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Virgo Horoscope

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Daily Horoscope of Virgo
Sunday, 22 by Julio 2018

horoscope virgo today

Good luck for Virgo today, Sunday 22 Julio 2018


  • Lucky number for today: 62
  • Color for today: Beige
  • Stone for today: Agate

Horoscope for Virgo Today, Sunday 22 for July 2018

Stability, you are opening yourself to new things that will give you great benefits. Approach everything that is good and stay away from everything that is bad, it is a simple formula. Innovative things will come for you, thank the universe for the wonderful gifts it gives you at this stage of your life. You must make your center in the here and now, do not worry about what happened or will happen, that was yesterday. Today is today, live the present. A friendship will come out of your life, there will be a certain conflict that will mark you, but what has to go away, leave.


Virgo Daily Horoscope - Work -

Purify your spaces with tangerine incense to increase your income. Favorable period for the job you are looking for, you must send your resume. Applications In your place of work you will enjoy recognition and your colleagues will celebrate you in the office. Your bosses will make a meeting to join a firm, and this will bring you many benefits.


Daily Horoscope Virgo - Love -

For the married. You connect in such a way with your partner that you become one. Joys with the family Visit of loved ones.

For singles. You must have patience, everything comes at the right time. Nostalgia for someone from the past


Virgo Daily Horoscope - Health -

Great weight gain, will be bringing different discomforts, a complete check-up and a visit to a nutritionist would be the most successful. A daily walk accompanied by low impact exercises will be very favorable.

Rune of Today

The Virgo Day Rune

rune of today ken

The Torch, Recovery

KEN is a positive rune, which contributes to recovery, whether in health or business matters. Once the recovery is complete, KEN offers protection by associating with the gods of fire, Mars and the Sun. This combination confers special powers and suggests great sexual activity and strength. When it coincides with communication runes, KEN activates creative inspiration.

Today Shaman Council

Daily Advice of the Shaman for Virgo

The shaman today recommends for Virgo: A preparation of laurel tea, with cinnamon and parsley, is an ideal assistant in the treatment to lose weight. So, if you are in the process of losing weight, this preparation is the most appropriate for you.

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Virgo Weekly Horoscope
Del 22 al 28 de Julio

"Sometimes losing is winning."

Phrase of the week for Virgo, by YayaNtala
virgo week horoscope

These days, Virgo will be in search of itself, to obtain the peace of mind it needs. The day-to-day hullabaloo, the routine, and the vicissitudes that are presented to you, make you feel that you have lost the path, and that is why today you are reading these lines, trying to find a guide that allows you to feel at peace. You can find that guide in your ancestors, you must attend to your deceased loved ones, go to the church and send them to mass, and / or visit the cemetery to put candles and flowers to guide and take care of you.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope - Work -

In the labor area, changes are coming that are pushed by unknown forces. If you adapt easily, it will be beneficial, because while others will be complaining about the events, you will take advantage of the opportunities in your new functions, and your superiors will consider you for positions with greater responsibility and, therefore, better economic benefits. . If you are unemployed, it is time to make a change of look, dye and cut your hair, change the style of your dress. Yes, even if you do not believe it, seeing yourself well will increase your self-esteem, and you can radiate positive energy in an interview that ends with the signing of a work contract.


Virgo Weekly Horoscope - Love -

In love, Virgo, this week you're on the defensive, you look like a soldier ready to go to war. Everything your wife or husband does or says makes you angry for no apparent reason. Everything bothers you, if you are hungry and do not get fed in time, you get in a bad mood; If you want to go somewhere and you can not for any reason, you get angry in such a way that you hurt those who are by your side. Control that character, so you do not make those who love and love you suffer. Singles and singles, it is recommended that you do not talk or divulge about the morals of people with whom you have had temporary relationships, we are all imperfect human beings and we are not God to judge.


Virgo Weekly Horoscope - Health -

In health, it is predicted that you will not feel very well, a discomfort in the throat will make you end up in a doctor's office. If you are going to take pills on your own, that are only free-selling analgesics, to avoid complications.

Monthly Forecast
July 2018

Phrase of the Month of July for Virgo:

"Dead King, Crown Prince."

1Virgo, July will be the beginning of energy flexibility, means that today you can feel a good mood and the next day wake up bitter with internal anger for unknown reasons. It is recommended that when you feel anger for no apparent reason, take time to breathe deeply, relax, pray, pray with your hands together, because when the hands come together and touch the palms of each other, you get the shine of the ancestors. To hear the petitions, ask God to clarify your mind, body and heart to start again and face with positive energy the situations that arise in that day.

- Work - Month of July 2018 - Virgo -

In the work area, this month the levels of inexperience prevail. It is urged to have consistency in the performance of their work, because the skills and abilities are not only acquired by reading a book, and it is useless for someone to teach it to you if you do not practice it many times.

- Love - Month of July 2018 - Virgo -

In love, You will receive a visit from a family member very dear to you and who is far away, this person will tell you good news, bring happiness to your home and once again luck will smile on you.

- Health - Month of July 2018 - Virgo -

In the health, pay attention in public bathrooms that are not properly cleaned. Do not use them because you can catch an infection, especially if you are a woman. Remember to take the medications that are indicated for the stomach and thus avoid discomfort, reflux or pain of it.

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Virgo 2018
Your Future from July to December

VIRGO (23 of August - 23 of September)

Phrase for Virgo:

"The death of the young man is a canoe that is shipwrecked in the middle of the river."

Virgo 2018 - Forecast for the summer 2018
(Third trimester)

Summer 2018 Prediction

For the months of July, August and September, the trips are favorable in this period, but try not to make them at night. If you go to the sea it will be beneficial, the sea frees you and cleanses you of diseases, you are recommended to bathe with watermelon, so that you finish giving that job you so desire, it is already at your doorstep. Ask your mother for blessing, you like this, a person of power helps you.

The energies will reward you during this period, you will no longer be undervalued, they will take you into account, especially in the workplace, you will be benefited by your high creativity and efficiency at work. To be totally successful, do not get involved in illicit activities.

In love, You are a closed person who shows your feelings at your convenience, in order to take advantage of other people. Stop being stubborn and open your heart to whoever you think deserves it.

In the health, it is suggested that you visit the doctor for a general check-up, for your own stubbornness of not wanting to go to the doctor you can go to bed for an illness or even lose your life. You are predicted to have memory loss, vision, heart, or liver problems. such as a cirrhosis. Be careful when jumping holes, climbing ladders or high parts, to avoid falls that fracture your bones.

Virgo 2018 - Forecast for autumn 2018
(Fourth trimester)

Autumn Forecast 2018

For the months of October, November and December, you are predicted negativity, death is looking for you, the hole is open to take you. The most advisable thing is to make a radical change in your life, or to move to other lands on a spiritual level, so you can continue walking in this world of the living. You have material and money losses due to carelessness, however you recover it later, so you should not complain so much; your luck comes and goes like the waves of the sea, and is that you do not have permanence, you must feed yourself with your hands so that prosperity can arrive with stability to your life. You have a problem that you could not get out of, your head goes around a lot, leave your arrogance to clarify your ideas.

On the job, you will have economic losses, there will be times when you will feel that everything you do goes wrong and is that it is the result of your disorderly actions, have more discipline in your job, and if you are unemployed, give yourself the task of looking for it, because they will not come to you look at the door of your house. Your lack of decision will lead you to be incompetent in your work, you must study but above all, you must determine a path to follow, so as not to move from one place to another.

In love, If you are a man you can be involved in problems because of relationships with a virgin woman.

In the health, because of your high work activity you are suffering from stress. Go to nature and give yourself a few days of rest, not necessarily your health problems are treated with traditional medicine, use natural treatments. There is a disease in bed that can lead to death.

Virgo 2018: Summary of the year.

virgin 2018 annuall predictionIn this 2018, Virgo, you let yourself be dominated by your emotions, you are looking for advice because emotionality has destroyed your capacity for reasoning, this brings destruction and failure. If you do not seek guidance you will continue to be lost, thinking one thing, saying another and doing something totally different from the previous ones. Living blind in life, you can become a beggar because of your bad head. Your addiction to alcoholic drinks makes you lose position. Try not to make fun of people with disabilities, so that it never happens to you. It is recommended that you set a course to follow to get out of that labyrinth where you currently are.

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