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    The 5 things that Leo hates the most


    The five things that most hate the sign of Leo

    Kings, whether of a land or of themselves, cultivate the same loves as hatreds, and none of them cultivates them more intensely than the lion. Owner of his destiny and his battles, he is obliged to see enemies in every adverse wind, because if he is neglected, his life can come down like a house of cards.

    1 The most elegant people
    In every meeting or event, you can see how the natives of the lion sign strive to be the best dressed, the most beautiful, those who attract all eyes. This not only has to do with vanity: it is all a strategy of domination.

    Leo knows that his best currency is himself, and therefore he takes advantage of his presence. Despite his methodical preparations, however, more than once it occurs to him that someone more elegant and dazzling than he appears, and attracts all eyes.

    For Leo this is one of the worst tragedies, because it leaves him out of the reflectors that are so necessary for survival.

    2 Jealousy
    Naturally seducer, Leo finds it hard (so to speak) to choose one of the many options that love gives him. This leads him, without a doubt, to be the most unfaithful of the signs. But he wants these adventures to pass without problems or reproaches. And in this situation if there is something that does not tolerate is jealousy, of any kind and for any reason. An attack of jealousy, in fact, can serve as a reason to terminate a relationship immediately.

    3 Rejection
    Every king, as he conceives himself Leo, knows that he has natural rights (or at least he lives convinced of it). Leo is not an exception, and has the conviction that spaces and people should be delivered only because they have been desired. A "no" is, in these cases, the most serious of the offenses that can be done to the proud lion.

    4 The foreign cars
    Leo has status and everything that is related to him as one of the essential parts of life. One of the objects that for this sign concentrates all the prestige that can be gained is the automobile. And of course he wants the most expensive, the most luxurious and the newest ... but if the neighbor has it before ...

    5 Ask him for calm
    The feline nature of the Leo moves them to always be prowling, to seek the opportunities of their source, to seek their next goal. Live with intensity and without rest. And they tend to make more than one nervous. Given that vivacity, it's a bad idea to ask them for peace ...

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