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    The 5 things that Aries hates the most


    The five things that most hate the sign of Aries

    What is it that the ram sign detests the most? The leader worker, with an indomitable spirit and always on trial, does not tolerate anything that reflects inability or carelessness. Always zagaz and responsible, this king of himself does not allow others to forget their obligations and to be resigned to a comfort zone. Nor does he like situations that reflect apathy or carelessness, because for him life is a challenge that is offered only once.

    1 People who do not return calls
    As an organized and demanding being, Aries values ​​his time and priorities very much, and simply does not tolerate that another person does not value those two aspects. Or that, much worse, is inattentive and derogatory with what Aries considers urgent. An aspect that takes special relevance when it comes to calls, emails or messages that have no answer.

    This is a very sensitive issue for the Aries, because all attention that is not returned has different meanings. The first is that the person who does not respond is distracted, incapable or rude. The second is that it does not give importance to an issue to which Aries has devoted attention.

    Who is going to return that lost time to Aries?

    2 Caged animals
    Because of its animal nature (free, excessive, wandering and adventurous) the natives of this sign feel very identified with other species, but not with curiosity or tourist superiority, if not with real compassion. They live with intensity what animals feel: their joy, their fear, their pain ...

    Therefore, they can not bear the cruelty inflicted on any animal, for whatever reason. Whether in tourist shows, laboratories or zoos, if it were in their power, they would release all animals unjustly imprisoned and tortured.

    3 The discussions that do not go to the point
    Obsessed with the loss of time, Aries can be very intolerant in all aspects, but there is one of the human relationships that leads to absolute frustration: endless arguments. They prefer what is said once, of course, and with few words.

    4 Losing transports
    Punctuality is a sensitive issue for the Aries. Essential part of an inflexible protocol, which is better to respect. And when it comes to airplanes, trains or buses, it's better to go on schedule! And if you travel with an Aries, have your luggage ready, and do not risk losing transportation, or you will know the true fury of hell.

    5 Very casual clothes
    Although he is a lover of adventure and risk, the natives of Aries do not neglect neatness and elegance. Something that comes very well to know when it comes to giving them a piece of clothing.

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