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    Psychology of Sagittarius

    The sign of Sagittarius is the energy that understands and synthesizes reality. His psychology full of abundance and generosity is the product of having found the meaning of things.

    The centaur represents Sagittarius, half animal, half human. The man with his bow and arrow points and marks a direction and vital sense; and everything, with the brute force of the animal.

    With Sagittarius we get a broad perspective of what happens. Its global vision makes the reason of the facts appear, having as a consequence an innate trust in life.

    The sign of Sagittarius develops psychologically ideals and thoughts, which are the patterns that constitute his way of walking through life. The thinkers and philosophers are Sagittarian people. Religion as a search for truth is intrinsic to the energy of the sign of Sagittarius.

    Sagittarius loves the world of relationships, teaching and education, travel to other countries, joy, sex, dynamism, discoveries, etc.

    Sagittarius: Wisdom and expansion

    The sign of Sagittarius has Jupiter as its ruling planet. Both astrological traits speak of the master's archetype. The teacher is the one who has found the truth, and transmits it to others.

    Jesus Christ embodied this energy to a large extent. The pope (arcanum 5 tarot) is another clear representation of this energy. Therefore, Sagittarius contains wisdom and the need to express that wisdom to others.

    On the other hand, in Sagittarius you can develop a kind of pride and arrogance, by believing yourself more than others. "I know". We must remember that the authentic teacher is the one who has done an interior work that has shown him the truth.

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