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    Psychology of Scorpio


    Psychology of Scorpio

    The sign of Scorpio is the energy that confronts opposites. His psychology is conditioned by the battle he feels inside him and must face.

    Scorpio has the special characteristic of wanting to see beyond what is shown. Here resides a quality of its energy: to understand the hidden and uncover it.

    The secrets, the intentions of the people, what belongs to the unconscious world, emotions, desires, etc. They are your world, your environment, your energy. But this has its problems:

    Can a Scorpio spontaneously show all these facets to others? Obviously not, not everyone supports the emotional intensity of Scorpio, nor does society allow the strength of desires to be expressed naturally ...

    Consequence: learn to control your personality. Scorpio exerts a conscious pressure on its natural way of being since it is not easy for it to spontaneously appear in society. In this way, the Scorpio energy remains, in some way, repressed and without being known by others.

    Scorpios usually have a bad reputation, because that learned control is, sometimes, looked at by others with distrust and bad eyes. There are no worse or better signs, and it is not advisable to judge people first. Each person is a world and that is why it is necessary to examine the entire Natal Charter.

    Scorpio: Concentration, power and passion

    The sign of Scorpio has as planets regent Pluto and Mars. Both are male planets, planets that demand action, although paradoxically the Scorpio sign is feminine. Here there is a combination of masculine and feminine motivations.

    Scorpio has an unusual force when it enters the scene, because when exercising control it accumulates power. That is why a person with many planets or a lot of energetic weight in the sign of Scorpio can become very manipulative.

    Scorpio is very eager and passionate, emotionally overwhelming in affective relationships, if you have not been making a good adjustment of your energy process throughout your life.

    Giving another interpretation to the interpretation, Scorpio usually has a deep intelligence product of its power of concentration. Scorpio tends to go to the root, to the essentials.

    Sex, death, pain, shadow, healing, magic, magnetism ... are other characteristics or other fields of experience where the presence of the Scorpio sign is considerable.

    From here, there can be many personality variants such as pride, possession, obsession to be the best, voyeur, pornography, prostitution, jealousy ...

    A very busy 8 House, or a Pluto very present in the Natal Charter will also give Scorpio characteristics.

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