Pound Weekend

Horoscope Weekend Pound | 22 to the September 24

Horoscope Weekend Libra CalderoyEscoba.es

Horoscope weekend Libra

September 22 to 24

You can feel out of class with the empty Moon in your sign on Friday morning, so give yourself a little more time to prepare for the real world. It is simply a moment of cosmic nervousness before the Moon changes sign. The Sun that moves in its sign marks the end of its annual period of hibernation. Like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon, you are shaking your old self and giving birth to a whole new you! How will you honor this important occasion? You may want to buy a new suit or enjoy a spa day. You will know a bargain when you see it with the moon in your money zone., Libra

This is one of the moments of the year that the Libras like most and that is when they can best enjoy family, friends, etc. Although they may be somewhat worried about the work, the fact of being able to have the family nearby at this time will be enough so that they do not worry more about the account.

Those who do not have a partner will not have time to think about it and it is that things should arrive when the time is right. For now, they will have enough with the people they have in their lives.

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