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    Cancer Psychology

    The psychology of the Cancer sign is centered on introversion. For the first time in the zodiac an "inside" is separated from an "outside".

    Cancer has an innate maternal and protective instinct. They know that for something to develop fully and guarantee success, it is necessary to isolate it from the outside by protecting it with care and care.

    As a good host, Cancer is aware of the welfare of the group, since it tunes in with the collective energy environment. It feels good when you belong to a group and this, in turn, is comfortable.

    In this sense, the sign Cancer is very familiar. The different Cancer -according to the degree of evolution- will go from the dependent person of the family, to the Cancer that loves the human of the people creating a big family where sensitivity prevails.

    Cancer is dependent on affection. If they want him, he stays; if they do not want him, he leaves. Therefore, he may become susceptible and feel hurt if at any given time he feels excluded.

    Cancer: the sensitive crab

    Cancer has a very rich and sensitive inner world in which fantasy and imagination reign. But this little corner is only known - and in part! - those who have the privilege of contacting their privacy.

    Cancer is like a crab: hard on the outside, soft on the inside. Its facade before the world usually is of hard person, but it is only the mask that protects its sensitive interior (this feature is accentuated in men because its sensitivity is worse accepted socially).

    The ruling planet is the Moon, which makes them perceive instantly if it is well received or not by the other person.

    The Natal Chart with several planets in the sign of Cancer or in the House 4 will have many of these psychological connotations.

    The Cancer sign corresponds, on the other hand, to the people, to the collective, to the sum of the experiences that are deposited in the collective human unconscious.

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