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    Psychology of Pisces


    Psychology of Pisces

    The sign of Pisces is characterized by its sensitivity and permeability to unconscious currents.

    The function of Pisces (and house XII) is to dissolve all forms in order to connect with the essential, with what remains when the body and form disappear.

    Pisces capture sensations that they can not explain in words, they do not reach.

    The psychology of the person of Pisces is related to fantasy and imagination, because in principle only there finds what deeply awaits and wishes itself, from others, and from the world.

    Pisces finds it difficult to hierarchize the information that he perceives sensitively, in such a way that he can confuse the relevant with the insignificant (hence his appearance sometimes of fear or even paranoia). Because they resonate with everything and record so much information, they need to filter strongly what they perceive. Consequence: that instead of remaining sensitive, they can become hard and rational!

    In order not to be destabilized, they protect themselves with the mind, and they can be very critical of everything that can not be explained and understood, which just distances them from their talent. For fear of getting lost, they take refuge in a rational place that is not in accordance with their sensitivity.

    Another side of Pisces is to stay hung in your world? He loves to create a parallel universe in which there are all kinds of wonderful sensations. The psychological issue in this case is that they do not share it, developing a kind of strong introversion, which can lead to autism. In general, carrying the mp3 in the subway listening to music and isolating yourself from the environment is very common; it is a habitual defense in this society so aggressive for Pisces.

    Sign of Pisces: Regent Neptune and talents

    On other occasions we have already talked about the transpersonal planet Neptune, its ruler: Neptune, Neptune in the Ascendant or House 1, Neptune connects us with everything.

    People with abundant Piscean energy (Sun, Moon, Ascendant or several planets in the sign Pisces) or many planets in the house 12, attracts all artistic expression, the world of images, poetry, Tarot, meditate and connect with silence, music, symbols, etc.

    That Neptune often causes confusion and spell. Pisces can project their desires on others, confusing the real with what they want to see from the other.

    However, a well-tuned Neptune or Pisces is deeply empathic, able to identify with the feelings of others, and live in their skin what is happening to the couple or to a town that has experienced a natural catastrophe.

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