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    Psychology of Libra


    Psychology of Libra

    The energy and psychology of the sign of Libra contains the desire to open up to everything that is outside of one (what is not me) and to contact with others.

    Libra perceives that the world is full of complements, and affirms that "there is nothing isolated that is complete". The Libra sign sees the world in pairs.

    Psychologically, Libra is always attentive to the presence of the other, because that is who is defining the forms that Libra will adopt. In other words, Libra will act in one way or another depending on who it is with, where it is from, etc.

    This should not be interpreted as falsehood or hypocrisy but as empathic ability to maintain a balance with the other person or environment. Pleasing is one of his talents: he knows what the other likes!

    Art in its many facets is one of its pleasures. If you do not dedicate yourself to it, you will appreciate it. Also beauty, aesthetics, dance, etc. Libra is very elegant and formal. Its ruler is the planet Venus.

    Libra: Harmony and perfect balance

    The classic symbol that best expresses the nature of the Libra sign is the balance. These express essential values ​​of Libra: harmony, everything in its right measure, balance, equality, moderation, tact, justice, intelligence.

    When you have to make a decision, you tend to doubt because finding the perfect decision (the one that makes everyone happy) is not easy at all. In fact, at times it will seem that you postpone decisions or avoid situations that compromise it.

    Libra is an excellent diplomat. It also has a unique ability to seduce. A word, a gesture, a look, a suggestive posture ... are tools that have an innate way to attract the attention of the other.

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