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    The 5 things that Libra hates the most


    The five things that most hate the sign of Libra

    The natives of the balance sign have reasons to hate certain things and certain types of people. Some of these reasons are valid and others very questionable ... like everything that has to do with one of the most complex and disconcerting signs.

    1 The silence
    The Libras do not look kindly on people who speak softly or who ask them to turn down the volume to their music. And the natives of the balance sign hate silence. They seem a denial of life. And in a certain sense they are absolutely right.

    However, when you think of them as work or study companions, it is better to resign yourself to using the loudest music to concentrate or be more productive. And, of course, it is better to avoid going to the cinema with a Libra, because they will not be silent during the entire duration of the screening.

    2 Those that do damage to animals
    The Libra believe in balance at all costs, and therefore in Karma
    to. They do not support any form of injustice, and above all they detest the damage done to the most defenseless part of our planet. Among them is the largest number of vegetarians and militants for animal rights. They prefer to avoid those who support bullfighting, and often have more than one pet in their homes, served as a king.

    3 The adventures of a single night
    As people who seek balance, and take as much as they give, the Librans prefer to pass the passenger romances and extramarital adventures. For them it is not that there is eternal love, but that minimal states of decency must be privileged to guarantee that the world works in harmony.

    4 Bad parents
    Ideas about economics and sustainability mean that the natives of this sign rarely decide to be parents, but when they are they are examples of what a good home should be. For that reason they are implacable with those who make paternity an ordeal for their children. Among them, it must be said, is the largest number of parents and foster mothers.

    5 The mess
    Maniacs of balance, people had to be truly obsessed with order. Everything in its place and in its hour. With them it is better not to give in to unpunctuality, chaotic agendas and clothes outside the drawers. They believe that order is a reflection of the healing of mind and spirit, and they will not tolerate it for any reason. Better to get used to the idea with them in this respect, because it is a lack that they do not forgive in anyone.

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