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    The 5 things that Aquarius hates the most


    The five things that most hate the sign of Aquarius

    The water carrier hates with fierceness, and does not step back when it comes to preventing the people and things he loatches from gaining ground. As expected, he takes very energetic actions when changing those he hates to return his life to lands that are pleasant and manageable. We can say that before he hates, he deals with what he hates.

    1 The nostalgia
    A lover of changes (a provocateur of Change) does not understand those who look back with nostalgia and those who lament for what never happened. No: the Aquarius does not have photo albums to remember that or that moment, and they rarely tell about their yesterday. The now and the now that we can forge are his priorities. Nobody with a desire to return to the best days should be by his side, because for Aquarius, destiny is something that is built, and that does not allow room for memories.

    2 The confinement
    For Aquarians, immobility is a very serious issue. It is not like Pisces, which can travel on your mind to any place. Or like Capricorn, which adapts to any space. No: for the Aquarius, immobility is a serious threat to its very existence, whatever the reason that provokes it. Between four walls he feels burdened by terrible and heavy shackles. If life is a path, we must travel or die: that is the philosophy of Aquarius.

    3 The empty spaces
    Among the natives of Aquarius is the greatest number of people suffering from the Diogenes Syndrome. That mental illness that makes the sufferer obsessively collect objects of all kinds in his house ... And the Aquarius detests empty spaces. They seem to them deserts that reflect a soul without anything that contributes to the world. They tend to fill all their spaces obsessively, even with objects without real utility.

    4 The lack of loyalty
    As a born leader, the quality that most praises an Aquarius of others is its ability to remain loyal to a cause or a person. The traitors and the apathetic have no place in the life of the water carrier. And, of course, once you betray their trust, do not wait for a second chance.

    5 Emotional dependence
    The natives of this sign cultivate few friendships, but the relationships to which they turn have one factor in common: respect for their own spaces. For them to manifest weakness or some form of emptiness that another person must correct is enough reason to say goodbye immediately.

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