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    The 5 things that Hater hates the most


    The five things that the Taurus sign hates the most

    The natives of the sign of the bull are patient and emotional people, delivered to the serenity that brings the job well done and the obligations fulfilled. However, and like each one of us, they have reasons to lose patience. These reasons have to do, above all, with those who fear: the lack of own capacity, neglect, lack of recognition and signals that others have neglected their duties.

    1 Not being more capable and smart
    We must say that, as a general rule, the natives of this sign have certain problems of self-esteem, because always, in one way or another, tend to take responsibility for all the bad things that happen to them, and put as a reason for their failures to its own limitations. A part of them hates themselves for not being more wise and capable, more prepared and efficient.

    Of course, it is an unfair assessment, because there is a sign that strives to give more and better in all aspects of your life that is Taurus. Our limitations are to be overcome with effort and dedication, not to underestimate ourselves and make us doubt ourselves.

    2 The disorganization
    Taurus has a curious philosophy: that the exterior reflects the interior, and that the macro is in the micro. That is to say: that our actions and events reflect how we are inside, the state of our mind and spirit. For them, signs of clutter and carelessness in a house, on the desk and in the personal aspect show that things inside are not right. The mess for them is a cry for help that, of course, they prefer not to listen to, let alone attend to.

    3 The bad kitchen
    As a good worker, Taurus is a sensorial being. Believe that love and affection are shown with gifts to the senses. And the most important of these is food: they are great chefs who know that they cook for others with their hearts. For that reason it is better that with them try only your best recipes, because a salty rice is one of the worst offenses that you can make.

    4 Public speaking
    As someone who works in the shade for others to enjoy the fruits, the bull has humility as the center of his code, and is rarely seen as the center of attention. He does not like to speak in public, and much less be in the light of the reflectors ...

    5 Being a victim of jokes
    To the bull, the better he is treated, the better he lives with him. That is why he never does to others what he would not like to be done. And, of course, expect the same courtesy from others. So no jokes at your expense, however light they may be.

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