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    The 5 things that hate Cancer the most


    The five things that most hate the sign of Cancer

    What we love and what we hate defines us perfectly, especially in those born under the sign of the amphibian. Loving and home-loving, the Cancerists tell you that to all forms of uprooting to betrayal. For them the trip is over as soon as they build their home, and everything that threatens it must be banned.

    1 Infidelity
    It could not be less and one of the most loyal signs detests the idea of ​​cheating ... and of being deceived. It is not a question, it must be specified, of a purely moral position, if not of a true taking of party for the creation of a home and for all the responsibilities that it implies.

    The idea of ​​a double life that takes bellows and truth to the life that is held in the eyes of the people, seems absurd to them, because whoever serves two loves ends up loving no one. Cancer believes that putting a lifetime of work and happiness at risk does not make any sense. Not for him, who carries his house and his love on his back like medals.

    2 The visitors
    Although Cancer has his house in order and shining (it could not be less) the truth is that he does not like to have guests in case. It is not that he does not know how to be polite or a good host, but he does not like those who consider the interference of eyes and the will of others in his life, that he likes the way he is and without having to be approved by anyone. So if you have to see a Cancer, it better be at the café closest to your home.

    3 The city
    Although he likes the community, cancer natives feel very bad living in a populous and polluted environment. Their nature impels them to live in the midst of abundant flora and fauna, with direct communion with the elements and life. For them, the existence between the walls of an apartment is simply not life. So if you love one, better pack your bags.

    4 The singles
    Although they respect the decisions of others, if you have no plans to never marry or settle down, it is better to erase the Cancer that you have in your agenda, because it simply is not going to reconcile with this idea. For them a life outside the tradition and the respectability of a home does not have the slightest case ...

    5 The critics
    They are allowed to give their opinion about what others do, but they can not tolerate being told what they should have done. Criticisms, no matter how well-intentioned, enter your heart like the dagger of betrayal. So better keep them.

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