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    Psychology of Capricorn

    The sign of Capricorn is the energy that has to do with the completion and materialization of personal goals in relation, fundamentally, with the social.

    His psychology is full of knowledge about the effort that must be made to reach the proposed goals.

    The animal that represents the sign of Capricorn is a goat with a tail of Saurio, which contains all the voices of humanity. It is synonymous with tenacity, on the one hand, and wisdom on the other.

    Capricorn accumulates to know through experience. It is the elder who distinguishes the essential from the superficial, what remains from the transitory.

    People with strong Capricorn energy (Sun, Moon, Ascendant or several planets in the sign of Capricorn), are able to displace their emotional needs in favor of some objectives, of obligations that have been imposed to meet to reach the goal.

    Being effective and looking for results, prudence, slowness, knowing the details and details of each step that takes place in life ..., are characteristic features of the Capricorn.

    Capricorn Sign: Law, projects and realization

    The sign of Capricorn has Saturn as its ruling planet. This energy embodies what is law, what can not be changed, what is fixed and immutable so that things have stability and endure. Nature is full of laws, like the law of gravity.

    People of Capricorn tend to comply with rules and laws because they know deeply that there lies the essential, what is always fulfilled and must be met. Society has a great imprint on them; however, they can forget about particular and personal qualities and desires.

    Having projects in mind is typical of the Capricorn. Carrying out that project is their main motivation, their fundamental direction towards which they will concentrate their efforts. And of course, sooner or later, they arrive there, where they had proposed. They are ambitious.

    Capricorn has to do with structure and economics. Capricorn individuals are personified tenacity. They are very willing, and their action has a continuous line in time. The logic, the rational, the tangible are the tools to check and advance.

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