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    Energy Cleaning Ritual - Arcángel Miguel


    Energy Cleaning Ritual - Arcángel Miguel

    This Arcángel Miguel energetic cleansing ritual is a complete, effective and really necessary ritual if you want to continue advancing in your day to day, since this ritual will provide you with the protection and cleansing of all previous impurities due to bad energies, vibrations or possible sorceries that you have previously released.

    Archangel Michael

    His name means "He who looks like God," his aura or energy is purple or blue. It is an effective protector against disturbing elements, and that is why it is common to find its image in numerous doors and access sites. He is represented with armor, spear and sword. The latter, double-edged, symbolizes the word of the Creator and has the mission to dispel the illusion and lies that are used by the forces of evil to confuse the human being. It also brings courage and strength and cuts the old ties. Do not forget to invoke it when you are scared.

    In the Apocalypse he is designated as the archangel who will be at the head of the heavenly army in the final fight against Satan. He is the great defender. In some sacred books it is affirmed that Miguel will reappear in the world when he finds himself in great difficulties and, according to specialists in the subject, this is one of those moments.

    His sword is able to cross any armor and provide an intense light when there is darkness. His image represents justice, significant changes and understanding of things. It invites to fight for just causes, spiritual and noble, and provides courage to be victorious in any situation. Also, guide people along the path that best suits them, especially when someone feels lost. As the person develops his spirituality, he allows him to work with his sword of truth. He is the protector of the police and military and helps them in their mission to safeguard the physical plane as he does with the spiritual one.
    A simple practice to invoke and ask Miguel is to think that, having differences with other people, their energy affects their own state of mind. That is why it is important that you ask Miguel in the morning to wrap you in his mantle of light, a protective abode and free you from any fear that may affect you in life and decisions. If what you want is to send the energy of Miguel to another person, you just have to use your intention and visualize that person wrapped in the same mantle of light.

    Energy Cleaning Ritual

    To perform the energetic cleaning ritual, first we will have the following elements:

    • Purple or Blue Velón
    • Amethyst
    • Sal Marina
    • Camphor
    • Essence Tomb Work
    • Essence Removes Spells

    In the video we show you how to perform the ritual.

    As I have indicated, it is fundamental to be able to do this ritual before undertaking any new step in our life, to pass clean and free of charge to this new stage.

    Everything is made with all the love of the world for you, so that among all of us we can become those beings of light that we really are.

    If you liked this Arcángel Miguel energetic cleaning ritual, if you have any doubt about the ingredients used, if you need clarification about the steps to follow, or if you want to comment on your own experiences using this complete ritual, do not hesitate to leave your comments in the area prepared below, we will answer one by one and personally each of them, with all the love and attention that characterizes us.

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