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    Candid Horoscope and Free Virgo

    Welcome, born under the sign of the zodiac of Virgo, to your corner to search and consult the horoscopes of today, this week, month and year, in which you can find the best predictions about love, both for couples and singles , of work and money, as well as of health. You can also visit in the consultations the daily, weekly, monthly and annual projection of the general life, family and friends, which will undoubtedly serve as a great reference for decision making.

    We also offer you the support of the rune of the day for your zodiac sign, as well as the advice of our Shaman for the improvement of situations. Concerás the number of the daily luck, as well as the color of the luck that you must carry over, so much with a garment or object, in your day to day and the mineral stone of protection that will serve you to scare away any evil during the indicated moment .

    We offer you some useful tips or guides so that you can better know your sign of the Virgin, so that you know through the own piscology of your sign, the characteristics, your way of loving, the compatibilities that exist with your sign and many things more in our curiosities section of your sign. You can not miss it!

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    Horoscope for the Day of Virgo Today Thursday 20 of September of 2018

    horoscope virgo today

    The Good Luck Factor for Virgo Today

    • Lucky number for Virgo today: 27
    • Color of Luck for Virgo today: Brown
    • Mineral Stone of Luck for Virgo today: Turquoise

    You should stay calm and not be carried away by the anguish and collective stress. Try to reserve some time for reflection, inward search, you could learn a lot about love issues, therapies and health, both in a physical and psychological sense. Planetary combinations continue to aspected good order and organization.

    Beware of facing your interests with those of other people who are in your care or around you. Act with prudence, but also with compassion in this way you will be combining two great positive qualities.

    Horoscope Virgo Diary -Work and Money-

    You must maintain an open and receptive attitude for the changes that are taking place in your finances .... Change of work, position, physical location ...! Even career! At all times, consider that your word, the way you express yourself, is a formidable weapon to achieve what you want and that represents an improvement in your economy. If business has been going well for you now, it will get better.

    Daily Horoscope of Virgo - Love for Couples and Singles-

    To Lyou married.Your conjugal life will not know in boredom this month, your partner will break it with routine and it will give you many surprises, very pleasant, love is present.

    For singles.Do not let others tell you what you have to do, much less who you have to love, only you know what you will do and only you can do it.

    Daily Horoscope of Virgo - Health and Physical Wellbeing-

    You may be experiencing certain discomforts at the stomach level. This is due to the apparent lack of control between your hours of food and your hours of rest.

    Daily Rune for Virgo

    rune today eolh

    Elk, Protection

    On occasion, EOLH is associated with the goddess Freya and her protective necklace, Amber. It may indicate that the consultant is in a favorable period, but also warns of possible setbacks in the not too distant future. The symbol of EOLH is shaped like an elk and symbolizes the hand that drives away problems. The protection it provides is physical and spiritual. Inverted, EOLH, suggests vulnerability, and not only in a physical sense, be cautious in the workplace as well. In the domestic sphere, do not rely on good looks.

    Today's Chaman Council

    Our Shaman's Day Advice for Virgo

    The shaman today recommends for Virgo: Increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables you consume daily and eliminate saturated fats from your diet. Truthful almost immediately how to improve your health.

    Horoscope for the Virgo Week From 16 to 22 for September

    "When you want a position, you give way to bribery."

    Phrase of the week for Virgo, by YayaNtala
    This week's horoscope for the zodiac sign of Virgo

    Days in which sadness will be present in your life. Your beautiful eyes can fill with tears, tears of suffering for a lost loved one, tears of disappointment for not having achieved a goal, tears of deep pain. I regret not being able to help you to avoid feeling sad this week, what the beings of light advise you is that you do not lose faith. If you are a devotee of a saint, ask for strength to face the suffering that you may have to face these days. Lean on your friends, family and loved ones, so you can comfort yourself and recover soon.

    Virgo Weekly Horoscope - Work -

    At work, you will receive an unexpected visit in your work area. It will be like an inspection of governmental entities. If you work in a restaurant, the health inspector may come as a surprise, so whatever your area of ​​work, try to comply with all the rules, policies and laws, so that you, as well as the company for which you work, do not have problems and leave well standing in the visit. It complies with hygiene standards, use all safety equipment according to the activity you perform, keep the work area clean and tidy, always do so you are well evaluated.

    Without employment, put a candle to the saint of your devotion. If you do not have any specific, put it to your guardian angel. It can be any color, but preferably white. Ask him to clear the roads where you are going to travel, to put you in front of you, a good job opportunity, that you can expect good income and that it be lasting.

    Weekly Horoscope of Virgo - Love -

    In love, if you have teenage children, you will feel that their behavior will bring out green hairs. Keep your eyes open, especially with narcotic substances. Watch what they consume, be attentive to the companies they have, but do it discreetly so you do not feel that you are invading your space. Advise them, that is part of your responsibility as a father or mother, luck.

    Single or single, one of the adventures you'll have can leave you with a pregnancy. If you are not prepared or prepared to be a father or mother, it is better to take care of yourself if you have to put a little dog in the air, because the days are given for reproduction.

    Virgo Weekly Horoscope - Health -

    In health, back pain is predicted. Be careful if you have to lift weight, if you must do it by obligation in your job, use a belt to take care of your back and spine.

    Virgo Monthly Horoscope September 2018

    monthly virgo horoscope

    "The challenges and challenges of life require effort to overcome them."

    Phrase of the month of September for the sign of Virgo, by YayaNtala

    In a world full of sins, corruptible and saturated with vices, Virgo finds it difficult to walk the right way, as the Bible says there are two ways the wide and spacious by which everyone can go easily, without worry or restrictions and the small and narrow in which not everyone can pass without fulfilling certain requirements, the decision is made by you, the important thing is how you feel as you walk the path you have chosen, happiness is not at the end of the road, if not, during the same, as long as you feel good about what you do and demonstrate to society that you are a good person, then you have chosen correctly. September will bring you many surprises, higher entities predict you expiration of diseases, achievement of objectives, strength of love.

    Virgo Horoscope for the Month of September 2018 - Work -

    In the labor area, for those who still do not have a job, check the conditions in which your portfolio is, it is possible that it is broken, if so, it is necessary that you do a spell with it, so that business and jobs can get to you during this month of September, talk to a spiritualist to tell you what to do and get out of that stalemate you have for now. At your place of work, someone will give you something to keep it, you must be very careful with these things because it can be a trap, maybe they want to blame you that you have stolen and could have problems with justice, so It is better that you do not accept to save anything to anyone, avoid inconveniences, and if you already have something from another person saved, please do not have it because as I said there are shady airs around that thing.

    Virgo Horoscope for the Month of September 2018 - Love -

    In love, a corrupted marriage is seen, disrespect between parents and children, this period denotes instability, there are days when love is born, everything seems to go well, but there are other days when arriving at home is like arriving at a noisy factory in which you must use lid-ears, the house is full of strange people, there are always parties, dances, but with vices and vulgar acts included, they are not healthy parties, it is urgent that if you are the man or woman of the house, you make a real transformation, beginning by changing your actions, you are destroying your life and that of your loved ones too, if you consider it necessary, seek help with a psychologist, with a marriage counselor, someone specialized so that you can overcome that crisis and create a home full of harmony. Single or single, there are those who take advantage of your innocence, people with bad intentions who only want benefit for themselves, even more if you are a woman, men only seek to please their sexual desire and then leave you with a broken soul, be very careful because they can make you a proposal that will sound very beautiful but it is not what it seems, if you accept you see a lot of suffering, be calm that when true love comes to you, it will not disguise pink, sometimes without painting popcorn the air is more durable.

    Virgo Horoscope for the Month of September 2018 - Health -

    In Health, the stomach of Virgo tends to be delicate, so it is convenient that you assist with the nutritionist, to indicate a diet that you should follow, so that you keep your stomach healthy and avoid discomfort, intestinal gases, which do not let you perform your daily tasks normally.

    Virgo 2018 Your Future from July to December

    VIRGO (23 of August - 23 of September)

    Phrase for Virgo:

    "The death of the young man is a canoe that is shipwrecked in the middle of the river."

    Virgo 2018 - Forecast for the summer 2018
    (Third trimester)

    Summer 2018 Prediction

    For the months of July, August and September, the trips are favorable in this period, but try not to make them at night. If you go to the sea it will be beneficial, the sea frees you and cleanses you of diseases, you are recommended to bathe with watermelon, so that you finish giving that job you so desire, it is already at your doorstep. Ask your mother for blessing, you like this, a person of power helps you.

    The energies will reward you during this period, you will no longer be undervalued, they will take you into account, especially in the workplace, you will be benefited by your high creativity and efficiency at work. To be totally successful, do not get involved in illicit activities.

    In love, You are a closed person who shows your feelings at your convenience, in order to take advantage of other people. Stop being stubborn and open your heart to whoever you think deserves it.

    In the health, it is suggested that you visit the doctor for a general check-up, for your own stubbornness of not wanting to go to the doctor you can go to bed for an illness or even lose your life. You are predicted to have memory loss, vision, heart, or liver problems. such as a cirrhosis. Be careful when jumping holes, climbing ladders or high parts, to avoid falls that fracture your bones.

    Virgo 2018 - Forecast for autumn 2018
    (Fourth trimester)

    Autumn Forecast 2018

    For the months of October, November and December, you are predicted negativity, death is looking for you, the hole is open to take you. The most advisable thing is to make a radical change in your life, or to move to other lands on a spiritual level, so you can continue walking in this world of the living. You have material and money losses due to carelessness, however you recover it later, so you should not complain so much; your luck comes and goes like the waves of the sea, and is that you do not have permanence, you must feed yourself with your hands so that prosperity can arrive with stability to your life. You have a problem that you could not get out of, your head goes around a lot, leave your arrogance to clarify your ideas.

    On the job, you will have economic losses, there will be times when you will feel that everything you do goes wrong and is that it is the result of your disorderly actions, have more discipline in your job, and if you are unemployed, give yourself the task of looking for it, because they will not come to you look at the door of your house. Your lack of decision will lead you to be incompetent in your work, you must study but above all, you must determine a path to follow, so as not to move from one place to another.

    In love, If you are a man you can be involved in problems because of relationships with a virgin woman.

    In the health, because of your high work activity you are suffering from stress. Go to nature and give yourself a few days of rest, not necessarily your health problems are treated with traditional medicine, use natural treatments. There is a disease in bed that can lead to death.

    Virgo 2018: Summary of the year.

    virgin 2018 annuall predictionIn this 2018, Virgo, you let yourself be dominated by your emotions, you are looking for advice because emotionality has destroyed your capacity for reasoning, this brings destruction and failure. If you do not seek guidance you will continue to be lost, thinking one thing, saying another and doing something totally different from the previous ones. Living blind in life, you can become a beggar because of your bad head. Your addiction to alcoholic drinks makes you lose position. Try not to make fun of people with disabilities, so that it never happens to you. It is recommended that you set a course to follow to get out of that labyrinth where you currently are.

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