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    The 5 things that Scorpio hates the most


    The five things that most hate the sign of Scorpio

    A passionate about life and emotions as Scorpio allows himself to love and hate passionately and violently. And what is it with his hatreds, against what he does not keep from saying what he feels and thinks. Tolerance is not the best of this sign's abilities.

    1 The bad sex
    Secretly and not so secretly scorpions are considered among the masters of the bed ... if not they are convinced that they are the most refined lovers. For them every night should be a source of joy for those who give and receive ... And if not, they do not grant a second chance.

    Better to avoid pretending with them and with them, because they know thoroughly the secret mechanisms of the body, and do not take anything lightly when it comes to orgasms.

    2 Fashion
    Although elegant and careful in their appearance, for the natives of this sign, fashion embodies the loss of one's personality. Whether it's clothing, music and all kinds of trends, scorpions prefer spontaneous and original in all aspects. They value more the risk of a unique garment than the tamed charm of the clothing that is found in stores, made in chain. With them, when it comes to giving them clothes, better forget about the big firms, and bet on the originality of the small boutiques.

    3 The gossip
    When it comes to home, work or friendship, for scorpions, prestige is everything. So in the eyes of people observe a careful life free of folds or secrets. And if, in any way, they awaken the tongues of those who move around ... Better not to be the author of that indiscretion, or all the just anger of hell you will be after us.

    4 The fake psychics
    Scorpions are little given to believe in the supernatural or in other realities. However, when they are before someone who profits from the deception, they do not tolerate it or consent to it, and put all their strength into unmasking it in the eyes of others.

    5 Accusations of infidelity
    Although it is usually very little given to the fidelity in the couple (and although he enjoys the jealousy that can cause in who loves him), the scorpion hurts a lot if he is accused of being a lover of occasion for another person than his partner . It is not that it hurts him not to trust him, but that he considers adultery to be something very inelegant.

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