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    Psychology of Aries

    The psychology of the sign of Aries is characterized by desire. An Aries does not think twice about one thing, he simply does it. Thinking is not your thing, but sooner or later you will have to learn it!

    Neither is he very skillful realizing that others exist. It is so individualistic that it forgets the needs of others. eye! For a Libra or a Virgo this means selfishness, but for an Aries this is to be himself. What a Sign with its filter does not see the other. Hence, how difficult human relationships can sometimes be.

    Aries says "I want it now!" And "Go for it!". It's the ram. Pure impulse, pure strength, pure experimentation of himself in action. His movement drives a Capricorn crazy but ... what would we do without the initiatives of this innate leader?

    This means that initially the Aries sign does not know what it is to be afraid. Through experiences you will learn that you are not alone in the world, and that you can not do everything.

    Aries: creative impulse of life and movement

    How could it be otherwise, the zodiac wheel starts with a cardinal and fire sign. Both characteristics propitiate the beginning of things. The ruling planet is Mars.

    Aries is the energy that opens the way for us to always have new goals in mind. In the psychology of Aries is always present the spark of the novel, hence it needs to have the capacity for initiative and spirit of leader and entrepreneur.

    Al Aries loves adventure, and does not know the risk limit since its essence is that: create new gaps-never before made-without conditioning of any kind.

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