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    Ritual to attract to your life what you want


    Ritual to attract to your life what you want.

    For this ritual to attract to your life what you want, first, buy a new garment for the ritual, it is not necessary to be expensive or special, a nightgown would be enough, the important thing is that when you get the garment you have very clear intention.

    Materials or elements that you will need for this ritual to attract to your life what you want

    Next I put in a list the materials or elements that you will need to be able to execute this ritual and that everything is successful:

    • 1 Pencil.
    • Paper (if it is parchment or vegetable better).
    • Incense sticks (pink and vanilla).
    • 3 Candles (1 Red, 1 Pink and 1 White).
    • Honey.
    • Vanilla powder.
    • Red flowers.
    • 1 Bowl with salt.
    • 1 Bowl with water.
    • 1 Rose quartz.
    • 1 White quartz.
    • Alcohol to burn.
    • A source from the oven (or similar container) to deposit some alcohol to burn and ignite it.

    Step by step how to execute this ritual to attract to your life what you want

    Here's how to perform this ritual step by step, without forgetting that you must have well in your mind what you want to attract, to do well and improve your current life.

    • We will start the ritual at the last hour of the day.
    • Light the three candles and place them so that they form a triangle pointing to the east.
    • In the middle put the red flowers, ground cinnamon and honey. Write what you want to achieve with the ritual on the paper and wrap the rose quartz and deposit it between the candles.
    • Stand facing North, light an incense and hold it in front of you at eye level.
    • Say out loud:

    "Look, this is the union of Fire and Air."

    • Then add three pinches of salt to the water, lift the mixture at the height of your eyes facing north and say aloud

    "Look, this is the union of Fire and Air."

    • Take the incense again and face the direction of the North di

    "I purify the North with Fire and Air."

    • Move to the East and hold the incense di

    "I purify the East with Fire and Air."

    • Follow the same way towards the South and the West. Complete the circle by returning to the North. Leave the incense and take the mixture of salt and water, move north, dip your fingers in the mixture and sprinkle three times in a North direction saying

    "I sanctify the North with Water and Earth."

    • Keep splashing as you move eastward stop when you're looking in that direction and splatter three times, saying

    "I sanctify the East with Water and Earth."

    • Follow the same way towards the South and the West finally reaching North to complete the circle.
    • Now we have a sanctified and purified circle to work with.
    • Light some incense in the place, and in the middle of the sacred circle that we have created put the source of the oven, inside it deposits the white quartz and alcohol to burn (the measure can be half a glass of the normal ones).
    • Take the rose quartz where you have written your wish and keep it at all times in your right hand.
    • Sit on the floor in front of the fountain, and meditate on what you want to achieve with this ritual, remove all negative thoughts.
    • When you see that you are already in a special moment turn on the alcohol, stay looking at the flames and think strongly about your desire, have the feeling that the flames send to the Universe your request, squeeze tightly in your hand the pink quartz wrapped in your written, and be in this state until the flames are over.
    • Then store in a cloth bag, white quartz and rose quartz with the paper, always carry it very close to you until your wish is fulfilled.
    • Let the candles be consumed, and both the flowers and the remaining water of the bowl leave them somewhere that is surrounded by Nature.

    If you liked this ritual to attract to your life what you want, if you have any doubt about the materials or elements that make up this ritual, if you need some clarification on the steps to follow to perform this ritual, or you want to leave your personal experience having done this ritual, leave your comments in the area enabled below so that we can individually answer each of the comments you leave, with all the attention and love of the world that characterizes us.

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