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    The 5 things that Virgo hates the most


    The five things that most hate the sign of Virgo

    The eternal festival in which the natives of Virgo live can have a bitter end: when they come across what they feel threatens or binds them. And there are few things. The Virgos repel everything that makes life and human relationships heavy. And some of these enemies are real and others are merely imaginary.

    1. Wasting time
    For Virgos life is the most valuable good that is granted to us, and wasting it is one of the worst sins we can commit. He does not conceive any pretext that could allow us to put aside the pleasures of life. For him that time that is not spent on them that are given to us, is time lost.

    The problem is that sometimes that lost time is that it is dedicated, for example, to work or education. Virgo does not know how to distribute priorities very well, and his idea of ​​time well spent deserves a review.

    2 Poverty
    Virgo is the spirit of embodied hedonism, and does not conceive of a life without the status and pleasures that provide luxury and money. He was born for a comfortable life, which he does not always get, but for which he is willing to do everything. The idea of ​​economic limitations terrifies him, but more for practical reasons, because he believes that they mean the end of his dreams of greatness and well-being. As if the possible misery were a terrible kingdom to which he could be banished.

    3 Work badly done
    The Virgos have an intrinsic quality control, and as well as being great supervisors of what others do, they also show an irrepressible aversion for bad results, imperfect products and bad workers. If your boss is a Virgo, it is better that you comply to the 100% with your duties.

    4. Age
    The jovial Virgo see their laughter silenced by the passage of time. They do not coexist healthily with wrinkles and with the limitations that come with age (although it must be said that their appearance does not deteriorate with the passage of time, quite the opposite). These are people who, unfortunately, do not feel much appreciation for the elderly.

    5 The blame
    When an accident, carelessness and even malicious acts related to a Virgo occur, it is better to forget that he takes some responsibility or that, at least, he asks for forgiveness. Partly because of his perfectionism that makes him think impossible to make mistakes. And partly because he simply does not believe in guilt, nor does he want it. Better get down to work to repair the undone. And better not to talk about the faults that others suffer.

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