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Pisces Weekly Horoscope | 30 from October to 5 from November

Piscis Weekly Horoscope CalderoyEscoba.es

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

30 from October to 5 from November


Probably during this week you should stop insisting on keeping things the way you have been doing them for a long time. Times change, things change in the way they are made, and what yesterday could have as much value as gold, today can not be worth even the shadow it does.

It is a moment in which you have to know how to adapt to the changes that are taking place, since it is likely that during this week you will find that some things that you used to have before are missing. You must abandon a bit the feeling of belonging to the achievements that you have been reaping to make way for the thought that nothing is forever, that everything is temporary and at one time or another it will pass.

Keyword of the Week:Adaptation

In the field of health,

During this week you should let pass some small problems that you have, such as small headaches, minor scratches or discomfort that will not take you further, to be able to concentrate on some ailments that you may have deeper and that until now you may have ignored. It is a moment in which it is convenient to make a deep check in order to avoid and discard possibilities that if we neglect can reach beyond what we imagine.

Key Word in Health:Check

In the labor and economic sphere

This week you should probably be able to adapt to some changes that may be in the office, you should be a bit more flexible when accepting these changes and not denying categorically in your usual rigidity when accepting some changes, since It is likely that due to these changes you end up carrying more work than usual and can affect your daily life, especially in the reconciliation of love life with work. It is a moment in which you must take stock and find the balance between work and family.

Key Word in the Labor and Economic:Balance

In the field of love,

This week you will be full of self-confidence due to some successes you have obtained with your partner. It is a moment in which you are going to celebrate and you may go out some night, especially theater plays, cinemas, monologues and any other activity in which dialogues and monologues are performed. It's a moment of triumphalism in which you can get drunk on that feeling. You must bear in mind not to let yourself be carried away by this moment, since to believe you invincible can entail a great danger. For those who are without a partner, it is a moment in which due to excessive self-confidence you can achieve some furtive love, but it is not destined to last for long.

Key Word in Love:Self-confidence
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