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Leo Weekend Horoscope | 22 to the September 24

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Leo weekend horoscope

September 22 to 24

Just keep your lips closed on Friday morning and you will stay out of trouble. With the empty-of-course Moon, what you say may not be what others hear, so do not even lose your breath. During the next four weeks, you will have plenty of time to tell your story with the Sun energizing your communication zone and encouraging many impromptu visits with relatives, neighbors and friends. With the secret Scorpion Moon in your domestic kingdom, only the people closest to you will be aware of your emotions this weekend. You may feel a little nostalgic, so get to a family member or a childhood friend., Leo

The Leo are going to feel very happy to be able to enjoy family and friends, but at the same time they are going to feel most overwhelmed and when they have a lot of things to do and something gets out of hand, they can very bad mood. If there is one thing that these should keep in mind, it is that, although things may go better or worse, the important thing is to do what they do and enjoy the time they have with the people they love the most.

One fact that these natives will really like is that the couple or someone very close to them will have a great deal of detail with them that can even make them cry.

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