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    The 5 things that Pisces hates the most


    The five things that most hate the sign of Pisces

    For natives of the sign of the fish, life is a continuous harmony, and it may seem that they are too busy in their contemplation to harbor hatred against something or against someone ... but we must not forget that the Pisces cultivate an intense inner life, and that powerful storms are cultivated within it ...

    1 Hatred
    When a native of the sign of the fish knows that he hates, he does not wear it at all. Like any other person, but maybe a little worse. And is that Pisces have a weak self-esteem, which is subject to the winds of approval from others. They are affected by what is said or not by them. And if what is said about them is a grudge or bad wishes ...
    The first thing he does is to question himself and his actions, rather than questioning the reasons that any other person (known or unknown) has to hate him. He does not know how to face any negative criticism, and he prefers to blame himself before acting on it.

    2 Hunger
    The Pisces, with their surrender to all kinds of pleasures and waste, do not carry well the times of lean times, and much less deprivation. Gluttons by nature can not say no to a second portion ... and do not know how to live without it. They confuse fairness with lack, and receive diets and good nutrition in a bad mood. At least with them the food is never going to be wasted.

    3 Noise
    Very sensitive, fish have the ear as the most powerful of their senses. And for that reason they take to the stridency, the shouts and the many decibels as a form of aggression. They are not made for nightclubs or to tolerate noisy neighbors. Usually quiet, you see them lose their papers and succumb to stress when they are subjected to a noisy environment or if their voices are raised for any reason.

    4 The requirements
    The best way for a Pisces to break a rule is to tell him he has to follow it. They are naturally calm, and move away from conflicts. But if something is imposed on it, they evade it like a fish that makes fun of the hook. It is not so much a matter of rebellion as of a certain natural caprice against the demands.

    5 Loneliness
    Although they are very concentrated in themselves, the natives of the sign of the fish like to feel loved and accepted. His own master is so weak that he needs this love to be demonstrated not by a single person, but by crowds. They suffer, then, of great solitude if they are not manifested of continuous admiration and love.

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