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    Powerful spell against envy


    Powerful spell against envy

    This powerful spell against envy is going to be really interesting to you, because even if you see it as silly or insignificant, envy exists since the earth became earth, so it is very difficult for you to believe and be a bit skeptical with this subject. Many people can get you to be envious, either by your partner, your job, happiness even by the hair. That is why I give you this effective protection spell so that you are no longer a victim of such malign envy.

    Materials to perform this powerful spell against envy

    Next, I put the list of materials you must obtain and have accessible to perform this spell with complete certainty:

    • 1 powder rue spoon.
    • 50 grams of dried flowers of nettle.
    • 1 red chalk.
    • 1 piece of paper.
    • 1 pencil.
    • 1 glass bottle with lid.
    • 1 red felt sachet.

    Steps to follow to realize this powerful spell against envy

    In order to perform this spell, regardless of the components that you are going to use, it is necessary that you concentrate well to differentiate what is envy that can really harm you, of what is simply competition, since if it is envy, it is a feeling so bad that it has to be nipped in the bud. While innate competition only for the fact of improving one more than the other is something that has made humanity evolve, since humanity only looks for its own good in pursuit of growth, while envy all it wants is destroy the other provided he does not follow his progress. Once you have these concepts clear, let's proceed with the spell.

    • In a container crushed red chalk, along with the dried petals of nettle flowers.
    • Add the powdered rue to the container. Put everything inside the glass jar.
    • With the pencil write on the paper the name of the person or people you know or feel you envy.
    • Fold the paper as much as you can and put it in the glass container, where you already have the other materials previously mixed.
    • With everything inside the bottle close it
    • Shake it three (3) times, so that everything is mixed, and then, with much faith and hope, you will say this spell:"That in our souls between the joy and that is left behind the envy of others that everything hurts".
    • Keep the bottle in a safe place, for 3 days, without seeing it or shaking it.
    • On the third day, remove some of this dust and place it in the felt bag. This bag of felt with powders should be carried with you at all times.

    If you liked this powerful spell against envy, if you have any questions with the materials or the preparation of the spell, if you have any suggestions, or want to comment your own experience with this spell, you have at your disposal the comments section below of this entry. We will personally attend and one by one each of your comments, with all the love of the world that characterizes us.

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