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    Aquarius Psychology

    The sign of Aquarius is the group energy in which each individual performs the function of circulating energy.

    The function of Aquarius (and house XI) is to flow the energy so that it reaches everyone equally. Hence the figure of a person who carries a pitcher with water to others.

    The psychology of the person of Aquarius is related to what is beyond one, since what motivates him is the group, what unites the group, what gives meaning to the group.

    The sign of Aquarius is full of freedom and independence. The person of Aquarius needs to move without ties, without constraints. Aquarius is free-you can not own it-direct, transparent. It is a sign detached par excellence.

    People with abundant Aquarian energy (Sun, Moon, Ascendant or several planets in the sign Aquarius) or many planets in the house 11, they are moved by hunger in the world, people in need, the imbalance of social classes, etc.

    Everything that links people of different personality, thought, nationality ... is of interest to you. He likes to interact with people of all kinds. It is the large-scale intercom.

    And there we see the Aquarian who collaborates in an NGO and humanitarian activities, gets into yoga classes and singing groups, is interested in ecology associations, seeks international relations, is passionate about the Internet, etc.

    It is true that the Aquarius are mental (air sign) and it seems that they have no feelings, but they are very different from the signs of water. His is not to dive and express in contact with emotion, but to sensitize himself from above, from a detached place that gives them more vision and objectivity.

    Aquarius Sign: Creativity and madness

    The sign of Aquarius has Uranus as its ruling planet. Aquarius and Uranus have the quality to get out of the logical, the usual, the expected, thus enabling the new.

    Aquarius is the inventor, the genius, the crazy, the revolutionary, the eccentric, the one who throws an idea that nobody has ever said before. It is pure creativity.

    All rational and classic people have a hard time understanding an Aquarius. An Aquarian person or strong Uranus takes a Virgo out of the boxes! already a Capricorn, and a Libra ...

    Without Aquarius we would be repeating the same thing, and always walking through the places that others have already drawn. Aquarius creates, awakens, jumps of consciousness, has intuitions or future visions.

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