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    Practical tips to attract customers and prosperity to your business


    Practical tips to attract customers and prosperity to your business

    Below we offer some practical tips to attract customers and prosperity to your business, so that you get all the possible help offered by the energies of the universe and attract all possible attention to your business and your prosperity. Small elements can make everything come together and make your business turn the trend you have today to start to stand out above the competition and prosperity is knocking on your door overnight.

    Take into account our advice, as they are practical, easy to execute and will really give you a turn in the dynamics of your business.

    1. Take a handful of rice and lentils, then spread them around every corner of your business including the entrance to it.
    2. In business, it is important to attract good vibrations, harmony, peace, positive energy, etc. These, in turn, can be obtained through natural plants, which is important to realize that they do not reach the ceiling, since in one way or another they influence the progress of the business. If a plant reaches the roof, this symbolizes the growth of the roof, and when you reach a ceiling, as the ceiling provides, your business will not grow any longer and it will stay stagnant, and its care is important. This must be delicate, since the plants should never have a dry leaf, otherwise the business will lower its sales.
    3. If you take into account the advice of plants, never have a cactus or plants with thorns in your business. Remember that every sharp object is subject to discord, fights, deceptions and bad energies.
    4. Following the line of the plants, to avoid the bad energies and influences in your business, place beautiful carnations and place them in a clear glass vase, with very clean water, at the entrance of your business. These will collect all the negativity of your business, making it prosper every day more.
    5. If your business is food, you are starting and you still do not rain a large clientele, take the leftovers of the first day of your customers' food, and in the afternoon give it to eat the birds near your business. This way your clients will not only return, but also they will be accompanied by new clients, which will fill your successful business with prosperity and abundance.

    If you have liked these practical tips to attract customers and prosperity to your business, have any questions about any of them or want to comment on your own experience, do not hesitate to leave your comments. We will personally attend to resolve any questions or comments you have.

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