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    Psychology of Virgo


    Psychology of Virgo

    The energy and psychology of the sign of Virgo is associated with the need to order. Virgo comes out of Leo's illusion of being the king, and perceives that he and all things are part of a larger system.

    The sign of Virgo is the energy that opens up to something that includes you, and your psychological desire is to be correctly located. "Everything has its place and its place so that everything works better".

    Virgo will use the logical mind to classify and place. It is the administrator, the deductive, the student who delves into the nuances so that everything is understood to perfection and can be explained.

    There is a retailer, obsessive, controlling and perfectionist Virgo who needs to know and understand everything. His fear is not knowing something, not being able to locate something.

    But there is also a Virgo who accepts that not everything can relate and place, and simply delivers and gives service to that which encompasses it. A good Virgo deepens without getting lost in the smallest, and distinguishing the important from what is not so.

    The ruling planet is Mercury, a planet of ordered mental knowledge that listens and is open to the world of ideas to learn.

    Virgo: logic, order and practicality

    Psychologically Virgo does not need any role as Leo. It simply needs that everything can be understood with the mind in order to put it in its place. Its base of operation is logic, thought (Mercury).

    Virgo captures the usefulness of things. Being an Earth sign has an innate practicality and needs to feel useful. Working is a very important field for him, and he will always do it with accuracy, care and patience.

    The maniacal is the typical Virgo that is descabala when things are not where you think they should be. A very busy 6 House, a strong Mercury, and especially a lot Virgo sign on a Natal Chart, assure that the person should make an effort to overcome this obsession. If not, their tensions can become severe headaches ...

    Precisely the health is very worried Virgo, because being sick means that "something is not in place." The hypochondriac is the Virgo who, when faced with something whose cause is unknown and which he can not fix by being out of his immediate control, loses his nerves, and thinks of the worst.

    Cleaning is another of the favorite (or odious) fields for Virgo. They may psychologically become obsessed with hygiene.

    One of the problems that can have the person with many planets in the sign Virgo (Sun, Moon, Ascendant ...) and identification in Virgo is to fall into the dependence that everything must have an explanation and must be able to reason.

    The skeptic is the Virgo who rejects what he can not control mentally. Overcoming skepticism about things that happen and work - for example, Astrology - despite not understanding it or not being able to demonstrate it, is something difficult for the psychology of Virgo.

    An evolved Virgo discovers its function in life and what role it should adopt in situations (adaptability). It also provides a great service to humanity thanks to its faculties of ordered coherent meaning.

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