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    Psychology of Leo


    Psychology of Leo

    The energy and psychology of the sign of Leo has as its fundamental key the discovery of the "I" by the individual. Leo is aware of his personal capacity and power, and this impels him to want to show himself and transmit his strength abroad.

    From here, almost all the characteristics associated with Leo are derived. For example, at first, Leo will need to be the center of attention of the group, since that is where he bases his personal identification.

    Making a simplification, there can be two types of Leo: the egocentric that depends on external recognition constantly, or the person who knows and applies its power and capacity inevitably influencing (but not looking for) in the environment. All Leo will be between these two extreme poles.

    Leo looks different, feels different. The word "I" recovers a special intensity for him, because the energy of Leo is the result of a concentration of identity in oneself. In this way, the Leo individual leaves the Cancer family with vitality and desire to become independent. In fact, the ruling planet of Leo is the Sun, symbol of life, enthusiasm and energy.

    Leo loves to play. Games and Creativity is an expression of our Leo

    Leo: creative force, power and emotion

    Psychologically Leo seeks to impress and be creative. This is what fascinates him the most: doing something that he has created, and that others value and recognize him. Emotionally he handles drama like no other, and he knows how to exaggerate emotional reactions.

    The problem that the person with many planets and energy can have in the Leo sign (Sun, Moon, Ascendant ...) is to fall into the dependence of waiting for a response or feedback from the environment - and of course it is good! - every time make a movement

    Here Leo stops being an owner of himself and "remains imprisoned" in the image that he creates to be admired. In this situation, Leo is at the mercy of others, in such a way that feelings of inferiority develop inside him, which he will most likely want to compensate through pride or arrogance (defensive mechanisms).

    But a Leo "worked", that has gone through the necessary crises that have to pass the fixed signs and fire, and has accepted that it is not the center of the world, will shine like the Sun and will radiate a warm energy to its surroundings that will it will be - without looking for it - the king.

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