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    Psychology of Gemini


    Psychology of Gemini

    The psychology of the sign of Gemini has the quality to create new possibilities in the present. He always sees another possible option, another alternative, another stick (see his sign), hence he is judged many times by others - for his constant duality.

    Its game is to combine, link, exchange continuously.

    The person with the sign of Gemini is always awake to learn new things. Everything causes some attraction and curiosity, because for him everything can be valid in that they are visions from different points of view. That is his psychology.

    How Gemini plays is very curious: take something away to see what happens and then put it on! That is to say, it does not exclude, but it separates that something to realize how reality changes, and later it includes it again. This is how you have fun and experience life (versatility, mobility, connect and disconnect).

    Gemini is the bridge that joins two sides

    Gemini is the connector, the link between two different or distant places. Its purpose is to communicate and that nothing is loose or isolated. Its ruler is the planet Mercury.

    For Gemini, the important thing is not him or the other person with whom he talks, but what happens between them.

    The only problem that Gemini can have is to disperse; Playing at changing things constantly can make you not focus or compromise with anything. Touch this, touch the other ... but do not get involved.

    And that is precisely its value: creating options without being attached to them. This gives him the ability to be neutral.

    Gemini is intelligent, witty, curious, fun and deductive. He likes to laugh, play, think, move things around, learn new things continuously, read. Archetypally he is the merchant, the journalist, the born communicator.

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