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    The 5 things that Gemini hates the most


    The five things that most hate the sign of Gemini

    Those who were born under the sign of the twin have many things clear about themselves: they are vast and complex, they harbor in a very comfortable way the most terrible contradictions, which are multifaceted and ubiquitous ... And for that reason their hatreds are diverse and on many occasions simply incomprehensible.

    1 Not being the center of attention
    The twins have as a symbol Jano, the one with the two faces, who laughs and cries at the same time. And that also the universal symbol of theater. It could not be more appropriate: Gemini like the stage, and be under the light of the reflectors, because they consider that they are worthy of a look and applause, in all aspects of life.

    What does someone stop paying attention to, to make it the center of their world? Tragedy and disappointment. They will never look at you in the same way. So if you fall in love with a native of the sign of the twins you better be hungry for a show, and do not close your eyes or ears.

    2 Decomposed appliances
    Gemini with hands by necessity rather than by vocation, and that translates into more than one disaster on many occasions, because they are intolerant of everything that does not work as they would like ... And as they believe that "if you want a good job Do it yourself, "because they never call the repair service, and they get down to work, with more good will than I do. The result: they hate that things break down, because they put them in a predicament from which they never succeed.

    3 The slowness
    Nothing kills a Gemini more effectively than a traffic jam or going after a person who walks slowly ... Busy twins can not tolerate others submitting to a rhythm in which (they believe) time and productivity are lost. They pass, they leave behind, they squeeze the accelerator or they scream of helplessness when the world does not know how to go with it.

    4 The pessimists
    For the Gemini defeatist attitudes are a poison for companies and projects. They move away from any person who states that a bet has the possibilities against, and leave behind those who do not want to climb the mountain because the fall is safe. There is no life without risk, believes Gemini. And he's right

    5 The adictions
    Gemini takes care of his body thoroughly, and usually conceive of all suffering as a sign of weakness. For him it is unforgivable that the excess destroys that temple of each one: it is an excess of food, drink, cigar, drugs ... Better not to raise the question in an informal chat.

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