus will receive in September the blessing of seeing a new member arrive in the family, the house will be full of joy, tenderness and much love, God will bless them all with the arrival of that little person, who with your very presence will also help to unite the family and friends who for little significant reasons were upset, and may give way to forgiveness and reconciliation, happiness will radiate your home, congratulations. If you are not among those who will receive a baby in your home, it is expected that there will be ups and downs with your partner, you should be in charge of harmonizing the opposite energies, so that you achieve balance in your relationship, speak when you have to speak and keep quiet When you consider it appropriate, remember that not always the caller gives, is just waiting for the right moment to present their ideas. Those who are still looking for love, September will not be your month, remember that you must have patience and think that love will come to you when you are ready to let it enter your life forever.

    Taurus Horoscope for the Month of September 2018 - Health -

    In health, unfortunately I must predict that the sign that dominates Taurus with regard to health, is the rod of health, speaks that you will need support to walk, points out that you may have to visit the hospital and that if you do not take care of the consequences They can be dire. Send the beings to do a work at the foot of a saint or a spirituality, to cleanse you and free you from diseases, if you believe in the occult, plan a visit to a sorcerer or sorceress, to guide you to do . You must take special care not to lift weight, avoid spinal injuries or a hernia, if you get to feel discomfort or pain, do not hesitate to visit the doctor.

    Tauro 2018 Your future from July to December

    TAURUS (20 for April - 20 for May)

    Phrase for Taurus:

    "If you do not give me my place, it's sure to be taken away from me."

    Tauro 2018 - Forecast for the summer 2018
    (Third trimester)

    Summer 2018 Prediction

    For the months of July, August and September, you, Taurus, you will have a spider web in your mind, your thoughts are not clear. Bathe with sunflower petals, so that no enemy can make you lose the good things that your Taurus sign holds during this period. Even if you do not believe it, you have spiritual gifts. If during this past time you have had a legal problem, it is the right moment to resolve this situation and get away with it. If you are a woman, you can get pregnant and have an albino child, which will be respected by all.

    On the jobIt is a good time to look for promotions, a better position in the workplace. Everything you plant now in this field will be good, the business you do in this period will be prosperous. You will have a good performance in your job, you highlight your own brightness, believe in your hunches, believe in your intuition. Get away from dark-skinned individuals, as there will be a dark-skinned person who will propose a business to you; do not accept it so you do not lose your money or your prestige. Look at who you ask for advice and recommendations, because not everything they tell you will be true. Analyze situations yourself, and have your own criteria. In your work, be aware of a powerful enemy, since there is no big enemy or small enemy, simply if it is your enemy, it can hurt you.

    In loveBeware of passional mess, control your burning instincts over the flesh, avoid being unfaithful. If you have never had children, you will have a girl and your daughter will be protected by supreme beings. For singles who want to find that stability with a partner, this period is indicated to get married, you are really asked to be patient with the preparations, because everything will come out as you expect.

    In the health, beware of blood diseases such as diabetes, leukemia or low or high hemoglobin. If you are a woman, you will be prone to suffer from the uterus, ovaries, fibroids, fibroids and / or menstrual decontrol. You must also be alert to not suffer sinusitis. Attentive with small cuts and strange objects in sight.

    Tauro 2018 - Forecast for autumn 2018
    (Fourth trimester)

    Autumn Forecast 2018

    For the months of October, November and December, you, Taurus, you should avoid getting into trouble, beware of embers and hot objects, as well as sharp objects. You must not manipulate firearms, do not walk at night in the forest, since you can see an unusual phenomenon, it is predicted that you may be doing witchcraft, sorcery with black magic, to damage your job. Seek help to get rid of that situation. A family mourning is coming. You must worry about taking things more calmly. You are advised not to eat eggplant, so you can fall asleep, as well as to sleep with a purple garment. You should not visit the sea during this period.

    For a good job performance, study and prepare yourself so that you can have answers to all the questions they ask you in your work, because they will try to discredit you and embarrass you. Do not trust anyone, the one you think is your best friend is your worst enemy.

    In love, you are warned that for these times you can have problems with love relationships from your past. What you thought was over, is not like that. That person is still thinking how to hurt you, be especially careful about it.

    With regard to health, for this period they continue to warn you about blood and skin diseases. Take many vitamins and natural remedies, and above all, consult a naturopath or your doctor.

    Tauro 2018: Summary of the year.

    Tauro 2018 Annual ForecastFor this year 2018 It is necessary that Taurus wake up, if you have any problem do not go to sleep because that is synonymous with dying. Stop letting other people come to hurt you. Your passive and submissive attitude makes you vulnerable at this time. A break with your friends is coming, the one that today praises you tomorrow can destroy you. Try not to wear costumes or masks before people, so you do not show something you're not really; Do not assume that others understand who you really are. Your friends criticize you and yet they give you a false friendship, stay away. You must organize your life so that you thrive, make plans, establish priorities and fulfill them. If you believe in the supernatural, do spiritual cleansing and perform prayers, since the negative energies are like a cyclone that arrives and destroys everything. You will be left with nothing, if you do not turn your life around. It is recommended that you do not mistreat animals, especially dogs, preferably do not have them as pets.

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