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    The 5 things that Hagitia hates the most


    The five things that most hate the sign of Sagittarius

    For the sign of the archer there are things that simply can not be overlooked, and are of very varied nature. They have a common factor these hatreds that Sagittarius can not disguise: people who do not know how to respect and invest that valuable asset called time.

    1 The waste
    Those of the sign of the archer travel light, because they understand that the adventure of life demands all our attention and all the resources that, as people, we can provide. They believe, then, in the values ​​that at the moment of truth each human being puts on the table in their favor.

    Therefore, they do not forgive seeing that someone falls into the waste of their value. By laziness or by simple apathy, by a too lax sense of self-indulgence ... For Sagittarius it means the loss of our most sacred capital, and that to lose ourselves condemns us to a life in mediocrity.

    2 Those who complain
    Very Spartan, the archer believes that certain hardnesses of life shape us. There are good privations for body and soul, consider Sagittarius, and we must submit to them willingly. Therefore, anyone who complains of ailments, deficiencies or any pain is out of sympathy, and seems a weak person and does not deserve attention. This does not go against their sense of compassion, however, but even when it helps those who need it, it does not stop thinking that there is something wrong there.

    3 Abuses against the weak
    People born under the sign of the archer conceive that force, in all its forms, not only brings advantages in life: it also implies responsibilities. The most sacred of those responsibilities is the respect of those in a more unfavorable situation. When someone commits an abuse or injustice against a person or animal in a delicate situation, Sagittarius always does something about it, without worrying about their own welfare.

    4 The lost objects
    Careful with their money and resources, the natives of this sign hope that everything yields to the maximum, in the name of the effort and the money they have invested in obtaining a patrimony. Therefore they hate to lose any of their belongings, however small.

    5 Debts without paying
    Being close to someone who presumes uncovered balances and all kinds of debts is something that can not be conceived for a Sagittarius, so fulfilled in that sense. This idea of ​​honor can lead you to leave friends and relationships. For them, all debt, regardless of its size, must be honored, because our own reputation and our sense of fairness are at stake.

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