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    Psychology of Taurus


    Psychology of Taurus

    The psychology of the Taurus sign revolves around necessity. Its characteristic feature is that it is the sign of the zodiac that is more aware of needs, of covering what one lacks, of having what one desires.

    If the sign Aries is pure desire, Taurus is the possession of that desire. Hence its tendency to accumulate, secure and maintain the achieved states. A Taurus has an unconscious movement that says "this is mine!" Or "this is for me".

    A Tauro -see in the Natal Chart of each one how much energy Taurus has- does not like changes because for him it means losing something, risking stability obtained, having to return to cover needs ...

    While Aries goes in search of the outside and creates an effect on it, Taurus allows the outside to enter into it. Taurus is contemplative and observant. Its essence is to receive what the environment gives it. That's why he enjoys being in contact with Nature: he loves life.

    Taurus: power and stability

    The person with a lot of Taurus is immensely strong and powerful, like a bull. It does not usually move, but when it is put in motion it is gross when not considering the outside. He does not usually decide, but when he decides it does not change anymore. Hence the reputation of stubborn or stubborn.

    The sign of Taurus is firm and secure, but as a contrast, flexibility is not its strong point. It is hard for him to forget, because he "keeps everything". Always prioritize your need for stability to ensure your needs. It is a fixed and Earth sign.

    Taurus needs to see things, touch things. Its function is "make body" or materialize things. Body contact is one of its pleasures, hence its sensuality and its power of attraction (Venus).

    The ruling planet is Venus, with which Taurus has capacity for aesthetics and the assimilation of reality.

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